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ck zeroes
Friday May 18 2007
with a corner
Hibs 0-1 Hearts. McNeil comes to deal
of Zaliukas, who bags the winner with a
, flaps the ball right in front not for long. With the spirit of Christmas
gathered by Zibby at his far post, but
irst time strike. Catastrophe rating - 5. J
in mind, Zibby spills the ball in front of
er, a bicycle kick; he has so many better
strong wristed punch, a catch, a head- generosity
ankauskas, not one to refuse
. Catastrophe rating - 10.
options than limp wristedly palming the
ball into the middle of his penalty box.
rating - 6. Puts us 2-0 up early in
s up with this guy? Significance
Significance rating - 8.
second half, but the game really
and truely crashed. Optimism had been
The party is well changes when Dean Sheils shows all
absent among the Hearts support
the flair of a Barlinnie inmate by flooring
having crumbled 4-0 at home to
Craig Gordon in a bizarre new way of
Dundee Utd and Hibs winning a trip to
celebrating a goal. Hilarity rating - 16.
Disneyland with a 5-1 win over Killie the
week before. Big team big cup, wee
2nd - 12/05/2007 -
team wee cup. Hilarity Rating - 13.
Driver) - T
McNeil jumps to meet a ball with no one
ynecastle - Hearts 2-0 Hibs
Andy McNeil (Andy
5th - 15/10/2006 - Zibby Malkowski
near him, loses it somehow and Driver
(Andruis V
takes a touch before lifting the ball into
2-2 Hearts. V
elicka) - Easter Road - Hibs the net. Catastrophe rating - 10.
game. Running onto a long ball he hits it
elicka’s second goal in this serious contender to Zibby’
Clowns mantle, this proves that when
s King of the
his near post. Catastrophe rating - 6.
, low and hard under Malkowski at the pressure is of
finding a new level of error making.
f McNeil is capable of
he ver
Certainly saveable, he’ Ballboys take harder catches every
riends at - voted the nation’s
y best Hearts chat on the world wide web visit our
down and doesn’t get anything on it.
s slow to get
week. Significance rating - 7. W
nternet fans’ forum - or hit their link on our own website
Significance rating - 8. Eureka! 2-1 1-0 up already and Hibs flair once again
ith us
at and join in the debate.
down and outplayed most of the game,
with Miko heading down the tunnel
noticeable by its absence, this goal
made us more comfortable in a game
might steal a point. Hilarity rating - 14.
, all of a sudden it looks like we that we were always going to win, and
gives us a crucial 3 points in the chase
=3rd - 02/04/2006 - Zibby Malkowski
for Europe. Hilarity rating - 7.
(Paul Hartley) - Hampden - Hearts 4-0
1st - 02/04/2006 - Zibby Malkowski
years, Malkowski stakes a claim for
. In the biggest derby in over 100 (Edgaras Jankauskas) - Hampden -
legendary status with two phenomenal
errors. For the first, he’
Malkowski comes out his box to clear a
Hearts 4-0 Hibs. Dear oh dear oh dear.
near post by a sneaky free kick from
s beaten at his long ball.
Paul Hartley to make it 2-0. Catastrophe
stops running towards the ball, stands
As Jankauskas closes in he
rating - 7. Bread and butter for most
still and lets Janny knock it past him to
keepers, in fact most wouldn’t leave a
roll it into the net. Catastrophe rating - 9.
gap like that to be attacked from a wide
Zibby was a certainty to reach the ball
position. Credit Hartley for a great
first, but pulled out ridiculously early
strike. Significance rating - 9. Hibs
giving Jankauskas an easy finish.
needed to concede that goal like
Significance rating - 10. W
we needed to move to
Gump sent packing just two minutes
ith Forrest
before, its game over and 105 in a row
for us. Hilarity rating - 16.
Murrayfield. Breathing space not to mention a Cup win on its way for
us. Hilarity rating -
A whopping 19.
Malkowski, left, and McNeil flank Brown
Malkowski (Edgaras Jankauskas)
=3rd - 26/12/2006 - Zibby
So there it is,
low free kick is
- Tynecastle - Hearts 3-2 Hibs. A with a late entry at number 2, preventing
Andy McNeil coming in
a Malkowski whitewash in the top 5.
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