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m put
Friday May 18 2007
100 years
of progress
in place
IT’S perhaps a
fitting end to the
2006-7 season to
Even in a terrible season for us we’ve proved that
look back a century
and see what our
team looked like at
Hibs can forget it when it comes to the derby
the start of the 1906-7 season.
Here’s a team group from a
Maclure Macdonald postcard of
that era, tinted to produce
T’S hardly surprising By ROLAND TYE
maroon jerseys. The team had,
that Hibs didn’t sell
of course, just lifted its fourth
their end last Saturday.
benchmark our success, not one-
inning trophies is how we should
Scottish Cup but only six of the
Any Hibby who goes to
while our smash and grabs at
ighlighted their lack of discipline,
off victories over Hibs.
Tynie has to be a bit of
Easter Road demonstrated that
a masochist. I know
they lack bottle.
trophies for clubs outside the Old
However, given the scarcity of
Firm, and the importance placed on
plenty who never make that
short trip. No wonder
Hibs have won only
about good football, about keeping
Collins can bang on all he wants
the derby by Edinburgh fans, being
seven league derbies
the ball on the deck and passing
better than Hibs is still important. It
at T
it about, but if they don’t have
gives the supporters something to
since the
determination – never mind a keeper
cheer about and let’
team which beat Third Lanark
who can actually catch the ball
own shortcomings for a while.
s us forget our
1-0 lined up for this photograph.
League was
– they’ll generally come of
best against their biggest rivals
f second
month. Before the game it was all
Take our gatecrashing show last
and won’t find the consistency
doom and gloom. W
Bobby Walker is in the back row
terribly, Hibs had just won a cup
e were playing
on the far left and Charlie
30 years ago
more than
needed to qualify for Europe.
and were bound to celebrate with
Thomson sits in the centre with
the ball at his feet as captain.
yet another win over Hearts at
The other four who had Cup
only once in
and have won
but I get the feeling that the next
I’m probably tempting fate here
Easter Road.
Winners medals were George
Couper (back row, third from
Gorgie this century
few years will herald a new age of
Saturday’s match felt very much
derby superiority for Hearts.
not a fun time to be a Jambo.
When the game kicked off it was
left), David Philip (middle row,
like the derbies of the early 1990s.
the fixture and I believe that will
At Tynecastle we’ve dominated
hours later though and the season
far left) who, as the only player
had a highlight, a game worth
to appear with his shirt buttons
outcome was a foregone conclusion.
Then, particularly at Tynecastle, the
continue. Hibs seem to have
a psychological meltdown as soon
undone, was obviously the pin-
up boy of the side, half-back
us to win. By the looks of things,
We expected to win, they expected
as they step out onto our pitch
its fight for a European place and
That result galvanised the team in
James Dickson (middle row,
second from right) and centre-
the Hibs players expected us to
and the dodgy keeper syndrome is
enlivened fans who had been in the
forward Alex Menzies (middle
win on Saturday too.
like a self-fulfilling prophecy now
doldrums for months. It also bought
row, far right). Menzies didn’t
troubled us at all.
They barely
McNeill was terrified on Saturday
the regime some breathing space.
finish the season with Hearts,
being lured to Old Trafford
in recent years.
A lot has been made of Hibs
His error was so bad I almost felt
and effectively nobbled himself.
challenge the Old Firm. W
Every Jambo wants Hearts to
mid-way through 1906-7.
praised for playing good football
They’ve been
sorry for him.
the derby to lessen in importance,
e’d love
This Hearts team once again
and bringing through youngsters,
Our problem in recent years has
to become like a Manchester derby
reached the Cup Final in 1907,
and this season they got their
been winning at Easter Road. W
where we are United and Hibs are
beating Queen’s Park in the
reward by winning the CIS Cup.
have struggled to cope with the
tempo and taken a few painful
semi-final. But illness and injury
were to take their toll on the
the harsh lesson that playing with the
. But this season has taught us
playing staff. Jimmy Dickson
and butter of league business,
But when it comes to the bread
beatings. But our recent victory big boys is very tough and we may
was injured. Peddie, who was
and particularly in derbies, they
there has cast the monkey from our never mount a sustained challenge
Alex Menzies replacement as
are found wanting.
backs and Hearts will now go into
these games without “we always lose
to the Old Firm under Romanov
centre-forward, was ill and the
That makes beating Hibs and
stalwart Charlie Thomson had
league meetings with Hearts this
Hibs failed to win any of the four
at Easter Road” hanging over them. being better than Hibs all the
been sick on the eve of the
season and only scraped past us
more important.
match. Sadly, the team
succumbed to Celtic by 3-0.
in the CIS Cup on a night when
fear and have proved to ourselves
We now know we have nothing to
we could have lost 10-0 and not
Hibs. W
This season we were better than
However, the season ended on
a high when Bobby Walker and
complained, so incompetent was
travel there next season full of
that we can win there. We should
the league and beat them three
e finished ahead of them in
Charlie Thomson were the only
the team Malofeev put out.
confidence. times. W
Scottish-based players to line
despite our terrible season.
e were better than them up for Scotland in the annual
international against England.
Tynecastle were error-strewn and
Their two performances at derby superiority isn’t the club’
In the grand scheme of things,
priority. Getting into Europe and
s main
to – or maybe a wee cup.
That is something to raise a glass
This postcard tends to sell for
around £40-50 when it comes on
to the market.
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