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Thursday 30th October Saturday 1st November Rich Picture
The Walnut Tree, Maidstone (9pm)
Jumbo Gumbo 55% Banana
The Hook and Hatchet, Maidstone The Bailiffs Sergeant, St Marys Bay Thursday 6th November
Mental Floss Andy Mack
The Bradstow Mill, Broadstairs New Inn, Deal 2 38s
BackBurner The Walnut Tree, East Farleigh (9pm)
Friday 31st October The Park Inn Hotel, Folkestone Ainsley
Chalkie The Wine Bar, Herne Bay
Cellblock9 The Bedford Inn, Ramsgate (8:30pm)
The Four Fathoms, Herne Bay Damagecase Friday 7th November
Charlie Hare & Hounds, Maidstone (9pm)
The Mill Inn, Deal Equilibrium 55% Banana
Crazy Train The Eagle Inn, Dover Dolphin Inn, Lydd
The Red Lion, Ramsgate Henrys Rock Band Any Other Business
Doctor Sin Yew Tree Inn, Deal (9pm) The Lower Bell, Aylesford (8:30pm)
Conningbrook Hotel, Kennington Mental Floss Counterfeit Notes
EK1 The Star, Ashford Fleur-de-Lis Hotel, Sandwich
The Firs Club, Ramsgate Rich Phillips Dizzy Blues
Equilibrium The Angel, Rainham Three Horseshoes, Great Mongeham
The Frenchman, Folkestone Situation Vacant Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels The Bradstow Mill, Broadstairs The George Hotel, Ashford
Railway Bell, Dover (Fancy Dress) The Automotive Just Floyd
Film Club The Railway Hotel, Appledore (9pm) The Frenchman, Folkestone
The Rose, Broadstairs The Bodegas Led Gremlin
Ghosts The Nore Hotel, Sheerness The Trafalgar Hotel, Queenborough
The Liberal Club, Orpington The Fred Slater Band Realm 79
Headlong Ocean Inn, Dymchurch The Gate Inn, Hythe
Ypres Castle Inn, Deal The Skatonics Scary Mary / Andy Mack
Hot Rats Royal British Legion Social Club, The Firs Club, Cheriton
Casey’s, Canterbury Maidstone Situation Vacant
Kingskin UnderCoverBand The Star, Ashford
Bonds Social Club, Sheerness Deal Welfare Club Spanking Llamas
Live ‘N’ Kickin’ Vince Vortex & The Cucumbers Britannia Inn, Margate
Hole in the Roof, Deal Swan Inn, Maidstone (9pm) The G'n'T Experiment
Los Salvadores Zambu The East Kent, Whitstable (9pm)
Ivy leaf, Sheerness The Archer, Whitfield Us Not Them
Mental Floss Earls, Maidstone (9pm)
Fleur-de-Lis Hotel, Sandwich Sunday 2nd November Vanilla Ransom
Paul Wells Dublin Man O' War, River
The Five Bells, Hoo Acoustic Open Mic
Shadow Aspect Hook & Hatchet Inn, Hucking
Bonds Social Club, Sheerness Bad Pennies
Sultan Hooden on the Hill, Willesborough
The Lower Bell, Aylesford Jazz Notes
The Warriors / Sham69 / The Duel, Yew Tree Inn, Barfreston
The Self-Titled
West Coast Bar, Margate Monday 3rd November
Tortilla Army Chicory Tip
The Britannia Inn, Margate Hook & Hatchet Inn, Hucking
No Are you an up and coming band, a venue with live music or just
Update tList of gigs

Tuesday 11th November
Saturday 1 Novem Gigs to be confirmed halves

Not Again H
DecemAb baned orf t wo Wednesday 12th want everyone to know when you are playing? er November
No GigSsun day 2 Novem
ber e
Speciaal nirght featuring peop
Two Sisters e
Leave it Out tThursday 13th hNoveember
Monday 3 NoV vember Many of 1, and none of another gShed Inn, Biggate Five band Special
januar Yes please Ay Pu b, Middle of nowhee
re n

Nothing in situ u
Always Friday
14th November
Two S istersL i Try before you buy Tuesday 4th Ns

Dan Kirkness (Live)
Listed development
No Gig! J h November Wednesdnay 5s
o or r

th November att
Closed e
15 rt If so, email us your list of gigs (from November through to January) to get
No Gigs ! akj
Thursday 6th November Ssunk
i guide
y 16th November
Scheduled closure
Closed for refurbishment a

b s
n agnain soon v
day 17th November
Party night Friday 7tb
h November Bands always appear
AClosed for refurbi shment The Little Ensemble, feat. Tony them listed in the next issue, for free! Opeb an aga in soon Something you wont expect
FSaturdany 8th Novem
ber Tuesday 18th November
bRun around clow n Wannabee something's The big inn, Maidstone Wednesday 19th
Sunday 9th November
More to be gained Nov
Always your way Wednesda
y heroes
I never even started Undergrou
nd and upbeat
Somebody for Nothing

Monday 10th November
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