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Montacute reported that the group of leaders crafted a Memorandum of Understanding
between BWAid, MBC, the Asia Pacifi c Baptist Federation, and HBAid “which we all signed,
and committed ourselves to.”
The bodies represented aim to provide further relief, such as food and medical supplies,
and to rebuild homes for displaced persons. Montacute stated that “we have a lot of work to do
to bring this project into being.” Those present at the meeting decided “to make a fresh appeal
to (the Baptist) constituency so that this project will have the funds needed.” The project is
expected to last 18 months.
Rescue24, a relief, rescue and response unit within BWAid, is already engaged in relief
work in the country in cooperation with the MBC. The budget for this effort is just under

The Women’s Department of the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches, led by Ingrid
Subagyo, president, held a national women’s conference in Bali, Indonesia, September 2-5,
with the theme, “Baptist Women Take Root, Blossom and Spread.” Seven hundred and fi fty
women were present representing 35 different women’s organizations.
One of the purposes of the conference was to encourage Indonesian Baptist women to be
actively involved in the society and to demonstrate Christ’s love. The Indonesian Minister
for the Empowerment of Women, Meutia Hatta Swasono, opened the conference reminding
those in attendance of the many needs of women in Indonesia and the importance of their
response to those needs.
The speakers in the evening sessions emphasized that women are special, created in God’s
image, and called to do His will. Seminar speakers made presentations about Indonesian
laws related to the protection of children, and proper nutrition for women and their families.
There were special workshops related to the theme of the conference, as well as a special
workshop for pastors’ wives. There were approximately 100 pastors’ wives in attendance.
Each day different women’s organizations made cultural presentations representing
their region of Indonesia. The women from West Papua made Patsy Davis, Director of the
Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department, an offi cial member of their organization by
presenting her with a crown of feathers.
The conference closed with a special time of dedication and commitment. A long ribbon
strung with blank note cards was passed from one person to the next, until each woman had
a card. The women were asked to write down their commitment, and then the ribbon was
cut so they could take their commitment card with them. The women also took a piece of
the ribbon to remind them that they are united with other Baptist women in Indonesia. INDONESIA: BAPTIST WOMEN'S CONFERENCE

(Photo: Women from Papua during the national women’s conference in Bali, Indonesia, in
(Photos: BWAid Director Paul Montacute, front, second left, and Asia/Pacifi c Regional Secretary Bonny
Resu, third left, with leaders of the Myanmar Baptist Convention and Hungarian Baptist Aid; Bela
Szilagyi of Hungarian Baptist Aid with victims of Cyclone Nargis that devastated Myanmar in May)
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