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Gathered July 26-29 in Prague, Czech Republic, for the seventh Baptist
International Conference on Theological Education (BICTE), Baptist educators,
pastors, practitioners, theologians and emerging leaders from the worldwide
Baptist family refl ected on the theme “Probing the Theological Boundaries: The
Baptist Story from Amsterdam to Tomorrow.”
The program began with a session tracing Baptist theological footprints over
the past 400 years. Subsequent sessions explored topics relating to ministerial
formation and heard reports from member regions about the status of theological
education around the globe. Participants were particularly challenged to consider
how their institutions could address the contemporary ecological crisis; the ex-
ploitation of women and children; the changing forms of worship in the church;
greater utilization of art, fi lm, and other media in the classroom; and a radical
spirituality that is open to fresh winds of the Spirit.
As a gathering of Baptist theological educators open to God’s self-disclosure,
expectantly awaiting God’s coming reign in both time and space, we commit
ourselves to:
1. Enact convictions and practices evident in the historic walk of early Baptists:
reading the Bible, living the life, nurturing the community, redeeming the powers,
and telling the story.
2. Welcome from our many cultures and contexts new insights in the form of
diverse enactments of our common Baptist way of life.
3. Pursue theological education that involves a life-long process of learning
for both students and teachers to be carried out in joint partnership with local
4. Uphold the sacredness of all life, actively demonstrating our faith by respecting
and caring for God’s creation.
5. Seek repentance for our failure to advocate for those who are abused,
impoverished, and marginalized.
6. Prepare leaders who will equip local communities to live the Christian life, share
the gospel, and engage in works of justice as expressions of Christian love.
7. Glorify the Triune God through holistic practices of worship, work, and witness
in which our Lord Jesus Christ summons us through the power of the Holy Spirit
to join in God’s mission to all the world.

Prague, Czech Republic, July 26 – 29, 2008
(The following is a statement issued at the conclusion of the Baptist
International Conference on Theological Education in Prague)

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