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Shane Claiborne from the United States talked
about his experiences in the Simple Way community in
Philadelphia, USA, and working with Mother Teresa in
India. He called on the youth to take the words of Jesus
seriously and to live radical lives of love and grace. He
told them, “People ask you what you want to do when you
grow up. But what’s really important is who you are going
to be.”
Workshops held throughout the week also dealt with
many justice issues, as well as the topics of evangelism,
spiritual growth, worship, and youth ministry, among
others. “The cry of creation…why care?” “A vision
for youth ministry in a postmodern world,” “Being a
spiritual leader,” “Human traffi cking – who cares?” and
“Incarnational ministry on campus” were just a few of the
more than 40 workshops offered.
Participants also had the opportunity to talk about
issues of importance to them in the Global Exchange – 18
“living rooms” set up for discussion of topics like Aids,
the global water supply, and social work, or set up for
creative activities like writing postcards, wood-carving
and board games.
The Global Exchange was just one element of the
Global Village, designed to promote fellowship among
youth from many different cultures. In the Global Sports
and Fun Park, located next to the Tent City where more
than 2,000 participants lived for the week in tents on the
Trade Fair grounds, youth bonded over soccer, basketball,
and volleyball games, a climbing wall, and many infl atable
games like bungee-running.
In the Global Prayer Garden, persons could fi nd a
quiet space away from the crowd to talk to God. They
were encouraged to write the Lord’s Prayer in their own
language in a book in the Garden.

(Photos: Asha Sanchu of Nagaland, Northeast
India, shared about her ministry among at-risk
women and children during one of the evening
services; Youth bonded over games.; A moment
of quiet refl ection and meditation)
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