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Lord’s Supper on the Thursday evening of the conference. As one emphasis
of the conference was servant leadership, this event was an echo of the
example given by our Lord in John 13 when Jesus washed the feet of His
disciples. Callam gave a substantial paper on “The marks of the Christian
leader” that produced much lively and helpful discussion.
Many Caribbean leaders gave outstanding input to this Living Water
conference. A young doctoral student from Jamaica, Glenroy Lalor, challenged
the delegates to avoid any sense of complacency about past achievements.
His comprehensive presentation about the growth of the Baptist work in
the Caribbean served as a reminder that the task ahead, in all the islands, is
immense. Doreen Wynter, a Jamaican pastor, offered a thoughtful message
on “Living Water and the Holy Spirit,” and Cuban leader Gonzalez inspired
delegates with his report on how God is working among the people of his
island, bringing growth and life to the Baptist witness there.
As in all Living Water conferences, the focus and affi nity groups were
well led and well received. Topics addressed in the focus groups included:
Living Water and Evangelism; Living Water for the Thirsty Soul; Living
Water in Word and Deed; Living Water and Worship; Confl ict Resolution in
the Churches and Reaching the Family for Christ.
The two Living Water themes, evangelism and leadership, were
signifi cantly high-lighted. There emerged a great desire, expressed especially
among the pastors, for a greater emphasis on evangelism coupled with a
radical re-thinking of what authentic evangelism is.
Another issue that emerged was the creative tension about styles
of leadership in Caribbean churches. It is hoped that the emphasis in the
conference on servant leadership, as epitomized in the life of Jesus, will have
contributed meaningfully to that discussion and be a corrective against any
tendency to distort the role and meaning of leadership within the churches.
The expressed determination of the delegates to this Caribbean
conference to be more intentional and thoughtful about how the Gospel
is offered to the people of their region, and to follow-up with purpose the
message of the conference, excites us to believe that the eternal message
of God’s love in Jesus Christ will reverberate around the Caribbean islands
with even greater passion and effectiveness in the years ahead.
Delegates left determined that no one will ever be able to say to them,
“You are no friend; you knew me for 10 years and never told me about

(Photos: Anslem Warrick, Trinidad; Doreen Wynter of Jamaica spoke on “Living
Water and the Holy Spirit”; A Bahamian children’s choir that performed at the
Living Water conference)

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