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How to get there: From the Quebec side of
down a little dip in the trail, across a small blow” as you step down repeatedly, and
the Champlain bridge, turn left on Alexandre
creek, and then up again on the last leg of provide additional stability. Taché. This becomes chemin Principale
your walk to the fire tower. Soon you’ll find yourself back on familiar
d’Aylmer, and like its name promises will take
This portion of the trail is a little easier, ground beside the falls, on your way to the
you through the main street of Aylmer before
you join up with Jct 148. You’ll continue on
and nicely perfumed by coniferous trees parking lot. Your next challenge will involve
Jct 148 for a while keeping your eyes peeled
that line the rocky path. (This is also the winning the debate on whether the road trip for a smallish brown Gatineau Park sign on
area where I once saw a pretty big snake - home should include a stop at the Tim Horton’s
your right. Watch closely, because very soon
the same diameter as a garden hose.) in Aylmer or the Dairy Queen in Hull.
afterwards you’ll need to turn right (cue Hotel
de Ville). You’ll head down an unpaved road
Arriving at the fire tower at the top
towards the very obvious Eardley Escarpment
signals the end of your climb and provides jutting out from the surrounding farmland,
you with an excellent venue. What better
and turn left following the Gatineau Park sign.
excuse for a pre-descent rest and picnic?
(You’ll head by a horseback riding place…
so if you’ve got kids in the car, don’t let them
Okay, so you’re not actually allowed on or in
see that or they’ll be bound to be whining for
the fire tower, but the foundation of an old hours…puh-leeeze!!! Caaaannn weeee???).
shelter nearby and some shady trees offer
Shortly, you’ll come to the parking lot with
other prime spots to kick back, relax, snack,
picnic area and you’re there!
and attempt to correctly identify the large
Distance: 4.5 km
birds circling overhead. Estimated duration: 2.5 – 3 hours
The loop back down offers a chance to
Level of difficulty: moderate, very steep slope
enjoy a different portion of the trail with its
Look forward to: lots of lookouts, the Falls in
the spring, nice view of changing leaves in the
own variations of impressive vistas.
fall, a break at the fire tower at the top
Though the trek down doesn’t force your Watch out for: bugs (repellent recommended),
heart and lungs to work as much as the
many climber friends of mine have spotted
haul up, it can still make your knees beg for
bears in the area, occasionally sparse signage
Facilities: unsupervised parking lot with picnic
mercy, especially by the end of the hike. For
area, outhouses (not always with tp), animal-
this reason, some people might appreciate proof garbage cans for the stuff you might have
trekking pole on this portion of the walk.
packed out.
One of these will both help “cushion the
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Men’s S/S Vitesse Fuse Tee
Men’s S/S Vitesse Fuse Tee
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