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Hike the luskville
Falls trail
Put the spring in your step
∆ Our favourite places not only speak volumes to us,
but they also speak volumes about us. Whether we
seek out these places to bring back good memories,
to exercise, to slow life’s hectic pace, or to soak in
pleasing sights, they recharge our batteries and renew
our zest for living.
It’s healthy to remove ourselves occasionally from the
clutter of daily routines, roles and obligations. Withdrawing to
peace and tranquility helps us keep things in proper balance.
This doesn’t mean we have to “give it all up.” We don’t need
to sell off all our worldly possessions and move to a remote
cabin in the solitude of a mountaintop to quiet our soul and
regain perspective. Usually, all I need is a few hours’ respite
hiking one of my favourite trails to settle restless feelings and
feed the hunger in my heart.
TimE TO HEad fOR THE Hills! The Luskville Falls Trail is listed as being The terrain gradually becomes
And so, in the midst of an early fall heat one with interpretive signs at key points. increasingly rockier as you ascend, with
wave, I happily accepted the task of hiking Although evidence of this feature remains the falls to one side and a rock face on the

one of my favourite trails in nearby Gatineau in the form of podium style stands, the other. The thing I like best about this trail
Park, and recording the experiences. Yeah, panels themselves are missing, taking with is that it starts off as the equivalent of a
: B
it’s a rough way to spend a sun-drenched them the tidbits of scintillating information dirt sidewalk, then makes the hiker pick
weekend out there in the woods. they possess. his or her way over and between rocks and

Slow Beginnings, Then… boulders as it snakes its way towards a fire
THE luskVillE falls TRail The hike starts off fairly gently with a set tower at the top.
Luskville Falls Trail is no stranger to of stairs that bring you down to where you
climbers in the region. This trail takes can start going up. In the spring, the trail
you on a 4.5 km promenade (with the follows alongside the Luskville Falls, which Stunning lookouts reward hikers
occasional scramble over rocks) up the are often dried up in mid to late summer. In repeatedly along the route. Not only do
Eardley Escarpment and back down again. the autumn, the many lookouts will provide these lookouts provide a sampling of
If the breathtaking views don’t get your you with a front row seat to the bright beautiful views to remind you exactly
pulse going just a little bit, the hike up colours of the changing leaves. At any time why you’re hauling yourself up a hill when
probably will. I’ve gone, I’ve also encountered plenty of there is nothing chasing you, but they also
This hiking trail will take approximately bugs, so bring along bug juice. It’ll be a provide an excellent opportunity to catch
2.5 to 3 hours to complete, so make sure helpful sanity-preserver. your breath and re-hydrate. Even if you’re
you plan and pack accordingly. Though the Signs along the trail remind hikers that too fit to need a break, you’ll do yourself a
trail is not a long one, be assured that its this is a “restoration area,” and urge the big favour by taking a moment to drink in
steep slope can still offer a challenge. public to remain on the pathway at all times. the scenery. After all, admiring nature and
At the parking lot, you’ll find a picnic Even if you have the best of intentions, it can enjoying it is what hiking a trail like this
area complete with outhouse facilities. occasionally be a little tricky distinguishing is all about. There’s no need to rush the
Here, you’ll be able to take care of any last- which rocky terrain belongs to the trail and experience like your after-work commute
minute requirements. Several animal-proof which does not. The task is aggravated when home. Relax. Enjoy.
garbage cans are available for hikers to the blue, square, hiker signs disappear from Just when it looks as if you won’t need
deposit trash or litter. view. But do your best to stay on the trail. to ascend any further, the path takes you OTTAWA >> SPRING/SUMMER 2008 5
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