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Cheryl Christensen, Stef Manzoni, Allen Macartney, John Stanton,
Geordie McConnell, Ross Francis, Jodi Bigelow, Mike Webster, Laurie
Spring has arrived, and Ottawa Outdoors Magazine breaks new
Ann March, Eric Calvert, Michael McGoldrick, Tim Allard, Julie St. Jean,
Andrew Westwood, Nigel Brereton, Claudia Kerckhoff-VanWijk, Jennifer
ground as we enter our 7th year in publication. As for the winter, I don't
Goldstone, Derek Dunn think skiing or snowshoeing has been any better in a decade. So I hope
you had a terrific (though snowbound) winter season and trust this
Sean Burges, Tori Lambermont, Bryan van Tol (Tripper), Robert Covell,
issue will help put you in a spring-like state of mind. DAVE BROWN
WMA Canada, Rapid Media,,, Ottawa Well first the big news. We'd like to announce that we've increased Publisher, Editor-in-chief
Sailing School, Jock Bradley, Julie St. Jean, Paul Villecourt, Rideau Trail
our circulation by 50%! So that means more copies will be available
Association, Paul Jean/Petrie Island Outdoor Club
to more of you at more locations and races, and that's always a good thing. Another move we've
AdVERTISING INQUIRIES done is to make each issue available in an incredibly cool digital version format. If you go to
Dave Brown, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief you'll see on the homepage that we've taken the last two issues and put
Ottawa Outdoors Magazine is an independent publication published
seasonally every four months and distributed FREE at sports stores all
them in this same digital format. It's really neat because it allows you to kind of 'turn' the pages
over the region, as well as at 100 other locations. It is a subsidiary of like you would a real magazine. But the bonus is that each of the advertisements are live links
Canadian Adventure Media Partners (CAMP INC.), which also publishes
back to their respective websites, so you can see more information on the products or locations
Calgary Outdoors and Kickabout Ottawa, a local soccer magazine.
you want to visit. As well, in some cases we've dropped in some live video to further enhance
Website: your reading experience. So check it out and enjoy.
Tel: 613-860-8687 / 888-228-2918
As for this spring/summer edition...this is the largest issue to date! A whopping 56-pages
Fax: 613-860-8687
jammed-packed with tons of information you'll want to know about in the upcoming months.
CONTRIBUTIONS As well, I'd say the three biggest and informative sections include the feature on local adventure
Ottawa Outdoors Magazine welcomes story and photo contributions. All
racing companies promising to give you an amazing outdoor experience (page 10); the Upcoming
photos should ideally be shot with colour slides or high resolution digital
camera, but otherwise scanned at 300dpi resolution and burned onto a Events section which has information about all sorts of race dates, including Somersault's
CD-ROM or e-mailed. No unsolicited contributions will be returned unless
'events for everyone' list (page 34); and lastly a new directory of Ottawa Valley companies that
accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Publisher assumes
no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or outline your next weekend escape for fun and adventure.
artwork. Publisher may publish any and all communications with Ottawa
The rest of this issue has articles you'll enjoy on hiking destinations, paddling routes, cycling
Outdoors magazine, and may edit for clarity and style. Indexed in the
Canadian Periodical Index ISSN No. 1204-69556. © Copyright locales, beginner camping tips, sailing experiences and even contests to win free entries into
2008. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any materials published in
local popular adventure races. So read on and enjoy these bright, warm, spring days ahead.
Ottawa Outdoors Magazine is expressly forbidden without consent of the
publisher unless otherwise agreed between partners. Printed in Canada.
Ottawa Outdoors Magazine aligns with local and international
environmental groups. Recently Ottawa Outdoors Magazine
joined and supports the following groups. We encourage you
to do the same.
Leave No Trace Canada is a national non-profit orga-
nization dedicated to promoting and inspiring respon-
sible outdoor recreation through education, research
and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness,
appreciation and respect for our wilderness areas.
Nigel Brereton is a member of the local Jennifer Goldstone is an Ottawa River rat living
executive of the Rideau Trail Association, is not by the river in Orleans, kayaking at Petrie Island
in fact a “challenge” hiker. “I prefer the other type and bicycling beside the river. She is also a
- 50% mental; 50% exercise”. member of the Petrie Island Outdoor Club.
Friends of the O-Train is a group of volunteers whose goal is to raise
awareness of workable transit options in Ottawa. We’re comprised of
Geordie McConnell is
transit experts, rail enthusiasts and regualar individuals like you.
a triathlon coach and
house dad. His days are
One Percent for the Planet is a rapidly growing
kept busy directing the
network of companies that give at least one per
Ottawa Triathlon Club
cent of their annual sales to environmental causes.
Their commitment provides vital resources and and being directed by his
awareness to organizations that work to keep us on
energetic four-year-old.
a sustainable path. 1%FTP provides members with a
straightforward and powerful way to become part of the solution. We
are proud supporters of One Percent as a movement as well as their Ross Francis enjoys paddling with his family
members which include Mountain Equipment Co-op and more than 20
and friends and is always planning his
other businesses across Canada.
next canoe trip. In this issue he writes about
Frontenac Provincial Park.
To submit articles or photos, all you have to do is e-mail us at:
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