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Manufacturing Consumables Award
CT 801 Cell Tester
The CT 801 Cell Tester includes in resistance as well as good
the same compact architecture a elasticity to apply pressure on
single-flash xenon light source, an cell to be measured. Contacts
automatic sliding contact frame, a disposition allows slight
test chuck with interchangeable mechanical wiping to self-clean
plates to fit any cell configuration, the contact region. The single-
even cells with back-contacts like wire contact design is much
the Sun-Power A-300, a calibrated more efficient than the usual
reference cell, and a Panel-PC pump-type contacts in which
type computer. contact resistances may vary
from a few milliohms to hundred
To become a fully featured cell of milliohms and necessitating
testing unit, it needs to be ten or more contacts to
connected to an external statistically lower this effect. In
electronic load and flash standard, the tester is delivered
generator, itself included in a 19“ 6U rack. Its with six contacts pairs; four for current and two
single-flash technology gives a negligible for voltage.
heating on cell junction level, in the tenths of a
degree range, much lower than continuous-light This can be extended up to nine contacts pairs
testers, so the most accurate I/V curve to match large cells with three metallization
determination can be achieved. Its active light bands. In manual operation, the unit is delivered
Issue VI 2009
control ensures an accurate light level within with a pedal switch to allow hand-free working.
1 % during all flash duration of 4 ms, so there When the cell is roughly positioned on the
is no need for irradiance correction of chuck, the operator actions the pedal switch.
measured values. A simple ambient
temperature probe allows for thermal correction An air blowing system will accurately position
of results, ensuring accurate values even in the the cell on the chuck, then the contacts move
case of temperature variations during the day or down, the flash is fired, the measurement is
from day to day. taken during flash and the contacts move up
automatically.The result is then displayed on the
The lamp assembly includes patented light- screen. Cells can be sorted according to
uniformization device to allow less than 1% predetermined classes and results are also
ununiformity over the tested cell. This is available in up to 16 classes on a potential-free
particularly important with multicrystalline cells interface for signalization or to drive an external
in which some zones may be more efficient cell sorter.
than others giving unconsistent results on cell
testers with bad light uniformity. The lamp also On special demand, programs including
includes proper filtering to ensure true Class A statistics and lot management can be provided.
spectral distribution. The innovative contacts On option, but at the expense of a longer
design uses single-wires made of special nickel- measurement cycle, shunt resistance can be
copper alloy.This stainless alloy is delivered in measured on dark mode. Otherwise, series and
hard, spring quality type and combines very low shunt resistances values will be approximated
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