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Device Integration Award
The SINVERT PV inverters
Siemens AG has developed volts. In this case, for example,
and manufactured inverters a number of photovoltaic (PV)
for photovoltaic applications modules are linked together as
since 1987. The brand name in a chain and fewer generator
of these inverters is SINVERT terminal boxes and smaller
which stands for Siemens plus conductor areas are needed.
Inverter. One of these The TL inverter series also
developments are the includes units with graduated
SINVERT PV inverters, a ratings of 500, 1000 and 1500
family of three phase grid- kilowatts and also 2 megawatts,
connected inverters in which is the most powerful
the range of 60kVA up to transformerless inverter
1700kVA and a family of currently on the market. The
transformerless inverters with over 98 percent Sinvert inverters are suitable for applications in
peak efficiency. They already serve as central medium and large-scale PV power plants.
inverters in a large number of PV power plants
worldwide. The central inverter units satisfy the currently
effective medium-voltage regulations and can
To achieve the highest quality Siemens is using be used either as a stand-alone solution or in
proven industrial components for the inverters. combination. The master-slave principle with
Issue VI 2009
The plattform is the standard Siemens drive “rotating master” — introduced on the market
inverters from the MASTERDRIVES and by Siemens over ten years ago — is above all
SINAMICS series, which are certified by all an advantage in the event of changing
applicable standards. The SINVERT 1700 MS intensities of solar radiation in the course of the
exists of four units of 420kVA and act as a day or in case of cloudiness. Depending on the
single 1.7MVA PV inverter. The SINVERT 2000 degree of radiation, the necessary inverters are
MS TL exists of four units of 500kVA and act as energized or de-energized by means of an
a single 2.0MVA PV inverter. The combination of ingenious process. This increases the efficiency
up to four single inverters working together of the PV plant, especially in partial-load
maximizes performance, yield and availability. operation. Only the required number of inverters
is operated subject to light intensity. The
Compared to the units with transformers, the connection of as many as four inverters in the
three-phase transformerless photovoltaic form of a master-slave system enables the plant
inverters achieve efficiencies that are up to two to start already at low levels of solar radiation
percent higher: namely, 98 percent in a master- and to achieve very high efficiencies even in the
slave combination according to Euro-Eta. This low output range. The rotating master
performance enables the plant operator to contributes to the long useful life of the system,
make a higher profit during infeed into the for the inverter unit with the lowest operating
medium-voltage system. In addition, system hours is always controlled as master and
costs can also be reduced with the option of a therefore the operating time distributed
voltage window increased from 900 to 1000 uniformly among the inverters.
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