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IGT continues with cost
cutting redundancies
IGT has offloaded more management level employees in a
cost-cutting exercise unveiled in a regulatory filing in June.
The only executive named was Richard Pennington,
executive vice president of corporate strategy. IGT
spokesperson Ed Rogich said the company will not be
releasing additional names or details on others terminated
in the management
reduction initiative. “We’re
following the plan that
CEO Patti Hart has talked
about all along,” Rogich
said. In total IGT has cut
circa 700 people, or 10
per cent of its workforce,
since November 2008.
Cammegh is celebrating the successful roll-out of its Billboard and EyeBall roulette display system across the
entire Casinos Austria estate. The project, which was far from straightforward but hugely rewarding, led to the
creation of Cammegh’s powerful wheel analysis application; PitBoss.
BillBoard and EyeBall linking
every Austrian roulette wheel
starIsborn don’t want or missing features team of designers, program- webbedfeat
CAMMEGH that you need. Our under- mers and engineers, Richter’s ARISTOCRAT
standing with Cammegh was team set the exacting require-
Having first observed the oper- now so good that I knew we ments that would govern the Aristocrat Technologies
ator advantages of Cammegh’s could achieve the best system form and function of Europe has underlined its
BillBoard and EyeBall system by working together as a team.” Cammegh’s new PitBoss® and commitment to get closer to
in action at the International Richter set Cammegh an PitBoss Ti touch-screen tech- its customers with the devel-
Casino Exhibition at Earls important and unexpected nology. opment of a new client-facing
Court in 2007, Casinos Austria challenge: To create and inte- “We had regular face-to-face microsite. Hosted at
has now seen the product grate a completely new wheel meetings throughout the www.aristocratgreatvalues.c
rolled out across its entire analysis system, tailor- made process.” Cammegh, the site encapsulates the
domestic estate. for Casinos Austria’s live continues, “Often our company’s ‘Great Values’ CRM
The advantages of linking gaming requirements, which design solutions initiative and provides a com-
multi-sites with the system are would enable permitted users would trigger more
Richard and Andrew Cammegh
munications platform packed
numerous with Casinos instant access to the data from ideas from Christian with entertainment, news,
Austria’s head of games depart- all of their tables across all which would then push tips, hot contacts, monthly
ment, Christian Richter, imme- their casinos, via the web from our developers and the
addition to the PitBoss® func- information on top games,
diately impressed. “The anywhere in the world. design on even further.” Chip tionality; The ChipTree™. The competitions and more.
Billboard display’s graphics The project signalled an Now that the roll-out is Tree Chip Tree™ shows the value Marketing and communica-
are excellent, giving the interesting development in complete, Casinos Austria
of each chip in play, position- tions manager Olga Pleguezue-
players a gaming experience the two companies’ already has deemed the project a ing the colours with the higher los explained the rationale for
we find they prefer,” he harmonious working relation- total success. values at the top of a Tree, inte- the campaign: “We entered
explained. ship, fostering a closer collab- Richter elaborates,“F or me, place. grated into the Billboard™ 2009 expounding the sensual
Following a successful trial oration between client and it’s been a very good process. From our point of display panel and introduces a attributes built into Aristocrat
at their Kitzbühel casino, supplier. We have a very good relation- view, PitBoss™ has already further element of competi- games, reinforcing the notion
Casinos Austria’s thoughts “We jumped at the chance ship with Cammegh and I’m been a spectacular success tion amongst the players. that investing in Aristocrat
turned to a wheel analysis to work with Christian to looking forward to the next which benefited immensely “The Chip Tree is a 2nd tier makes ‘Great Sense’. ‘Great
application to partner the Bill- develop PitBoss™.” says projects where we can work from our partnership with development of the Billboard Values’ is the evolution of that
board and EyeBall Display Cammegh’s sales and market- together.” Casinos Austria. Making the and PitBoss™ system that philosophy whereby every
System. For Richter, however, ing director, Andrew Andrew Cammegh agrees, fruits of that partnership avail- grew directly from Casinos aspect of our business, both
buying in an off-the-shelf Cammegh. “Casinos Austria’s “It was certainly a challenge able to all our customers is the Austria’s continuing input.” product- and service-led, is
package was not an option. expertise and gaming experi- but the process enriched our icing on the cake.” says Cammegh. “It’s a great underpinned with added value,
“The problem with most ence enabled us to create a knowledge of our client’s busi- Cammegh sees the ongoing demonstration of how we’re resulting in a proposition that
table analysis systems is that system that we knew would ness, enhanced our working development of these new committed to improving our delivers the highest levels of
they are designed by software be truly useful and relevant to relationship with a very impor- products and technologies as products by listening to the satisfaction to our clients.
developers, not gaming the casino operators’ needs.” tant customer and enabled us being fundamental to their casino operators, learning She continued: “‘Great
people.” explains Richter. “You Acting more as consultant to create a product that really continued success - a point from what they tell us and Values’ has been instilled into
end up paying for features you and advisor to Cammegh’s delivers in the wider market- underlined by an exciting new delivering what they need.” our external communications
programme, spearheaded by
the launch of a dedicated
microsite which offers the
Gaming Business Media invest in
most direct and interactive
way of engaging fully with
International Casino Review
our customers.”
Aristocrat Europe’s general
manager for sales and market-
ing Daniel Lindsay added: “This
newstakes international soft gaming and October 2002, the entire team Gaming Business Media is initiative not only gives opera-
GAMING BUSINESS MEDIA amusements periodical at GBM has played their part steeped in industry knowledge tors a useful business tool and
Games World within the GBM helping to develop it into the and is committed to taking the instant access to the many and
Gaming Business Media, the portfolio of print publications. flagship award winning publi- publications to the next stage varied aspects of our opera-
independent publishing Heralding the acquisitions, cation that it is today. As part of in their development. It is vital tion, it also gives us the oppor-
company headed by John John Sullivan said: “Gaming the sale agreement with Clarion for everyone involved in the tunity to open up new
Sullivan, has announced its Business Media is now the I am pleased to confirm that business at large that we have channels of dialogue with our
purchase of the two times world’s biggest dedicated and both organisations will con- a healthy, imaginative and customers. Whilst the site
award winning International independent publishing house tinue to work closely together responsible trade media. We carries detailed information
Casino Review together with serving the international serving and representing the are looking forward to working on our wide range of games,
sister titles Coinslot Interna- gaming, gambling and betting international casino industry.” with GBM as the casino indus- some of which has not previ-
tional and Betting Business sectors boasting three monthly Julian Graves, managing try responds to the challenges ously been published in an
from Amusement Trades Ltd, titles, associated stand alone director of Clarion Gaming of operating in the years open forum, its primary role is
a subsidiary of Clarion publications and the world’s Exhibitions, commented: “It ahead. Our best wishes and not as a sales vehicle but as a
Events. The purchase covers only year round weekly print was very important for us to congratulations go to the conduit for an on-going
all assets and intellectual title covering amusements and feel comfortable and safe in entire team at Gaming Busi- exchange of ideas that will ulti-
properties relating to the low stake high volume the knowledge that the publi-
ness Media which has made mately lead to meeting more
three publications. The gaming.” He added: “Since cations were in the proper
International Casino Review precisely the current and
market leading titles join launching Casino Review in hands. The team in place at such a respected publication.” future needs of our customers.”
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