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A Touch of Innovation
Trust TCSJOHNHUXLEY for the very latest in electronic
gaming - from Roulette and Blackjack to Baccarat and Sic Bo.
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Benefits that include:
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� Increased security
A dramatic and frightening incident at the Port Elizabeth
� Enhanced gaming experience for players
casino in which armed robbers stormed the venue and took
hostages - the second in under two years - might influence South
To contact us or for more information,
Africa’s gaming board as it decides who will get the next licence.
Gaming Awards
Equipment Supplier2009
Attempted robbery
at Boardwalk
could affect
licence decision
securityconcerns couple of tense hours of result of their application to
AccuPLAY™ TouchTable
SOUTH AFRICA negotiation. He is now in have the licence renewed
custody charged with armed for 15 years - the decision is
Parallel Deal Blackjack Roulette
The Boardwalk Casino in robbery and illegal due on 3 August.
& Live Draw Poker & Sic Bo
Port Elizabeth was the victim possession of a firearm. The current incumbents
of an attempted robbery During the attempted have been facing a strong
early in the evening on 27 robbery, hundreds of terrified challenge from a local hotel
June when six armed men guests and staff were developer Embo, which
entered threatening staff evacuated from the casino wants to move the casino
leading to a hostage situation through all available routes, from its current location
and a two-hour stand-off. including the kitchens. It is firstly to a nearby hotel
According to the local suspected that five other temporarily, then to a brand
press, the men had got men hid themselves in the new resort environment
through the security guards crowds after they realised the planned for a brownfield site
at the casino’s entrance by plan had gone wrong. They in former docks much nearer
threatening one of them have still not been caught. the centre of Port Elizabeth.
with a gun. One robber This was not the first time However, Embo has
followed a cashier into the that the Boardwalk Casino suffered a significant
cash office with a gun where has been the target of setback in July when the
a sum of money was handed robbers: in January 2008, a Eastern Cape Gambling
over to him. However, the large armed gang managed to Board turned down its
TouchTable Novo TouchBet®
door slammed behind him, get away with an estimated application to change the
MultiPLAY™ Roulette Live Games
trapping him. He took the R250,000 (E22,400), opening site of the proposed casino.
three staff in the room the venue up to questions How much that will affect
hostage and fired two shots. about its security. Embo’s chances has yet to
By this time the police The incident comes at a be determined, however, a
had arrived and the other highly sensitive time for the second serious incident at
five gang members ran off. casino’s operators, Emfuleni the Boardwalk in 18
The trapped man eventually and Sun International, who months might play in the
gave himself up after a are waiting to hear the company’s favour.
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