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South of the Twin Cities, the
clear water of the St Croix River
meets the muddy Mississippi
near Hastings. For some 80
miles, this huge waterway forms
the border between Minnesota
and Wisconsin.
Dramatic bluffs punctuate the
rolling landscape and birders
watch for rare bald eagles in
winter. Fascinating riverside
towns include Red Wing,
one of only 12 ‘distinctive
destinations’ in the USA selected
by the National Trust for Historic
Preservation in 2008.
With 25 listings on the
National Register of Historic
Places, the historically and
architecturally signifi cant
buildings refl ect its mid-19th
century beginnings as a riverfront
trade point, like the restored
1875 St James Hotel. Since the
Snowmobiling is a great winter
pursuit in Minnesota
town hosted the fi rst ever US ski
● Luckily for golf-mad Minnesotans, the state
boasts hundreds of great GOLF COURSES. STATE
FROM: Minneapolis
And, once again, the state hosts the US PGA
St Paul
10 TO: Winona
Championship, played at the testing Hazeltine
DISTANCE: 200 miles
National Golf Club in Chaska, south-west of
ALLOW: 2 days
Minneapolis (August 10-16, 2009).
● Over twice the size of the Isle of Wight, VOYAGEURS
NATIONAL PARK encloses more than 500 islands. Way up by the
Canadian border, this is home to moose, wolves and bears as well
as loons. Perfect for house-boating, fi shing and camping.
Red Wing 55
● Hibbing is the birthplace of two American icons. At the
Lake City
GREYHOUND BUS MUSEUM, the buses range from a 1914
Wabasha 84
Hupmobile to a 1982 classic. Local boy made good is Bobby
Zimmerman, aka BOB DYLAN. Zimmy’s Bar & Restaurant hosts
the annual Dylan Days festival around his May 25 birthday.
jumping tournament in 1887, soaring towers, grandiose domes
this is also home to the American and angels blowing trumpets
Ski Jumping Hall of Fame. were all funded by Polish
Skiing must be in the blood. immigrants.
In Lake City in 1922, Ralph
W Samuelson wanted to ski on GETTING THERE
water. Since no boats were fast Flights from the UK to
enough, he used a biplane and –
Minneapolis/St Paul
hey presto! – he invented water-
include –
skiing. Continue on to Wabasha
From London
Gatwick: Northwest
and you encounter the National
Airlines via
Eagle Center, complete with Amsterdam; From
its huge viewing windows and
London Heathrow:
riverside observation deck.
Northwest Airlines
direct, Icelandair via
Further on, in the small lumber
Reykjavik, Continental
town of Winona, the surprise via Cleveland and
is the enormous church. The
American Airlines via Chicago. 19
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