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See the sights
LAKE SHORE LIMITED South Bend, Indiana, home of
This journey travels much the famous Notre Dame University
same route today as it did when and its revered American football
it was known as the Twentieth team, where you can see the
Century Limited (1902-67) and famed ‘Golden dome’ above the
features some of the prettiest treetops. Travelling via Waterloo
shorelines in America. Starting (Indiana) and Bryan (Ohio)
in Chicago, the train crosses brings you to Toledo, where,
Northern Indiana and along Lake just south of Fort Miami, General
Soak up the scenery Michigan, the Mohawk River and ‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne defeated
from the Amtrak train
southern shore of Lake Erie. the Native Americans at Fallen
As the train departs Chicago, Timbers in 1794, a conquest
Touring the Great Lakes can be done look left for a dramatic view of that cleared the way for the
the towering city settlement of north-west Ohio
in many ways, and one
skyline, including and northern Indiana.
of the best is to head
the Sears Tower, Rolling on to Sandusky, you
● Amtrak’s

Daley Center and can see a monument to Oliver
for the rails – the Great
sleeping cars provide private
John Hancock Hazard Perry (for his defeat of
rooms with amenities for
Building. Shortly the British fl eet in 1813) and get
Rails, of course. And, in
day and night use. F
after, the railway a glimpse of one of the tallest
Roomettes to Bedrooms y
featuring a private lavator
crosses the roller-coasters in the world – the
the USA, that means the and shower
, sleeping car
South Branch 420ft Top Thrill Dragster – at
accommodations can suit any
of the Chicago Cedar Point. Sandusky is the
Amtrak rail system, one
need. Amtrak’s Metropolitan
River, where second largest Great Lakes coal-
is available
ships travel shipping port, with an excellent
of America’s great arterial
in Chicago
, New Y
ork and
Boston for F
irst Class
ACH seating
between the natural harbour surrounded
passengers. CO
Great Lakes by islands. Next, Amtrak heads
provides a wide reclining seat
ree pillow ports and the through Elyria to Cleveland,
with a leg rest. F
vice is also available.
Illinois and Ohio’s largest city, one of the
o enjoy the passing (look out for

Michigan leading manufacturing, trading
vice offers
countryside and the some special
a wide range of complete
Canals. and cultural centres of the Mid-
magnifi cent vistas of offers and meals prepared on board First stop is west and home of the amazing
Lakes Michigan and promotions
between Chicago and Albany-
ork. The
Erie, plus a quick trip from along the way).
Rensselear to New Y
Enjoy superb Fall
AR Steward will
foliage scenery
Chicago to Milwaukee, there Choose
e regular announcements
is no better option than the from two main regarding ser
vice hours. The
comfort and ease of travelling routes, the Lake
AR offers
sandwiches, snacks and
on Amtrak USA Passenger Rail. Shore Limited
beverages between Chicago
This is one of the most relaxing route from
and Albany-
Rensselear to
ways to explore and you will fi nd Chicago to New
Boston, while also providing
the miles rolling gently by as you York (or parts
perfect viewing of the passing
contemplate the landscapes of thereof), and the
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Empire Builder,
Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania which takes travellers along
and even into New York State, pioneer trails from Chicago
fi nishing in great cities like through the heart of Wisconsin
Boston and New York if you and on to the Twin Cities of
wish. You can even break the Minneapolis-Saint Paul. There
journey into overnight stays are also 14 trains daily between
along the way as the USA Rail Chicago and Milwaukee to enjoy
Pass fully allows for stopovers a good slice of the Amtrak style.
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