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Friday May 4 2007
How to get out of your box on HibeeBC
in whatever cup it was they won, I’ve been easy in recent weeks on the “other” team which
FTER my diatribe against Hibernian in a recent issue of Planet Hearts following their win
plays in our wonderful capital city
fashion against a team heading towards the First Division, it was interesting to note that
. After their Scottish Cup hoodoo continued in hilarious
By Mike Smith
Hibernian FC are considering their own television channel for their handful of supporters.
programmes of HibsTV…
ere at Planet Hearts Towers, we’ve had a sneak preview of the opening day’s
in Leith. In this episode, John has a cunning plan to replace Scotty
– The curious tale of a man with a flat head looking for cast-of
, self-styled best
young footballer in Scotland, with a player no one has heard of from Motherwell.
a pub team, their city neighbours have yet again finished above them in the league.
– John and Tommy are green with envy when they discover that, in spite of being
challenged people who maintain the bizarre, sadistic ritual of going to Easter
– A fly-on-the-wall film about a group of intellectually
Road every fortnight.
continue with such mental torture and what, if any
This sometimes harrowing film investigates why they
language, drug use and scenes of depravity. Subtitles for dif
, help is available. Has strong
ficult to understand.
in-depth analysis on it. Contains scenes which some Hearts fans may find utterly hilarious…
– Aidan Smith considers Hibs’ latest cup semi-final result and presents his
searches desperately for a way back to Poland. But a cigar-puf
: Drama. In this episode, Malkowski is shown to be hopelessly out of his depth and
Gretna comes to his rescue and gives him a half decent defence to play behind.
fing, bearded gentleman from
failure in the Scottish Cup. In desperation, he asks Grandpa
– Classic series. Tonight, Herman is exasperated by another
David Weir, Stuart Keane, Nicky Butt and Raphael Scheidt to sign for Hibs to give
Tommy to persuade
a line-up of Weir, Keane, Butt, Scheidt…(get on with it – Ed)
a life of hell in Leith. So much so that wee Gord returns for Scott but is told he can only have the
OR NO DEAL – Granton-born Gordon is encouraged after rescuing Gary and Deeks from
kid with the weird haircut if he of
effect – can he beat the (merchant) banker or will he be forced to prise open the biscuit tin lid?
fers at least £2m. Gordon uses his negotiating skills to good
WITHOUT A TRACE – Documentary on the story of hundreds of people who headed
trauma that evening and many have not been seen since. Some of those who did
to Mount Florida on 24 April 2007. Dressed in green and white, they suffered severe
make it back describe the torment they suf
of inferiority and hopelessness. A follow-up to the documentary last year when 20,000
fered that day and ever since; their feelings
Hibbies suffered a similar trauma in Mount Florida at the hands of their city rivals.
– Graham Weir narrates the story of how the Hibernian team of
Weir had one final twist of the story to tell…
Year’s Day 2003 scored in the 90th minute to go 4-2 ahead in the Edinburgh derby. But
believes he has been of
BORN YESTERDAY – John is happy in Monaco but mistakenly
into taking one of the worst jobs in the country
fered a bigger and better job in Edinburgh. Conned
frustrations in the face of superior work being undertaken at the other end
, John has to overcome his
of the city. A bleak tale of lost causes and frustration.
cup and invite their neighbours over to celebrate. But the arrival of a Lithuanian spoils the party
TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED – Curious tale of a small-time football club who win an obscure
(a Glasgow version is available on Celtic TV.)
(That’s enough HibsTV – Ed)
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