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Friday May 4 2007
ing on the Barca
next season & we’ve still got the exciting - voted the nation’s No 1 internet fans’ forum - or hit
For the very best Hearts chat on the world wide web visit our cyber friends at
conclusion to this one ahead!!
their link on our own website at and join in the debate.
Peter Oliver’s Army: Possibly the funniest
article ever to appear in the hootsman!
Hobos at work have been going on for
masters? Das Root replied: Ahem...BIG TEAM mixed crowd so I could sit next to hot
weeks about playing Barca. Now for some
Scotsman ‘comments’ section....but I could
BIG FRIENDLY, wee team wee friendly Catalan ladies. Did you see Comment #1
revenge. Hearts have had contact with Barca
not help it today. You know, whether we
anyone? Hibs were never meaningfully on the thread? “No big deal!
for years. Pieman was supposedly on the
pull this off or not, reading that article has
involved. Barcelona were more interested Hibs have already beaten Barcelona over
verge of clinching a friendly as an opener
made my day. Hibbies will have faces as
in Hearts. As they should be...more chance 2 legs. Why go back over old ground?”
after our shift to Murrayfield. That came
green as their boak-coloured shirts!
from a source at the club at the time.
of seeing us in Europe than the hubz. Yup, been there done that....oooh, Bolton Cal Mac: It’s gonna be a one-off . It’ll be
ScottishSandstorm reasoned: This could
And surely Thommo was only making and Middlesborough, should be a cracking more like a fringe show than a normal
mean Kingston will be happy to stay.
mischief when he wrote: I want a steward’s doubler header for the hubz. Hearts match as loads of tourists will be up
There were few dissenting voices, but a
inquiry. Surely once Barca find out about neabode: Being completely serious, what for seeing the mighty Hearts take on Barca.
note of caution came from Darth Sidious:
the traditions of Hibs, they will change would people estimate at the crowd size? I agree completely about price – 15 quid £1million appearance fee, you’re having
their minds. I mean, what of the green, Osasuna friendly crowd: 18,997. NK Siroki max & kids for 5 quid or so. We could end a laugh. What will Hearts make out of it?
the flair, the youth, the floodlights, the home leg: 28,486. AEK Athens home leg: up making more from admission & If the £1m is going to UNICEF, then maybe.
0-7, the 82% possession, the slope, the 32,459. Sparta Prague home leg: 27,255. merchandise than we would/will in a UEFA Not sure I can go, I’m on holiday in
Brazilian handbook, and so on and so This year’s Barca crowd: ?? Cup run (though we will no doubt be paying Wales. Do not think wife and kids would
forth? Surely some mistake? Normally restrained Buffalo Bill was Barca a fair whack to play the game). Also, be impressed with a drive up to Edinburgh
By this stage, Das Root was excited: That moved to post the following: I don’t normally somebody will defo show it in the UK for the day. Could get a lot of the family to
would be a sell-out, guaranteed. Hopefully a contribute to the savage wastelands of the – Setanta, or 5 probably. Cannae wait for go along though.
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