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from 3 – 70. In England this takes time more venues into the sport to get an
and I think Jersey will be in a strong island league up and running, the club is
position within a 5 year period; I will be also going through its biggest change since
byNick Taylor disappointed if I don’t have a British it opened in the seventies and we have
Champion in 4 years from now! The plans to build two new glass back courts
squash structure in Jersey is really taking with a new modern bar area. In September
shape! we held the first professional tournament
since the Daily Mail classic in the 1980s.
I don’t think there is much to stop us from
achieving great things. We now have 15 Racketball is also the fastest growing
squash courts on the island, good racket sport in the UK (read more about
coaching, good elite senior players for that in Nick’s wife’s article on racketball)
juniors to look up to, consistent after- and it’s not only that but it’s also the
Nick Taylor – Director of Squash and school and weekend clubs, and the sport is “World’s healthiest sport” according to
Racketball for Jersey is 12 months cheap to play. The only real stumbling Forbes magazine in the U.S.A. They judged
into his post, but has he accomplished block for me is the negative attitude of sports on the five areas of cardiovascular
the goals he set out for himself last some people on the island. I don’t mean in endurance, calories burnt, muscular
year... Nick tells us in his owns words a nasty way; people say to me all the time strength, muscular endurance, and
about what’s been happening: you are doing a good job but you will flexibility. But not only that but in July this
never produce a player from Jersey! Why year a national newspaper reported on its
I have really enjoyed my last 12 months in not I ask... Guernsey have been doing it for front page that if you play squash three
Jersey, enjoying the island, meeting new years. These negative comments are just times a week you can half the chance of
friends enjoying the lovely beaches and reinforcing the negative in people! getting cancer!
also a growing squash development
programme. I would like to say a big thank you to If you are thinking or would like to get
everyone involved within the sport involved in squash please do not hesitate
We have delivered in school squash particularly Peter Byrne and Shane to contact me on 07829 747034 or
festivals to 24 schools. The schools Hollywood from the Bedell email me on
absolutely love the days and get a lot out Group who have been very
of it. We usually start at 9am with Nursery support of our programme and
classes delivering hand eye coordination, continue to be our main
ball and movement skills finishing with sponsor for the development
year 6 at the end of the day. In some programme. Steve Law, our
schools we have delivered 30 minutes of President of Jersey Squash &
squash to nearly 400 children, so they are Racketball Association, is
long but very successful and satisfying also a great president and
days. We also have to thank the schools very passionate about
themselves, including the P.E. coordinators, squash. The committee and
and our volunteer coaches and they know members of the Jersey
who they are! To date the programme has Squash & Racketball Club
included nearly 6500 children, which is up have been very
from just 200 children in 2005. The supportive of my plans
schools also have been given mini-nets, for squash and
rackets and balls to continue to deliver racketball. As I have said
morning, lunch-time or after-school clubs. before, the people
reading this article and
People ask me is it worth spending that the people involved
amount of time in the schools? I believe it within squash have a
is. We worked in 90 primary schools in responsibility for
Manchester and in the end we had 12,500 promoting the
children through the programme. Of game. We would
course in any sport that number whittles also like, not only Championships!
down and you eventually end up with a to bring new
core section of about 200 players who players to the sport, but past
play squash regularly and are involved in players who may have found it difficult to
County area and National structures. In keep up with the sport locally.
Manchester we had British Number 1’s at
boys U13, U15, U17 and girls U13, and all Now that the structure is getting more
the other players had rankings ranging sustainable, and we are incorporating
20 38
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