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‘The advantage of using a third party is that it making simple payment agreements. In this
takes out any potential conflict. It also frees up respect we offer many ways of making
employees, employers or individuals to carry monthly or weekly payments.’
byMary Beghin
on with the core business,’ Mrs Beghin said.
There have recently been changes in the court
Chancellors Debt Recovery Ltd ‘This means that the area of credit control is
processes with the introduction of mediation,
effectively outsourced. Experience has shown and in response to this Chancellors is also able
that companies or people who are not strict to offer mediation services independent of the
on their credit control risk having to right off courts. This provides the opportunity to
debts, some of which can be large and resolve disputes before they escalate.
potentially damaging to whoever is owed the
money. It is important that terms that are ‘The fact that we can offer fully qualified
applied to an invoice or account are enforced, mediation services sets Chancellors apart
especially in the current financial climate. from any of the other collection agencies as
we are totally unique in being able to offer an
‘If this is not strictly followed through, the all round service.’ said Mrs Beghin, who is a
recovery process becomes harder. Thirty days fully trained mediator.
The business of recovering debts should mean thirty days following which the
conjures up images of muscled thugs matter should be referred to Chancellors in ‘Mediation or conflict resolution is being used
armed with baseball bats, dressed in order for them to commence the recovery more and more by the courts and is becoming
dark clothing, calling at addresses at process.’ Chancellors aims to recover 100% of the preferred method of resolving disputed
all hours of the day or night, the debt for its client and that is why early debts. We are in a fortunate position to offer
threatening the occupants and then intervention is important. this from the outset of a case.’
taking anything with a potential value
to clear the debts. ‘People and companies are sometimes afraid With the Island either in recession or heading
of referring a matter for collection, feeling that for it, Mrs Beghin said that we should all
This image could not be further from the it may damage relations with the person remember that this recession is unlike any
truth, which is obvious when you meet Mary owing the money, but this is a false perception.’ other and has been brought about by the
Beghin, the Director of Chancellors Debt Mrs Beghin said. credit crunch.
Recovery Limited.
‘Even for our business, the issuing of Mary Beghin explained, ‘If there is one message
‘That is the perception of debt recovery proceedings is not the first step taken. There is that I would like to get across, then that has to
agents but the business of debt recovery or a process that we follow and our success does be that Prevention is better than the Cure.
credit control is a legal one, strictly governed not rely, necessarily, on the issuing of Companies and businesses who do not credit
by the rules of the Royal and Petty Debt proceedings.’ check prospective clients or customers could
Courts,’ she said. ‘There are proper processes be leaving themselves open to bad debt.
that have to be followed and that is where the She is also keen to point out that the other
expertise of Chancellors lies.’ side of the coin is that Chancellors are also Credit checking is simple and Chancellors,
there to assist someone who owes money to which is a fully registered credit reference
Chancellors, now in it’s fifth year of operation, people. agency, offers instant results. The decision to
will represent any individual, business or take on a new client or customer, ultimately
limited company in recovering outstanding ‘We can manage their payments to a number rests with the individual requesting the check
legitimate claims. of debtors, ensuring that it is affordable by but it is a good indication of what they could
be letting themselves in for.
Our extensive database is updated daily to
ensure accurate data and compliance with the
Data Protection Law, but moreover it also
assists us in tracking and locating debtors and
therefore we are often able to recover debts
at anytime during the life of a Judgment if that
person comes to light. This is proving to be
highly successful for our clients who had given
up hope of receiving payment.’
Chancellorsis open from
08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday
Anyone wanting further information
or a copy of Chancellors Terms and
Conditions is asked to contact us on
Telephone number 880190or email:
20 36
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