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We have grown up used to the instant When it comes to new build and planning
response from tungsten and halogen lamps, regulated refurbishment, 2010 sees the
each also had the added benefit of being introduction of Technical Guidance
by Jasmine Brochet & Graeme Mauger dimmable allowing us to create different Documents 11.1A and 11.1B, Conservation
light levels and moods, dependant on how of Fuel and Power. These documents call for
Light and Shade.
the room was being used and to balance “lighting fittings that only take a lamp having
the onset of darkness at dusk. a luminous efficacy greater than 40 lumens
per circuit watt” and that “reasonable
EU legislation has now outlawed the use of provision” would be “not less than 80% of all
100 watt tungsten lamps, frosted lamps are fixed light fittings”. Put simply, 8 out of 10
to suffer the same fate, allegedly they are less fittings, including recessed downlights, will
efficient than their clear counterparts, and have to have a lamp that produces at least
certain sources are reporting that halogen 40 lumens per circuit watt and the lamps
will also be consigned to the history books. that will achieve this are dedicated compact
The result would be that we would have to fluorescent and metal halide, although not all!
use fluorescent or LED light sources.
One lamp that achieves the 40 lumens
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are criteria is the 13 watt GX53, but 2 metres
improving, but to achieve the same output from the lamp, 53 lux of light is produced, a
as a tungsten lamp, the CFL is physically 50 watt 60º low voltage lamps produces
larger, they do not achieve their full output 212 lux. Not quite a direct replacement
immediately and generally cannot be then!!
dimmed; although I do have the Digiflux 20
watt CFL which is fully dimmable and So on average (if such a thing exists) three
creates 1300 lumens more than a 100 watt bedroom house, one en suite, a house
tungsten lamp. bathroom and cloakroom, three light fittings
After twelve months of financial
in the hall/landing, living room and dining
meltdown, all of us should be looking at
Retrospective fit compact fluorescent lamps room plus a kitchen with 8 downlights, that
ways of reducing unnecessary
are ideal for table lamps, where the makes 19 light sources, assuming one outlet
expenditure in our homes and business
appearance of the light source is not an in each location. The requirement will be for
issue and so long as the colour temperature 16 of the fittings to be energy efficient with
of the lamp is in excess of 3500K, otherwise a dedicated light source. This is going to be
One way of achieving this is by reducing
colours do not appear true. very difficult to achieve, but not impossible,
your energy consumption for your lighting
but will compromise the choice to the
scheme; this also will result in a reduction
So, how can we save energy without customer.
in your carbon footprint and will have a
compromising the light output?
positive environmental effect.
I think that this time next year, I could be
If we take the developers favourite lighting using a very similar heading!!
There are different ways of approaching a
solution, the 50 watt low voltage
more energy efficient lighting scheme as
downlight. Simply replace this with
not all solutions provide a satisfactory
the BLV POWERSAVER 35 watt
result, simply, there is no point in installing
dichroic lamp and achieve a 30%
a light source that provides less light and
energy saving and the same light
therefore requires an increase in the
output at a cost of only £3.60.
number of units.
There is also a lot of
development of halogen

Simply replace this with
decorative lamps. For example,
Osram have a range of 28 watt
watt dichroic lamp and
candle lamps, producing the
equivalent of 40 watts from a
achieve a 30% energy
traditional candle lamp. These
saving and the same light
are the ideal solution for
output at a cost of £3.60.

chandeliers and decorative
fittings where the lamp is
visible and represent a 30%
energy saving verses the
tungsten lamp and can be
20 32
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