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ship it to your sales team by phone. So, you sales team doesn’t touch anything but inbound calls from interested consumers, that’s all they do.
Then to your marketing team we send all the extensive reporting, which include all the recordings of every transferred call, so you can follow that through to a close. We give you the disposition data on all the leads we don’t, which means, “We got them, but they weren’t interested. We couldn’t get them because the phone number is wrong. We couldn’t even call them because it was an invalid phone number, so you should get a credit from your supplier. Here’s the ones we could not contact and here’s their lead scores, so you might want to take the top-scored leads and send some direct mail and take the bottom scored leads and put them into an e-mail marketing campaign.”
So, again, it all comes back to allowing our customers to optimize the efficiency with which they market to and try to close leads that they buy from lead suppliers.
This is my last slide. What’s coming up next are some things that I’m really passionate about. Mobile advertising. You’ve probably all heard about mobile advertising. It’s not big yet. There aren’t a lot of lost consumers clicking on mobile ads and there aren’t a lot of advertisers buying tons of campaigns. However, if you look at the amount of venture money going into mobile companies, and these are smart guys, it’ll tell you where they think the future is going and I’ve got to believe it. It makes sense. Look at you. We’re all consumers, we all have cell phones. Look at what percentage of your mobile device is becoming non-phone use. How many of you are actually going to a browser once in a while or going to get directions through Mapquest. It’s increasing and as it increases, the advertising potential increases obviously.
Keep in mind, one of the benefits of mobile advertising over traditional Web advertising is the click to call capability, right? If I put a banner ad and I do capture a consumer’s interest, it’s very simple for them to call because it’s a phone. You put a banner ad with a link, what does that link do? It dials that phone, dials your number on their phone. You obviously don’t have that on the Web most of the time. So, the click to call feature makes the online advertising very unique.
There are some other cool approaches to mobile advertising. There Mobile Posse, something that I think is very cool. I call it ‘coupons in your pocket,’ but what they do is they download coupons to the phone. It’s not a browser-based ad. It’s an ad, loaded down to your phone. The ad pops up when your phone is idle. So I pick up my phone – Oh, there’s a Subway ad – so in my zip code and my area, because they know where I live, has given me a 50 cent coupon off of a sub and all I do is show my ad on my phone to the guy at the counter. So, what’s cool is I see this ad on my phone and I click to make it disappear. Well guess what? it goes into a folder and I know it’s there. Two weeks later I go into a Subway, I remember the coupon and I go to that folder and show it to the guy and 50 cents off on a sub. So think about the marketing potential of that idea. You’re actually reaching out and putting a coupon in the pocket of your prospects. It’s fabulous.
Social networking. Social networking is here to stay. Linked in has already proven that it’s a huge business tool. I think that FaceBook will be as big or bigger in a year. You could argue that back and forth and I have a whole presentation on just that topic. But nonetheless, we as users, as regular consumers have gravitated to these networks on a daily basis and it’s going to increase exponentially. You can currently run ads on LinkedIn and FaceBook. We do. We get quite a bit of success through LinkedIn, FaceBook, not yet.
But FaceBook has a really cool potential and that is its viral marketing effect which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. FaceBook was built around the ability to market virally. That’s the core of what it does. They’ve provided that through the people that built widgets for their platform. So that the first widget that I developed, I had 2,400 people install it in the first 24 hours which blew me away. And it’s because it’s built to be networked. I tell 10 friends and they tell 10 friends.
So think about an insurance company that has very strong customer relationships. A company like Amica which really blows me away at the loyalty that their customers seem to have. American Family, and I’m sure there are lots of companies that their customers love them and why not go out there and build a FaceBook widget to allow them to refer their friends and give them 50 bucks off if they get five friends. FaceBook has that viral ability built in and those widgets, the API is open to allow you to do that. So, there are some cool things around the viral components, the social networking.
GPS devices in all vehicles. You guys probably know more about that than I do but I have to think that in a couple of years every vehicle is going to have a GPS device in it. It’s so inexpensive and so valuable for all the obvious reasons. I think there’s even maybe some E-Fusion contest winners that may have deployed some ideas around that. But it’s exciting to know that every vehicle will be able to be tracked as to its location and its speed.
Then the last one is improved digital signatures. Digital rights management has improved drastically. I would argue that lots of the core components are certainly in place today with out-of-the-box products like Microsoft Office, though many of us don’t understand it or use it. Once that user option comes around, like it did with e-commerce, I think it’s going to be a big part of our future.
I realize that we’re running late on time, so here’s my contact info. I’m sure you’ll have access to this afterwards, but if you have any questions after this, I’d love to chat.
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