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Presentation date: E-Fusion – 10/22/2008

HEADLINE: Value-Centric E-Commerce
SUMGRAPH: Selling insurance is unlike selling anything else and best new e-commerce practices reflect that. We'll discuss how marketing employs, pushes and trumps technology to better the online insurance-shopping experience. See where outside vendors fit in and how an insurer can make certain that e-commerce initiatives continue to reinforce the brand. Presenters include John Pogas of Aon Corp.; Jaimie Pickles of Canal Partner LLC; Brian Ocheltree of DoublePositive. Hosts: Paul Tinnirello and Lee McDonald.

LEE McDONALD: We’re attending our third E-Fusion conference presentation, which is on value centric e-commerce. I think this is going to be a juicy one. I really like the topic and it’s always been a good one at our E-Fusion events. We have three speakers. You’ll be hearing a lot more about them in a few minutes. First, we’re going to have Jaimie Pickles of Canal Partner, we’ll be following that with John Pogas of Aon Affinity Services and then Brian Ocheltree of DoublePositive. Jaimie and Brian are together in one office, John is broadcasting from his office and we’re here in Oldwick.
TINNIRELLO: Do we want to give a backdrop to this week’s presentation?
McDONALD: This week we’re presenting value-centric e-commerce and at this point we always just given a little context, which is every since we’ve been doing E-Fusion the whole idea of how to do e-commerce in a financial services setting and an insurance setting, that’s always been a paramount topic.
TINNIRELLO: This has really been the essence of E-Fusion and I believe the issue of the Web, which is never going to go away when it comes to the commerce opportunities that are out there. Certainly it has been growing over the years. So we look forward to this presentation and we certainly have some presenters that we’ve known for a number of years and we’re very encouraged by the message they’ve got to tell our audience.
McDONALD: With that in mind I’m about to turn it over to the presentation but just to give everybody the big picture of why we think this is a really nicely balanced panel.
The first person you’re going to hear from is Jaimie Pickles. Jaimie has a long-running background in the insurance world. He was with Tillinghast working as a management advisor and consultant. But what most people would have encountered him from is his activities as COO and President of InsWeb – probably one of the premier online insurance marketing and agency-type organizations.
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