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What is street soccer?
“Street Soccer has many different styles from all over the world, but what we consider street soccer
to be is fluid play, feints, deception, and extensive use of groundwork, as well as goals, pannas, and
creative moves to beat your opponent. Technique and strategy are the key elements to playing
a good game. Each move in street soccer becomes a way to show a creative attack and escape
technique rather than a simple way to go round your opponent, the aim is to play beautifully”
Street soccer
games to include
in your training.
Panna 1 v 1’.
The panna is what might be more
commonly known in traditional soccer as
a nutmeg. The idea is to place the ball
between the legs of your opponent and
maintain possession of the ball. In some 1
v1 games a successful panna signifies the
end of the game regardless of the score at
the time.
Players pair up with 1 ball between 2.
The aim is get as many pannas on your
opponent as possible in a set time.
Disguise and creativity are the key words
here as well as the physically demanding
nature of 1 v 1.
Try this:
Can you panna someone ‘back to front’?
Can you panna someone in another pair as
well as your own partner?

Top Tip: This will be even more motivating
for your players if you can have music
playing during this game
‘The Bottle of Life.’
This is another 1v1 game where players
are encouraged to experiment and explore
different ways of deceiving an opponent.
Each player defends a bottle of water and
attempts to knock over their opponent’s
Want to be a
bottle and spill as much water from it
as possible. The player whose bottle has
been knocked over can pick up their bottle
Street Soccer
to reduce the spillage. The winner is the
player who has the most water left in their
bottle after a set time period.

Idea: As a coach make games fair by
deciding how much water the players start
Find out how at
with in their bottle or have different sized
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