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Maine Coastal News
Volume 21 Issue 10 October 2008 FREE
The Olin Stephens designed New York 32 FALCON, owned by Robert Scott of Castine, racing at the 2008 Maine Retired Skipper's Race.
“Drive her boys, drive her!” concept of shipmates and the closeness his brother Rod, both teen-agers, set off in ies in fluid analysis at Dartmouth in recent
By Bob Scott they share. The concept, somewhat lost to- their family’s day sailor from Larchmont years], is more important than previously
The above quotation is taken from day, he said stemmed from his early days of Yacht Club. The boys beat to weather all day thought…always try to use your biggest
Across the Atlantic on DORADE, an unpub- ocean deliveries and racing. FALCON’s in the rain and wind, anchored for the night, genoa…yacht designers have gone about
lished manuscript by John D. Fox, Able Sea- crew, who all learned from him, have a pro- and slept under a tarp stretched over the as far as we can go in hull design, but we have
man, and Member of the Port Watch in the found appreciation for being so fortunate to boom. The next day they headed back in the a way to go in sail design.
1931 Trans-Atlantic Race. It appears here be called his ship mates. Once we were racing rain, put the boat away, ran to the men’s “I would replace FALCON’s Highfield
because it sums up the competitiveness of a from Cape Cod to Castine. Olin had chosen locker room, and stripped out of their cold lever system [for running back-stay
great yacht designer and racing sailor. Able not to join us in that race because he had and wet clothes. Just before they jumped to tensioning] with a two-part block and tackle.
seaman Fox’s skipper was described by the retired from overnight racing. Just after the the hot showers, another lad burst in and “The double head stay rig does give
British press as “the boy captain”. The crew start, we had a cell phone call from him saying said, “Mr. Crane and Mr. Hoyt are about to some advantage, but it adds too much
of FALCON has come to know and love that he had fallen and injured himself, but was sea trial Mr. Crane’s new six-meter design weight aloft. Try to eliminate weight using hi-
skipper in the last decade of his long life. determined not to go to the doctor who and they need someone to go with them in modulus line where it is not susceptible to
The world press is writing the story of would only tell him to rest quietly and skip this blow.” Olin and Rod put on their wet, chafe.
Olin Stephens, that great yacht designer. the racing. Later, two days into the racing, he cold clothes and went sailing with Clinton “There is good reason why that old main
Here is a view from Penobscot Bay where was not bothered at all in the Camden Feeder Crane, the leading designer and Sherman halyard winch is called a ‘man killer’. You
Olin has been racing and sailing with us in the Race that the weather was all gloom, light rain Hoyt, the leading racer of the time. So began ought to get rid of it.
Classic Yacht races of the Eggemoggin and zephyr air. We spent about ten hours their career in yacht design. Olin’s point to “Bob, this sail is not very good”. [Sail-
Reach Regatta and the New York Yacht Club passing North Haven Island to our south, the boys was that young people ought to ing with Olin could be expensive].
Maine Cruise for the last decade of his long across the Bay and then beating through the understand the importance of recognizing His last sail was in June 2007. He
life. His participation has not been casual. Deer Isle Thoroughfare while changing lead and grasping an opportunity. brought his new sweetheart, Rusty, with him
Several years ago on his way back from the several times with two other boats of his While at the helm in a spinnaker leg of a from his home in Hanover. We sailed from
Eight Meter Class World Championships in design. The three finished one, two and three race in Jericho Bay and listening to the demo- Castine to Brooklin Boat Yard in Center Har-
Finland, Olin missed his Bangor flight in in what Olin declared was one of the most cratic tactical discussion amongst the crew, bor with Matt Murphy, Maynard Bray and
Boston. (Olin traveled 50,000 miles a year exciting light air races he had ever raced. All Olin said, “The rest of you can debate the Tom Jackson all of whom he kept busy re-
until mid 2007.) A chance encounter in the the crew cheered as we came across the line issue all you want, but in twenty seconds, we rigging the running back-stay tackle to his
airport with a Maine sailor led to their arrival at Great Harbor and none of us cared about are going to jibe.” We won the race. His liking. The occasion was launching day for
in Brooklin by car in the wee hours of the next the hours of drizzle down the back of our advice was sparse but always taken. the Sparkman & Stephens designed ANNA
morning. After a short night’s sleep he was necks. “I like some weather helm”. It seemed which was inspired by one of Olin’s
on time for the 8:30 AM skippers meeting at We always raced with a couple of that Olin drove by the hull and its relation- favorite’s, STORMY WEATHER. As we
Wooden Boat. youngsters on board. One evening, tied to ship to the sea as well as the sails. approached, with ANNA in slings, he ob-
Olin, the model of a gentleman and the American Boat House float in Camden, “The clue area of the genoa, [we have
sportsman, had a deeply held sense of the Olin told us the story about the time he and found from Professor Horst Richter’s stud-
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