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Case studies
story would be if we did do another movie— in television, generally speaking. The
One to Watch
and we figured it out, or enough to pitch it challenge for us was when they did finally
to the studio. We did and they said great greenlight the movie, it was right before
and they started making deals. I made my the writers’ strike, and they announced a
deal early in 2003. They started negotiating release date of July 25, which was
with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, extremely ambitious for a feature film. We
and then Chris, and that dragged on for finished shooting in March, and in the
months, maybe even a year. Then, when it movie world that is no time at all to finish
seemed like we were close to having a deal a movie. We had to show the film to the
and starting work on the film a legal dispute studio three or four weeks after we had
arose between Chris and the studio. In 2007, finished filming. The Directors Guild gives
Chris and the studio settled their dispute ten weeks before you have to show the film
and literally the next day the movie was to the studio, and all the technology of the
back on. The funny thing that happened, movie business is not designed to go fast.
Branko Tomovic
now, not then, was that in those four years It’s a different set of machines, technical
Born in Germany to Serbian parents, London-based
we had lost all the notes that we had made concerns about outputting film and so on.
actor Branko Tomovic has worked steadily since
on the story for the movie. So we had to That’s been a bit of a mad dash, but we did graduating from the prestigious Lee Strasberg
start over. We remembered some things make it and we are finished.
Theatre and Film Institute. His credits include
from memory about the plot, but we really
The Bourne Ultimatum and the upcoming TV
movie Whitechapel.
had to start from scratch in terms of the Are there any plans for another X-Files
character stuff and where Mulder and Scully movie after this one?
What training have you received?
were in their lives. I have to say that, as I don’t know. I’d love to do another one. It I studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and
accidents so often are, it turned out to be a depends on how well this one does. What
Film Institute in NYC. Most of the teachers were still
blessing because it was far more interesting Chris and I said to ourselves is, let’s just make
taught personally by Lee Strasberg and they were
sitting in the same class as Robert De Niro and Al
for the gap. We, Chris and I, had changed a great movie. Let’s make the best movie
Pacino. Some of them were frustrated that they
over those years, and Mulder and Scully had we can make with these characters and if
never made it big as an actor and took it out on us
changed, and we had something very new it’s the last one, then we’ll go out proud of poor students and others saw their fulfilment in
to us to say about them and The X-Files. the work, and if it’s not, we’ll have made a
passing on “the Method” to the next generation.
It was quite interesting and enjoyable to good movie that will hopefully set a new
I like this approach very much because it brings out
the truth in your performance.
return to the characters. foundation for more. It doesn’t end on a
cliffhanger begging for another sequel. It
What kind of roles attract you?
How different was it for you to be producing ends as a movie should end: as a satisfying I’m usually drawn to darker, grittier material. I’m
a feature film rather than a TV series? movie experience. That was important to us
attracted by broken people, tormented characters
Everything is slow. Everything takes a lot because we wanted to make a movie that
and lost souls. I usually find myself playing the
“guys with sad eyes”. Instead of going to a shrink
longer. It’s a luxury, in a way, to have all the fans love, obviously, because we want to
you can let that all out in front of the camera
that extra time to shoot things, but I must reward and honour our fans, but it was also
and still hide behind the name of your character.
admit it is a little frustrating for someone very important to us that this movie worked A dream for me would be portraying Nikola Tesla,
like me who is used to going at the pace of for people who never saw The X-Files, who
the Serbian inventor.
television. I sometimes think that movies never checked it out, or who don’t watch
What’s the best advice that you’ve been given as
take longer than they need to, and as a television, or the many, many people who
an actor?
result cost more. Otherwise it is pretty were too young to watch The X-Files when
My favourite acting teacher Pennie duPont told me
similar. Same cameras, same cranes. You it was on television because it was 16 years to always make strong choices. You have to trust
have certain actors who are available to you ago that it started. I hope there’ll be more
your instincts so you can integrate your unique
in the movie business that aren’t available because we are certainly proud of this one. n
personality into your work. People will see that you
are truthful and for yourself it can feel like flying.
David Duchovny is left out in the cold Most significant moment in your career so far?
Finding the right agent. I’ve been with my agent
Eamonn Bedford ever since I moved to London three
years ago and I’ve been very fortunate not only to
have found someone who looks after me well and
introduces me to the right people, but also who
completely understands my artistic goals and guides
me in the right direction. You constantly work on
different projects and meet so many new people that
an agent is probably the only constant in an actor’s
life. It’s rare to find someone that you can trust
completely, and I think I found someone who will
still be there for me in 20 years time.
You’ll die happy when…
I’ve achieved immortality through a film. As a
filmmaker and actor you want to have that one film
that you’ll be remembered for, something that
stands out and matters to people, something that
stays long after you are gone. n 49
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