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Save the planet, save cash

THE SCOTTISH Government has launched the latest phase of its Go Greener campaign to help families cut their fuel bills and do their bit to help save the planet.
A series of advertisements featuring the character Mr Earth have been pushing tips on switching to energy saving lightbulbs, turning appliances off at the socket rather than leaving them on stand-by and turning thermostats down even by a degree.
Research by The Energy Saving Trust has shown Scots are keen to play their part for both financial and environmental reasons.
Environment Minister Michael Russell said: “Unless we take decisive action to protect our environment there is every chance
that rather than passing on our wonderful heritage, we will have to explain to our
children why we ruined it.”
Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead pointed out another good reason why it makes sense to get involved – going green can benefit your wallet as well as the world.
He said: “The average household could save up to £340 a year just by taking some simple energy efficiency steps. Our six-point plan for the Scottish economy includes
helping households experiencing difficulties in the current economic climate. Our new campaign features simple, helpful advice on how to save money and do your bit to reduce our impact on the planet. We owe it to future generations to take action now.”
Harry Mayers, Head of Programme Delivery at the Energy Saving Trust (Scotland), said: “Simple things such as turning down the thermostat one degree and washing clothes at 30oC instead of a higher temperature will cut down on the amount of energy used.”
The campaign is being actively supported by ScottishPower, whose sales and
marketing director, Jim Paterson, said: “We are all looking for ways to save money on energy bills and by taking simple steps, households can make substantial savings
as well as making their homes more comfortable whilst doing their bit to protect our environment.
“As a leading developer and operator of wind farms, ScottishPower is committed to promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.”
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