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database of the positions of more than 95,000 UK develops. Currently there is only the 1838
archaeological sites, which range from single coins Apportionment List for Guiseley,Yorks, available.
and artefacts to standing buildings. The only snag is
that to gain full access will cost around £35 for an * On-line Gallery of Iron Age and Saxon gold coins
annual subscription, which also includes the database
on CD-ROM; but considering the wealth and accu- * Historical Figures and Events
racy of information, this represents good value for
money. The Internet database links very usefully to * Glossary of Terms, People and Places
modern road maps: ( aerial
photographs; (; and * Related Sites - other websites classified by sub-
Victorian 6in to the mile Ordnance Survey maps ject (including metal detecting).
( and includes sources.
Even without the subscription you can type in the
name of a place, select 1km, 3km, 5km or 10km and
get the full list of sites on the database within the
Buying Books &
selected radius.You don’t get the exact locations with-
out a subscription but even so if your search lists, say,
10 Roman sites within 1km you’re almost guaranteed
to find Roman material in any field in the vicinity
where you can gain detecting permission. It is often preferable to obtain your own books
and maps, particularly titles you may need to
Also on the Popular Archaeology site: consult frequently. There are a number of places
where you can buy books and maps, usually quite
* A place-name finder, containing the names of cheaply. Try second-hand and discount bookshops,
more than 160,000 UK places - the most comprehen- boot fairs, charity shops and antique shops. On the
sive UK place-name gazetteer on the Internet. Internet you could get a good deal from the auction
site: or major new and second-
* Tithe Maps & Apportionment Lists - in its hand book dealers: and
embryonic stages but will be very useful as it
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