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News and information for serving personnel
Basra contingent
welcomes gifts
AS THEIR relentless work carries on in the heat of the
Iraqi desert, Royal Navy personnel have been treated
to a few nice surprises – ‘comfort parcels’ from home.
Dozens of parcels have been received from branches
of the RNA and distributed to naval personnel based
grant is
there (left).
The Navy continues to play a major role in support
of the 7th Armoured Brigade in Basra as part of
Operation Telic.
Based in the Contingency Operating Base, work and
operations are continuing in order to support the Iraq
security forces and bring security and stability to Basra.
● Rear Admiral Wilcocks
THE Family Welfare Grant, A world apart from life on board, personnel from
designed to assist home units both the Submarine and General Service – many
provide welfare support to employed out of their source branch – continue to
families of Service personnel prove their professionalism and determination in this
deployed on operations, is being vital ongoing mission.
revised. On behalf of all Royal Navy personnel in the COB,
The key changes are: Basra, CPO Ian Millar offered a big thank you to the
admiral will
The amount of the Family RNA and its members for the many parcels received.marina
Welfare Grant is doubling, from “Morale remains high, and with your continued
the current £1.10 to £2.20 for support to our guys out here, it will remain so. Your
miss the
each deployed person per week; kind gesture is very much welcomed and received. A
Welfare spending in advance of marina huge thank you to you all.”
an operational tour can now be camaraderie
claimed against the anticipated
income from the Family Welfare COMRADESHIP – that is the
Grant; one thing the outgoing Rear
The grant can now be claimed Admiral Surface Ships will miss marina
for all personnel who are eligible most about life in a the Navy.
for the Deployment Welfare Rear Admiral Philip Wilcocks
Package. Hard work pays off leaves the Navy as RASS
COs or their representative are after a long and distinguished
authorised to claim the grant, the career that contained many
chain of command determines operational highlights.
how the payment should be made, Among them were
and the scheme is designed to taking command of HMS
support activities at the home base Stubbington, having the role
that will enhance communication of PrincipalWarfare Officer
or relieve hardships caused by the
for Herrick medics
in HMS Ambuscade during
deployment. the Falklands Conflict, and
Among acceptable expenditure being in command of HMS
are internet facilities at HIVEs TO SAY the RN Medical Gloucester during Operation
and community centres, extension Services (RNMS) have Desert Storm in 1990, when the
of HIVE opening hours, provision
been stretched in 2008 is an
ship sank seven Iraqi warships
of transport to attend briefings
and shot down a Silkworm
or meetings, and the provision of
At the time of writing
missile heading straight for
refreshments and meeting the cost
approximately 29 per cent of
the American battleship USS
of child care activities for those
the RNMS have deployed to
Operation Herrick or Operation
When asked what he will
marina 2008DIN01-248 refers
Telic in the past 12 months.
miss about the service, RASS
When you add on top of that
was clear: “What I will miss
the medical personnel assigned
most of all when I leave is the
to other operations, Maritime
comradeship of being in the
is launched
Component Command in Bahrain
Navy, being in a grey hull with
and of course not forgetting our
300 other people.”
boys and girls providing Role 1
He continued: “And that’s the
THE new Forces Prayerline is up and Role 2 medical care afloat,
thing – the sailors of the Royal
and running in the UK. the figure actually stretches to
Navy are fabulous, they really
The Prayerline is for any approximately 39 per cent.
member of the Forces community From a career management
The admiral’s Service
who would like prayer for any perspective the day-to-day running
record stretches far beyond
reason, whether those in uniform of the ‘medical plot’ continues
the front line, as it includes
or their families. apace.
actively supporting sailors and
For those going through tough However, it has been the Force
marines through a significant
times, whose loved one is ill or Generation for Op Herrick 9 that
contribution to Naval Service
on operations, for those seeking has been main effort for some
and Combined services sports.
encouragement or just worried time.
● UK Joint Force Medical Group, Navy Command Hospital Squadron, Operation Herrick 9, after the
I t i s h e r e , a s m u c h a s a n y w h e r e ,
about the future, the Forces After all the hard work it is
Transfer of Authority ceremony in October
that he will be missed.
Prayerline may be just the support, encouraging to see that all medical
Admiral Wilcocks is currently
comfort and encouragement they personnel are now safely in the
who provide the critical logistical
3 at Kandahar. continue to provide medical care
president of Combined
need. Afghanistan theatre providing
and support functions.
Op Herrick 9 runs from October in both operational theatres as and
Services hockey and RN and
Just call 0845 263 7223 (or the first-class medical care that
Although it has an extremely
this year until April 2009, and when required.
RM shooting, a vice president
0800 233 3323 from Germany) to the Armed Forces have come to
heavy Naval Service feel, there
there has been much done already Volunteers are always welcome
of Navy rugby and president of
connect to a trained volunteer who expect.
are also Army, RAF and civilians
to ensure the smooth recovery of and should contact their respective Royal Navy Field Gun.
will listen, provide encouragement The UK Joint Force Medical
supporting the Medical Group.
RNMS personnel back to the UK career managers for further Although he will hand over
and pray for them there and then. Group total 354 personnel made
Personnel assigned to Op Herrick
on completion of the tour. discussions. most of these duties, he will
The service is manned by up of 63 Medical Squadron
will be providing a vast array of
Planning is already under The NPT(LM) CM NAHP retain his Field Gun role.
volunteers from churches across Personnel from Commando
healthcare across the Afghanistan
way for future support to 3 Cdo team wishes all those deployed There is no secret as to why
the UK, and is open seven days Logistic Regiment and 191
AOR, from primary healthcare
Brigade on operations. over the festive season a Merry he has put so much effort into
a week during the day and in the RN augmentees taken from 37
in Camp Bastion to pre-hospital
In addition, the RNMS will Christmas and Happy New Year. these sports – it is for the sailors
evening. separate units.
emergency care and secondary
and marines, as the admiral
It is totally confidential The additional personnel
healthcare at the Role 2 (Enhanced)
CM NAHP contacts readily admits.
and anonymous, and it is not provide medical input into various
(R2E) in Camp Bastion.
Surg Cdr Stuart Millar, SO1 OCM Med, 93832 8816
“I’m always impressed by the
a counselling or advice service, elements of 3 Cdo Bde RM
RN personnel are also employed young people of the Royal Navy
although volunteers will be able including 42 Cdo RM, 45 Cdo
as part of the Medical Emergency
Miss Elaine Wood, OCM Med EA, 93832 8817marina
who are always prepared to
to provide basic contact details for RM, 29 Cdo and UKCLFSG.
Response Team, charged with Cdr Ian Phillips, SO1 CM NAHP, 93832 8854marina go and work in this difficult
the military welfare services and And we cannot forget to include
flying out to collect casualties environment and put their lives
marina Lt Cdr Al Murray, SO2 RCM NAHP, 93832 8975
chaplains of the minority faith the invaluable involvement of from the front line and to evacuate on the line for their country, and
marina POMA Val Traynor, RCM NAHP PO, 93832 3520
groups. personnel from the RM Band them back to the R2E at Camp that’s what I think is the great
marina Logs Michelle Goodacre, RCM NAHP AB, 93832 8723
Prayerline is not just for those Service and the Logistics Branch, Bastion or the multinational Role strength of the Navy.”
in dire straits; it’s for everyday
situations too, such as concerns
about work, kids, mates, family,
Rachel’s efforts secure award
the next posting and so on.
Opening times vary: go to www. AN IN-DEPTH study to identify and these have been incorporated into factors that underpin team ethos, and click on ‘Prayer’ alternative manning solutions for RN the Geographical Squad Pooling and identity, ownership and loyalty.
for details. ships that can both meet the Navy’s Rotational Watch Manning trials being Rachel said: “I am really encouraged
It’s your 2-6
operational requirements and meet championed by the Project Fisher team. by this award, which recognises the
sailors’ deployment expectations over time Additionally, Rachel’s work helped the tangible benefits that my profession can
away from home has won the top prize Navy to really understand the factors deliver.”
NEED to get your message
at the annual Occupational Psychology which underpin team ethos, identity, Rachel’s boss, Capt Chris Allwood,
across to the rest of the RN?
Practitioner of the Year awards. ownership and loyalty and elements of said: “Although Rachel has only been
To feature in 2-6 contact
The study, carried out by Navy the research have now been taken forward working with the Royal Navy for two
Lt Cdr Gregor Birse (Fleet
Command HQ Personnel HR Research into the Moral Component of Operational years, she has made a significant positive
Media Ops), 93832 8809.
Manager Rachel Tate, was judged to Capability (MC of OC) project. impact in the Naval Personnel Strategy
have been pivotal in the development of Rachel was among eight short-listed Division.
RN manning options; the approach will candidates in the annual competition, “She has made a real difference,
now be shared with other allied navies, held by the Division of Occupational helping to move forward many positive
placing the Navy at the leading edge of Psychology, British Psychological Society, initiatives. Her contribution has assisted
future manning solutions. in the Hellenic Centre, London. Second Sea Lord immensely in bringing
Although the Navy will not be The judges felt that the study helped important human factors to the forefront
progressing the Sea Swap or Modular open up an otherwise closed and of our thinking with the consequential
● Prizewinner Rachel Tate flanked by Captains Manning concept, valuable lessons have tightly knit community and provided operational benefit they bring to the
Chris Allwood (left) and Mark Darlington been learnt from the manning trials a significant insight into some of the Fleet.”
News and information for serving personnel
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