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dog day
THE Submariners Association
in Derbyshire have been
fundraising around Derby to
support the Derby Guide Dog
Puppy Appeal.
to running
Through collections in the
city and the TA 100 event the
association managed to raise
£701, with thanks to the local
people, council and event
Terry Hall of the association
said: “We were very lucky
on the day with weather that
IT’S BEEN an unusual run- started out very foggy and cool
ashore for members of the but by midday the weather
Southern Diving Group...
turned glorious.
The team of RN Clearance
“Guide dogs and puppies,
Divers took running ashore quite
as well as submariner helpers,
literally when they set out to
came and went throughout the
complete a 128-mile sponsored
day, but Cliff Beck and Nick
charity run along the towpaths of
stood like guardsmen on duty.
the Leeds to Liverpool canal.
“The one thing I am sure
The eight runners, several of
of is that in reincarnation I
whom originally came from the
hope I come back with four
north, included the CO of the
legs because the guide-dogs
Southern Diving Group Lt Cdr
certainly got more attention
Chris Baldwin of Burnley, Lt Alex
than us two-legged helpers!”
Gillyon from Altrincham, CPO
“The whole day was rounded
Philip ‘Butty’ Butterworth from
off with the Beat Retreat in the
Burnley and CPO Steve Vernon
market-place by the band of
from Wallesey.
the Corps of Royal Engineers,
A great break on Ark
They set out to run the towpaths
and nearly 12 hours after
of the north to raise money for
leaving home I arrived back
charity, Against Breast Cancer
very tired but immensely proud
● WO Rick Rickard and LD Sean Dunstan set off from Leeds to run
of the backing of the people of
Lt Cdr Baldwin said: “The
to Liverpool; Lt Cdr Chris Baldwin, CPO(D) Andy Coulson, CPO Phil-
AIRCRAFT carrier HMS Ark Royal welcomed on board fi ve young
Derby for this project to raise
ABC charity became the Diving
lip ‘Butty’ Butterworth and AB(D) Simon Wharton (in boat) look on
adults and two staff (pictured above) from cancer charity CLIC Sargent.
£5,000 for a guide-dog puppy
Tour leader Lizzie Fennemore said: “We had a great time visiting the
Group’s chosen charity when a
“And finally I would like Group, who are alongside the to be called Derby.”
Ark Royal. It was really interesting to be shown around the ship and see
member of the Group’s friends
to highlight the importance of canal to provide a little rest-over
some of what life onboard is like.
suffered from the disease.
the canal in the natural and spot and a good brew on what was
“The afternoon also provided a great break from treatment for the
“The Royal Navy encourages
cultural environment of the local a pretty foul day.
young people. My thanks to all.”
adventurous training to maintain
community.” “However the Navy kept on
The visit to the Fleet Flagship was organised by Lt Nicola Hopkins,
fitness and develop teamwork and
Among those whom they met going after our event, where Lt
and S/Lt Mark Paton and AB Liam Huffee hosted the visitors on board.
leadership, so we thought it would
upon the way were a party of Cdr Baldwin presented both
S/Lt Paton said: “I’m always amazed just how interested people are to
be an excellent idea to combine
dignitaries from Brierfield, Pendle, mayors with the unit crest.
find out about the Royal Navy and life on board a warship.”
our activity with a fundraiser for a
with members of the Royal British “It’s not often Lancashire towns
great cause.
Legion. in the middle of the Pennines can
“I am also keen to show a little
Former POME Mike ‘Yorky’ host the Navy – but they were
Royal Naval presence inland in a
Sutcliff, welfare officer for Nelson delighted to do so.”
region that doesn’t get to see what
RBL, said: “The RBL arranged To find out more about the
we do over the horizon.
with a local garage, Hillendale charity, visit
One long
ALTHOUGH HMS Daring is still
in work-up, her ship’s company
are already forging ahead
night away
with building links with local
with cheques
Twelve members of the
STUDENTS at Mullion School
Type 45’s crew headed up
in Cornwall determined upon
to the Small Heath School
an unusual piece of fundraising IT WAS a bumper crop of cheque Therapies; Handicapped
and Technology College in
when they approached RNAS presentations (and we almost Children’s Pilgrimage Trust;
Birmingham to help with an
Culdrose for advice on a broke our ‘no giant cheques’ Gosport and Fareham Inshore
engineering project called
24-hour sleepout in arduous rule for the photo...) at HMS Rescue Service (GAFIRS);
Moving Forward.
conditions. Collingwood when 18 charities Seafarers UK; Stubbington Ark;
The project is revamping
Lt Billy Benton, the base’s gathered to receive £1,000 each Rowan’s Hospice; Naomi House
and restoring narrow boats
Fire Station Officer, took from the Fareham establishment’s Children’s Hospice; SSAFA
and train carriages, with the
the lead, carefully crafting Open Day. Forces Help; Rocky Appeal.
intention of encouraging
a survival scenario to tax The proceeds from the event The Mayor of Fareham Cllr
school leavers into engineering
the students’ stamina
went to: the Mayor of Fareham’s Ernest Crouch said: “On behalf
by giving them hands-on
and teamwork during this
Appeal; Fareham Community of the 18 charities we have here
fundraising exercise.
Action; Ranvilles Children’s today we would like to thank
In addition to offering
NEED initial FREE
He said: “The original request
Football Team; the Rainbow HMS Collingwood very much
engineering expertise, the
was for a 24-hour sleep-out,
Centre; Kids; St Francis Special indeed.
sailors also got involved
but I thought that it sounded
School; the Angling Foundation; “It seems the biggest collection
sprucing up the site, visiting the
too easy.
Provincial Buses; Haslar Breast boxes are always those that come
school and sixth-form college
“Anyone can sleep out but I
Screening Clinic; Solent MS from sailors.”
and talking about life in the
Then contact:
Royal Navy with the students.
decided to offer something that
would challenge them, so I put
together a scenario that would
require the students to survive.” Shelterbox
Stripped of mobile phones,
iPods and other inessential
essentials, the students had to
shocker at
keep a fire lit for the duration,
A Nationwide network of highly experienced Independent Solicitors
keep hot water available to
cook their rations, patrol the
campsite and take part in a
Who advise and represent Service Personnel, Reservists, the
Search and Rescue mission IT’S AN event unheard of!
Civil Service and their Families where they had to find a fake RNAS Culdrose is turning away
aircraft crash and carry the Shelterbox.
Contact: pilot to safety on a stretcher. But it’s not quite as bad as it
At the end of the tough 24 sounds...
hours, the students rushed The emergency aid charity
0845 601 1260
back to the luxury of their own has been a long-standing ally of
beds. the Cornish air station, a bond
Lt Benton said: “I think they which remains firmly in place –
will appreciate their home however the Shelterbox Trust
comforts a lot more from now asked for the air station to give
on. an ‘unfriendly reception’ to its
for a Local Lawyer who
“British Forces all over the latest recruits.
world work routines similar Personnel at the base
to this on a daily basis for have been asked to simulate
weeks at a time, so a 24-hour
Beautiful boots
‘bureaucratic obstacles’
stint isn’t that bad, but is very like those which Shelterbox
FOUR trainee sailors from HMS Raleigh set out to see their own faces
trainees may encounter in the
The students were obviously
when they took up the shoeshine trade.
real world.
too tired to speak...
Polishing maestros Recruits Ricardo Connell, Aaron Bennie,
The teams were required
The day’s trials and Christopher Morgan and Nicholas Leon (pictured above) made sure that to locate 100 Shelterboxes
tribulations raised funds to everyone’s boots were in spectacular condition for parade, all in return scattered around the site, then
support a Ugandan village for a small donation to the RNBT. set up a refugee village with
linked with the school. The sailors’ careful work has raised over £50 for the Naval charity. transport links.
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