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A testing time
with NATO
BRITISH ship HMS Ledbury The tests involve Ledbury, plus she is named after Admiral Walter
has been busy putting her
the other MCMVs of the group, ‘Tich’ Cowan who, as a com-
mine-hunting skills to the
seeking out ordnance over sec- modore, commanded the British
test in the Mediterranean,
tions of the seabed, where exercise 1st Light Cruiser Squadron that
as part of an eight-strong
mines have been laid in locations fought alongside the Estonians in
known only to the NURC staff. their battle for independence
NATO MCM group led by
The ships then com-m- in in 1
HMS Roebuck.
pare their results with the thee EENS Admiral Cowan
The minehunter, operating
recorded locations of thethhee wwaas the firs st Estonian vessel
as part of SNMCMG1 (or in
mines, allowing accu-cuu-- to enter the Meditertoto t ranean
long-speak Standing NATO Mine
rate assessment of their r Sea as parS t of the coun-
Counter Measures Group 1), has
detection abilities – in try’s commitment to
been putting her mine-hunting
Ledbury’s case with a NATO.
systems through their paces at
particular eye to her Her commanding
the NATO Underwater Research
2193 Sonar in the officer Lt Cdr Johan-
Centre (NURC) off the coast of
warm and complex Elias Seljamaa said:
La Spezia, Italy.
waters of the western “The ship and her crew
Mediterranean. hah ve certainly welcomed
The Hunt’s command-d- the opporth tunity to work
ing officer Lt Cdr ChrCh iis as part of SNMCMG1.
Nelson admitted: “It’s a great “The professionalism of my
privilege to be able to use these people and the capabilities of my
facilities to test our mine detection ship are sure to be tested.
capability and also the abilities of “The experience will stand us
the ship’s crew. in good stead and benefit the
“It has been a testing time and Group during out time together
we have been able to learn a lot in the Med.”
which should serve us wwell ell JuJust as well since shortly
in future work with the task ask after joining the Groupafte ,
group and beyond.” Admiral CoAdm wan and her
Survey ship HMSMSS countercoun parts from the UK,
Roebuck is now the long-g- GerGe many, Belgium, the
est serving member of Netherlands,N France,
the Group, having been Italy and Norway
flagship since January began a busy pro-
2008. gramme of exercises
During this tasking which culminated in
she is the Command Exercise Noble Midas,
and Control ship for the which was due to take
NATO staff who watch h place in the wp estern and
over the actions of their heir central Meditercen ranean as
‘family’ during operations. Navy News went to press.
HMS Roebuck is expected to The group will also join up with
return to her role as a coastal its sister force, SNMCMG2, which
survey vessel when she is released operates in the Mediterranean
from MCM support duties in throughout the year.
early 2009. With thanks to Surg Lt Sudipta
The NATO minehunting group Roy
was joined by some new mem- ● (top left) German MCM FGS
bers over the summer including Homburg, HMS Roebuck,
the Estonian ship ENS Admiral Dutch HNLMS Urk and Esto-
Cowan. nian ENS Admiral Cowan in the
For Royal Naval eyes this Mediterranean
was a familiar face as the mine- ● (top) Ledbury leads the
hunter had previously been HMS rest of the task group into
Sandown, the first of class for the Lisbon under the 25 of April
specialist legal advice
British MCMVs which are now Bridge
based in Scotland. ● (left) Diver1 Si Smyth on
After a multi-million pound board Ledbury’s dive boat after
to forces personnel
refit the Estonians took receipt identifying a possible contact
of three Sandowns in 2007 – the ● (below) Dutch ship HNLMS
biggest purchase of the Estonian Urk, HMS Roebuck, Belgian
Suffered a Military Injury?
Navy since joining NATO. BNS Lobelia and Italian ITS
The ship’s new name Numana
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Pictures: Surg Lt Sudipta Roy,
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