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Sisters Norwich
paddle welcomes
into finals new ship
OCs Julia and Emma Oakton
CADETS from across the Anglia
of Rotherham unit proved
region joined the ship’s company
themselves among the elite in the
of TS Lord Nelson to celebrate
SCC kayaking competition.
the commissioning of the
They started this year’s
Norwich unit’s HQ ship.
campaign at the district regatta at
The new TS Lord Nelson, the
Doncaster where they, along with
sixth to bear the name since the
their Rotherham teammates, won
unit formed in 1912, is the former
the overall kayaking trophy.
Swedish minelayer HSwMS Vale,
That put them through to the
decommissioned in 1995.
area competition at Nottingham,
The unit bought her for around
where they took part in the junior
girls doubles kayaking event and
£30,000 in 2003, and have spent
the relay team.
a further £93,000 on refurbishing
Once again the Rotherham
her to serve as their headquarters
team came up trumps, winning
for many years to come.
both events.
Norwich, Cambridge,
As a result, Julia and Emma
Lowestoft, Beccles, Great
were selected for the Eastern Area
Yarmouth, Bury St Edmunds
team to compete in the national
and Ipswich units were all
finals in London.
represented at the ceremonies,
Against stiff opposition Julia and
while Biggleswade and
Emma came fourth in the doubles
Stevenage cadets made up a
event – an impressive achievement
at their first national competition,
They paraded through the
especially from an inland unit.
streets of Norwich to the new
Julia was also selected for the
ship at Riverside, accompanied
relay team, where the Eastern
by shipmates from the Norwich
Area team took the silver medal.
branch of the RNA.
Five cadets from Rotherham
Guest of Honour was Cdre
took to the hills to get in shape
James Patrick, and the ship and
for the Area Expedition Training
ship’s company were blessed by
(ET) competition.
the Bishop of Norwich, the Rt
The cadets took in the sites of
Rev Graham James, and ship’s
Wentworth House, the Mausoleum
chaplain, Rev James Mustard.
and two prominent follies, Hoober
Stand and Keppels Column.
Two of the group were
Carrier hosts
● Finchley cadets with Prof Richard Himsworth, Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, at the back of their new minibus
completing their qualifying Duke
of Edinburgh assessment.
Fine weather brought out the
big day at sea
midges, but the cadets completed
A GROUP of 30 from the
the expedition in time, undertaking
Walton-on-the-Naze unit
six hours of planned activity daily.
Finchley take delivery
have spent a day at sea in HMS
Leaders train
The 25 cadets and five staff
stayed overnight in HMS Bristol,
Whale Island, before joining
for Top Cadets
colleagues from all over the UK
who joined the carrier before she
LEADERS of all the districts in
sailed at 9am.
the Eastern Area, including four
A special day of displays and
representatives of the Yorkshire
of first new minibus
activities was laid on by the ship’s
Districts, attended an afternoon’s
company in various parts of the
training at Newark unit.
carrier, and once she was past the
The district officers of South
FINCHLEY unit has been
Following the inauguration First was the ‘knotting relay’/ procedures to relay instructions Isle of Wight there was a fly-past.
Yorkshire and Humberside and
Because of the relationship
West Yorkshire
inaugurated into the
the Worshipful Company of tug of war, in which two teams on how to disarm a bomb.
and the assistant
Goldsmiths presented Finchley of younger cadets competed in Fortunately both bombs were that the Walton cadets have with
district officers of North East
Worshipful Company of
with a new 17-seat Transit their seamanship skills of tying dismantled safely, to the relief of the ship, a special plaque was
Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Goldsmiths – and the link
minibus. knots, followed by a tug of war to
all the parents who attended. made by the unit’s Commanding
attended the training session,
has already brought a smile
The bus was handed over by the
compare their physical strength After Prof Himsworth presented Officer, S/Lt Gary Dodd,
organised by Cdr S Watt (RN), Prime Warden of the Company,
and the strength of their knots the minibus to the unit – the first and presented to the CO of
Deputy Area Officer, to begin
to the faces of the cadets.
Prof Richard Himsworth, when
This was followed by bomb in their 65-year existence – he Illustrious, Capt Tim Fraser, to
the process of standardising the
The inauguration took place he visited the unit’s headquarters
disposal, in which two teams awarded cadets their recently- mark the 25th year since the ship
advancement of the Sea Cadets at a banquet in Goldsmiths’ at Long Lane.
of senior cadets used voice gained RYA qualifications. was commissioned.
Top Cadets.
Hall in London, attended by
The professor was greeted by
The training session enabled all
cadets, the chairman and
an honour guard, and the unit
the districts to communicate their then proceeded to Colours.
own procedures for qualifying
Commanding Officer of
Cadets put on two
Trainees take the plunge
Leading and PO Cadets and agree
Finchley as well as members
demonstrations for their VIP
best practice measures. of the Goldsmith Company. guest.
A TOUGH end to a tough process
– but the final reward was worth the
Seven cadets and a member of staff
are the latest group to complete the
SCC Naval Acquaint course at Horsea
Island in Portsmouth.
The course, first organised at the
end of the 1980s and now run by Lt
(SCC) Bayley RNR, HQ Staff Officer
Diving, gives cadets a taste of life as a
Royal Navy diver, using full masks and
communicating by using rope signals.
Each diver has a tender who
assists him or her dress, and they
dive with lifeline attached to allow
While underwater they do jackstay
searches and assemble pipes and
flanges, and in addition they have
to do an endurance swim of one
mile, a night dive and several other
One of the main attractions is the
board exercise – jumping from a
height of ten metres, equivalent to the
deck of a ship.
It looks a long way down, but most
● Maidenhead (on left) and Windsor challenge for the lead in the boat pulling competition staged on the
River Thames
rush back for a second go.
To be eligible for the Acquaint
Windsor take Thames trophy
course, candidates have to pass a
BSAC Ocean Diver and Sports Diver
course, be a member of the British
Sub Aqua Club, and have an in-date
WINDSOR cadets made good use of home advantage the final leg, and with Windsor hitting their stride the
certificate of fitness to dive.
to take the Prince Philip Challenge Trophy from local home team went into the final leg with a massive lead
On passing the Acquaint course
rivals Maidenhead. and swept to victory.
staff are awarded a coveted diving
The challengers gained an early lead in the pulling The obstacle course was staged ashore, and with helmet badge, while cadets get the
boat race on the Thames, and although Maidenhead neither side giving any quarter the contest was declared badge and eight points.
then held station they could not make up the ground a draw, giving Windsor a 2-0 winning margin. Each recipient of the diver’s helmet
and Windsor won by two lengths. The Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire, Philip is entitled to wear it on their number
The canoe relay saw Windsor take the lead on the Wroughton, presented the trophy to TS Windsor one uniform. Any Corps divers who
first leg, but Maidenhead had put themselves in front Castle, while their rivals from TS Iron Duke went would like to be considered for the
by the second change. home to plot revenge on their stretch of water next CC RN Acquaint should contact CPO
● A cadet on the Acquaint course jumps from the ten-metre
But the reigning champions’ canoe hit problems on year. Davies on 0151 252 9438.
board into Horsea Lake in Portsmouth Harbour
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