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6 November 1 - 14, 2008
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consider his or her own circumstances and fi nancial not the person behind the podium.” and both buyers and sellers need to realize this can be a
goals with the understanding that investing is a lifetime He notes that the president often gets “too much long procedure and to keep emotions out of it.”
commitment. credit, too much blame” for economic conditions, but Despite the credit crunch, George reports she is seeing
“Nobody can say for sure what’s ahead,” Collins actually has little control over them. an average of 60 to 90 days for houses to sell. And she is
explains. “What investors should focus on today is that “Investors need to build diversifi ed portfolios of quality optimistic things will improve early next year.
you can buy for much less than a year ago.” investments and be ready to evaluate and reevaluate “I’ve seen a big difference from two months ago,” she
He says for some, this is a good time to pick up them as conditions change.” notes.
“The stock market is like a supermarket, but for
“Rock bottom” housing Chandler faring better than others
stocks,” Collins adds. “Sometimes things are on sale,
George does, however, warn that not all Valley
sometimes they’re overpriced. Right now, everything
prices in Chandler
neighborhoods are doing equally well. Some areas, such
is on sale. If you went to the grocery store and all your
JoAnn George, managing
as Queen Creek and Maricopa, are fl ooded with unsold
favorites were on sale, would you be angry that last week
broker for Royalty Real Estate,
homes that were constructed before the bubble burst on
you paid full price? Or would you think something is
echoes Collins’ belief that now is
the housing boom.
wrong with it because it’s on sale? Most people would
a good time to invest for the long
“There’s a four-year supply of homes for sale in Queen
stock up on their favorites.”
haul, especially in Chandler’s
housing sector.
Creek,” she says. “The recovery there will be much slower
“Right now, we’re at rock
than for Chandler, which remains very popular.”
Personalize investment strategy
bottom,” she says. “This is when
Collins agrees the long-term outlook for Chandler’s
Collins cautions that even in a
investors should be buying.”
economy is quite positive.
buyer’s market, there is no one-
George believes there is good
“What I see in Chandler,” he says, “is high-paying
size-fi ts-all method to investing.
news for buyers and sellers in
tech jobs from companies like Orbital, Intel, Motorola.
Despite historically low prices,
JoAnn George
today’s market. For those with
My family back East paints a much bleaker picture:
investing in the stock market
a house for sale, George says
Jobs are scarce, population growth is fl at or declining,
now could carry serious risks
things are starting to pick up.
unemployment is high.” Chandler, in comparison, is
for some investors. He explains
“I just sold a house in Chandler in a week and a half,”
“doing extremely well.”
that proper investing is primarily
George reports. “And it closed within three weeks. If your
Both Collins and George agree that panicking will only
about the timeframe involved.
house is priced right and shows well, you shouldn’t have
make things worse.
“Don’t buy stocks now if
a problem.”
“Numbers can say whatever you want them to,” says
you need the money in three
And for buyers, there are still plenty of great deals
George. “The best approach is to stay calm, become
Jason Collins
months,” Collins warns. “But
available to those with good credit who can qualify.
educated and understand that economic conditions are
if you’ve got 10 to 15 years to
“Foreclosures and short sales have driven prices
cyclical. Things will come back around.”
invest, now is a great time to be buying.”
down,” she says. “And there are new programs to help
Edward Jones Investments is located at 1801
Collins offers different strategies depending on when
buyers get into a home. Lots of families are paying $1,500
W. Queen Creek Rd., Suite 4, in Chandler. To
the money will be needed according to an individual’s
a month for rent, and that’s a mortgage payment that
contact Jason Collins, call 480-855-3926 or visit
specifi c criteria.
could be put towards ownership.” JoAnn George can be reached at
“Where we are in life, not our age, is the determining
George explains that often the hardest part of making
602-769-0680 or
factor in investing,” he says. “I might have two clients
a sale is closing. Worries over credit have caused many
who are both 35. One has the ability to retire at 45, the
lenders to toughen the qualifi cation criteria, and buyers
Miriam Van Scott of Kerby Estates is a freelance writer and
other at 65. They will be invested much differently due to
can become discouraged.
Chandler transplant from the Washington, D.C. area. She can be
the different time horizons.”
“We could sell every day,” George says. “The problem
reached at
Collins says people might put a bit too much emphasis
is getting the loans closed. We work with lenders who
on the upcoming election outcome when it comes to the
will coach buyers through the whole process. They might
need more down payment, or we might get the seller to
“It’s the 300 million Americans who affect the economy,
pay towards the closing costs. It takes a lot of patience,
Comments welcome on LINK to light rail Kiwanis taking
SanTan Sun area residents can give input on a LINK service is anticipated to run every 15 to 30
“Rose Day” orders
planned Valley Metro LINK route designed to offer minutes during the same hours as METRO Light
faster bus service with limited stops and connect to Rail service and stop only at major intersections or
Send roses to a special someone and help a worthy
METRO Light Rail in Mesa, scheduled to open at year- approximately every mile.
organization during the Chandler Kiwanis Club’s 15th
end. Several enhancements are planned to make the
annual Rose Day fundraiser. Orders are taken through
Potential riders can view a presentation, take “test service faster, including low-fl oor buses with one
Mon., Nov. 3.
rides” on a new LINK bus and comment on conceptual entrance and two exit doors, signal priority to reduce
The club hopes to sell more than 600 dozen long-
designs for new LINK bus stations at two open houses: the amount of time buses are stopped at red lights
stemmed roses this year. The thornless stems and
6 p.m. Wed., Nov. 5 in Dobson High School’s cafeteria, and enhanced stations with dynamic message signs
baby’s breath are wrapped in fl orist’s paper and
1501 E. Guadalupe Rd. in Mesa; and 6 p.m. Thu., Nov. displaying real-time information on bus arrivals.
delivered locally in large, white rose boxes on Nov. 7.
6 in Chandler High’s cafeteria, 350 N. Arizona Ave. in Valley Metro LINK service is being funded by
To order roses, send a $25 check payable to Chandler
Chandler. Proposition 400, the half-cent sales tax approved by
Kiwanis Club to Kiwanis Club of Chandler c/o Tom
Beginning July 2010, the LINK route starts at the voters in 2004 to provide transit and transportation
Denny, 698 W. Citrus Way, Chandler, AZ 85248. To
new Chandler regional park-and-ride lot adjacent to enhancements in Maricopa County. More information
dictate a message to accompany the fl owers, call Tom
Tumbleweed Park on Germann Road and Hamilton is available by calling 602-253-5000 or visiting
Denny at 480-789-9060.
Street and travels north on Arizona Avenue/Country
Club Drive to Main Street and connects to METRO
Light Rail at the Sycamore Transit Center in Mesa.
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