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that are most important to all of us and current land zoning in place. Therefore, Fulton’s principled and dedicated
our future. the need to “make it more diffi cult” for leadership has allowed for the lowering
Letters to the Editor
We know you have an opinion! Share it
Jack is a decision maker who will developers to put homes in those areas of property tax rates every year since
with the SanTan Sun News. Unless you’re the
use his extensive business experience with a revised General Plan does not he has been in offi ce. He has also been Mayor, however, please keep your Letters to
to bring good business practices to the make sense. mindful of the need to preserve open
the editor around 200-300 words, or they may
council. I believe that Jack Sellers is the Voter awareness of the changes that space and worked to create the largest
be edited for length. Include your fi rst and
last name, community or development name
best candidate for the City Council. are in the updated General Plan is municipal park system in our nation
in Southern Chandler (Cooper Commons,
Marcella Peters, 85225 critical because there is a major shift in with no taxpayer dollars. Ocotillo, Sun Groves, etc.) or ZIP code and
land use policy relating to future building Fulton cares about our quality of
daytime phone number for verifi cation.
density and heights; redevelopment life and understands that government
Anonymous letters are not typically accepted.
General Plan game
Email is the preferred submission method, to
areas; and employment land usages. is of the people and by the people. He
of ‘hide and seek’ Urbanization in some places will mean has represented us well. I ask that you Opinions expressed in Community
This letter is in response to Mayor tearing down buildings and putting join me in re-electing Fulton Brock as
Commentaries, Letters to the editor or
Dunn’s column about the General Plan. up new ones, including high-rises. It our County Supervisor. He deserves
cartoons are those of the author, and not that
of the SanTan Sun News.
Yes, voters do need to understand the means redeveloping certain strip our vote.
General Plan before they vote on it. shopping centers with a combination of Laura Knaperek, Tempe, former state
Sadly, the Mayor said nothing in his high-density urban housing, offi ces and representative
column to reveal the truth to voters stores if more realistic and profi table
about this crucial ballot issue. for developers. Changing the Price
Kids: send us your
To discover the true effect of the new Corridor, and other employment areas,
Plan, voters must read the arguments to “Innovation Zones” will give City
knockout editorials!
of citizens opposed to the Plan that offi cials much power to speculate on
are in the Chandler voter pamphlet. business incubator sponsorships with
Adults aren’t the only ones with opinions! We
would like to hear the views of Chandler and Gilbert
The new Plan is playing hide and seek your tax money. Before voting No or
youths to print on our Kids Opportunity page at the
with skyscrapers. During the “oversight” Yes on the General Plan, please read
beginning of each month.
meetings, I asked for various terms its content at To submit your knockout editorial, or any other type of writing or photo, visit
to be defi ned dealing with residential gpupdate.aspx., click on Youth and then Student Writer Permission Slip to
density. I also asked for web links in the Judith Garner, Oakwood Lakes
download a submission/permission slip. Complete the form and have your parents
sign it so we have their permission to print your material with your byline. Then,
online General Plan which would have
email your submission/permission slip and writing or cartoon to Lynda@SanTanSun.
made increased building height and
com as a Word fi le (if writing) or JPEG (if an editorial cartoon) or pasted into the
mass issues more clear to voters. Both Brock serves email. If you don’t have access to email, or prefer to send your submission on disk,
requests were refused. area’s interests
you may send a hard copy of the form with your entry in a Word fi le or JPEG on a
What you don’t know will hurt your Supervisor Fulton Brock has a proven
CD via postal mail to Lynda Exley, Kids Op Page, SanTan Sun News, P.O. Box 23,
Chandler, AZ 85244-0023. For more information on the Kids Op page, or to have
home values and quality of life. For track record of serving Maricopa
SanTan Sun News Editor Lynda Exley speak at your school to rev students up about
instance, how tall are the 40 dwelling County. As a resident of Southern
writing and publishing, email
units per acre buildings that will be Chandler, I have been impressed with
allowed in the “urban residential” areas? his willingness to work with both city
The planning staff refused to put that of Chandler and county residents
information in the Plan’s glossary. where issues have arisen because of
That is not a surprise considering the patchwork of county islands in our
that the stated purpose of the Oversight city boundaries. As someone employed
Committee was to be a sounding board. in the Sun Lakes area, I also know
That is information you can fi nd in the Supervisor Brock does an excellent job
General Plan consultant’s $250,000 plus of representing the area’s interests to
contract. Most of the changes offered the county as a whole.
by members dealt with grammar, Maricopa County was not voted one of
punctuation and descriptive language, the best run counties by happenstance.
except for one member who is a land Hard work on the part of individuals
use attorney who got the heading “Very like Supervisor Brock is why this area is
High Density Residential” changed to an outstanding location in which to live
“Urban Residential.” and work. District 1 needs Supervisor
The format of the meetings was to Brock. Please vote by mail or on Nov. 4,
stifl e public input because NO member and vote to keep Supervisor Brock!
of the public was permitted by Chairman Chris Stage, Ocotillo
Tibshraeny to speak until the absolute
end of the meeting. I know, I tried and
got slapped down for my trouble. No Brock will keep
contemporaneous public comments government
allowed. under control
For your own protection, read that Voting is not only a right but a
pamphlet before you vote. privilege that sometimes we take for
Krista Collins, 85249, Chandler area granted. This election voter turnout is
resident since 1974 predicted to be similar to what it was in
2004. About 80% of all registered voters
(approximately 50% of eligible Arizona
Current plan citizens are registered) will have their
suitable for City ballots counted and select not only our
“Build-out and Beyond,” a new next United States President, as well
General Plan for the City of Chandler is as other leaders whose policies will
on the Nov. 4 ballot. Chandler offi cials have a direct affect on our lives. Elected
seek jobs over housing because the offi cials should be trustworthy, ethical
city is running out of bare land for and hard working. They should be the
development and want to set aside eyes and ears of the people; working to
what is left for employment generating make our tax dollars more effective and
businesses. A certainly acceptable government more accountable.
standard, but I do question the One such leader we can count on
reasoning of Chandler offi cials who to keep government under control is
believe they cannot already protect Fulton Brock. Fulton’s leadership on the
this land with the current General Plan Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
document that is in effect. has benefi ted citizens all across the
Most of the vast employment centers county through years of hard work
have already been carved out and are helping to make Maricopa the best run
set aside around the municipal airport county in the United States.
and along the Price Road Corridor with
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