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30 November 1 - 14, 2008
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Take a look at how the County for basic infrastructure maintenance, satellite booking stations that take hold If you value fiscal responsibility and
spends money on roads. As Chandler Maricopa County should not be wasting of criminals arrested by our local police real public safety, this year vote for a
residents, we’re all too familiar with its share of state money for roads. I’ll were shut down. Now, rather than taking change on your Board of Supervisors.
road construction projects that seem make sure that road projects – and suspected criminals to holding cells in My name is Ed Hermes and I have the
to never end. It turns out that in 2005 traffic – are running at full speed as your the East Valley, Chandler and Gilbert experience and the resolve to make the
and 2006, the County Department of County Supervisor. Police are being taken off the beat changes we need.
Transportation finished none of their Fiscal mismanagement also has to chauffeur criminals to Downtown
planning and support activities on time dire consequences for public safety Phoenix. This hurts public safety and
and under budget. As our cities and in Chandler and Gilbert. In an effort puts an additional financial burden on
towns in the East Valley struggle to pay to plug holes in a misspent budget, our East Valley cities and towns.
to the
Airport growth sign
Tom Bogle, “Old Goodyear, Old As for Mr. Hamilton and the As Facilities Manager at the General
of a great city
Ocotillo, now a hole in the wall of Fulton “Concerned Chandler Citizens Motors Desert Proving Ground, Sellers
After reading a couple of letters
Ranch” representing various communities in had responsibility for construction and
in October’s papers regarding the
Southern Chandler,” you hit the nail maintenance of more than 120 miles of
Chandler Airport, I must write in to let
on the head. Chandler is no longer an on property road system and 500,000
people know that there is an opposing
Chandler airport agricultural and rural location as you sq. ft. of buildings. He understands
viewpoint. Yes, Chandler Airport, some
here to stay stated. But it is a city of 250,000 people how to manage large budgets and set
of us are glad you are here, and hope to
Mr. Pfahl and Mr. Hamilton both with all the amenities. difficult priorities. Jack is currently
see expansion. I have lived in Chandler
responded to a letter I wrote printed in The residential development has very involved in transportation and
for nearly 30 years, and many of my
a previous issue. I would like to respond built up to the airport and not the other economic development issues in the
family members have lived here longer.
to both in one letter. way around. The airport growth has metropolitan area. He performs in
I cannot believe the audacity of some
Both seem to have a short tenure in built out to its geographical limits and a calm and collected manner and will
recent transplants and their “there’s-
our community and it reflects in their all attempts will continue to be made bring unemotional executive experience
letters. Both parties complain about to make it one of the best contributors to the council. I know Jack Sellers will
gonna-change-around-here” attitude.
noise. One helicopters and the other to its community in all of the State. listen to your concerns and understands
Unlike Mr. Walkup of a previous letter,
airplanes. Like I said earlier, you moved You and your group criticize the City the problems the city is facing. Please
I don’t “blame” airport-area residents
next to an airport and it was your choice. of Chandler and the airport operators join me and vote for Jack Sellers Nov. 4.
for their poor judgment in home
The facts quoted by both gentlemen for 30 years of planning and work and Jerry Brooks, former Chandler mayor
location. Instead, I applaud them for
were not even close to the truth. I am then claim it’s time to change. You say
their wise foresight and investment in
very well aware of all the developments move the airport activities to Phoenix
such a potentially high-growth area.
that have occurred over the last 29 years Gateway or some suitable site remote Sellers has good
However, asking the city to relocate
I have been in business at this airport. from residential. Do you know how background for Council
airport operations would be like ancient
Mr. Pfahl seems to think I do not know naive and irresponsible that statement We need Jack Sellers on the Chandler
Egyptians asking their Pharaoh to move
anything about Quantum Helicopters. I is? The threat to the City government City Council. Jack’s engineering
that pesky Nile River because it was such
know a lot. and me with “We will be watching” background offers hands-on business
an inconvenience to the community.
The company has been at this airport does not represent the community I live experience managing projects and
It is true that the dynamic of Chandler
since 1993 and operating in the same and work in. You need to face one hard people, working within the financial
has changed, to my chagrin, but close
traffic patterns since 1995! He thinks fact. The airport was here before you, constraints of a business, using real
examination will show that the dynamic
they closed up at Scottsdale and moved will be during your stay and will be here expertise to solve real problems. He
of the airport has changed as well. The
here. He apparently knows very little. long after you leave our community. I knows how to prioritize spending,
crop dusters are all but gone (as is the
The Heliport was moved from the west make no threats, just promises to do my choosing solutions appropriate for
cotton crop that put Chandler on the
edge of the airport to the central location best and contribute to this City as I have current economic times. He will always
map), and small jets and helicopters
several years ago to appease neighbors. done for nearly three decades. put “what is right for Chandler” first.
have taken their place. This shows
They do touch and go’s at the airport As I have said in the past, come out Jack has no personal agenda nor
that the airport is changing to support
– that is their business. My company and see your airport and learn to be a commitments to special interests. We
economic growth, which we all agree is
does more in airplanes then they do part of it. have found him to be a person we
good for the community. The fact that
in helicopters. We, as two long time John Walkup, Chandler Air Service can count on for sound judgment
businesses are leaving the Scottsdale
businesses at the airport, are well aware and integrity. Although the city’s
area and moving to Chandler should
of the new homes and “encroachment” professional staff runs its day-to-day
make area residents jump for joy! That
to the airport environment as allowed Heumann brings operations, council members set the
means jobs, in your neighborhood,
by the City. We have done a lot to integrity, vision tone, and we know we can count on
without the hour-and-a-half commute!
keep our safety standards and flying Bringing jobs to the community and Jack to do that at the level expected by
Especially now, we should be doing
procedures current, in compliance with keeping our neighborhoods the highest the citizens of Chandler.
all that we can to promote industrial
all laws, in order to maintain our part of quality are what Rick Heumann is all Much of Chandler’s reputation as one
growth in the area. We spent the last 10
this community. about. He has demonstrated a high of the best places to live comes from the
years worrying about residential growth,
The airport property is owned by level of civic commitment through his leadership of community leaders such
and look at the mess that got us in.
the City of Chandler, a government many years on the city’s Planning and as Jack Sellers. We urge you to vote for
You don’t attract good citizens without
entity hence no property tax. All of the Zoning Commission. Rick Heumann him on November 4.
good jobs, and you don’t attract good
businesses on the airport do not own is a person of integrity and vision – if Lorin and Marilyn LaFoe, Spyglass
jobs without good infrastructure.
the property but lease their ground with you voted for him before, you already Bay
I just wish that people would start to
all improvements going to the City at know that. If you did not, trust that
focus their concern for Chandler on ALL
the end of our leases. How would you Rick Heumann will bring an energy and
of the citizens of Chandler, and not just
like to pay on your home for 30 years progressive outlook to the Chandler Sellers will listen
themselves. Focus on what Chandler
and then have no equity? We all pay City Council, further enhancing the Jack Sellers gets it. Some of the
once was, what it now is and what it
personal property taxes on equipment leadership already in place. Please join current city council candidates don’t
has the potential to become, and stop
and inventories to the County and me in voting for Rick Heumann for City seem to understand that the economy,
trying to turn Chandler into the city that
none of it comes back to us. All of the Council. including Chandler’s economy, has
you moved away from.
improvements on the airport come from Michael Cason, Chandler Ranch gotten worse in the last few weeks. He is
Did I forget to mention that my
user fees paid by fuel taxes, licensing a fiscal conservative and knows that new
home has been in the flight path of
fees and airline ticket charges to the budget cuts will probably be needed.
the Chandler Airport for 30 years, and
State and Federal Government. This Sellers listens, He understands that the Council will
I never get sick of sitting in the back
fund is designed to pay for the airport understands have to make tough decisions on city
yard and seeing my 2-year-old son come
improvements, not your taxes! Even all In my opinion, Jack Sellers has priorities. I believe he is a candidate
to a sudden stop from his playing, then
our sales taxes go to the City fund and all of the qualifications to serve as who will listen to the citizens and ensure
announcing with glee, “Daddy, ‘isten!
we are expected to pay our way at the a Chandler city councilman. Jack that Chandler’s priorities are the things
airport on what’s left. That is just the Sellers is an engineer with a strong
simple explanation. business management background.
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