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November 1 - 14, 2008 29
Vote, yes vote!
Chandler fi nds ‘sister’ across the ocean
by Councilmember Bob Caccamo develop relationships and better
By the time you read this, we will be just
Thirty years ago Chandler was a understandings.
days away from the general election. If you’re
small town with 20,000 residents and Like Chandler, Tullamore, County
like us, you’re anxious for the campaigning
an economy and lifestyle built around Offaly, Ireland serves a population of
to be over, and you’re hoping that the right
farming. Today that population is more 250,000 and over the past 20 years has
candidate prevails. In addition to more
than 250,000. The farms are almost transformed from a rural community
Photo by
a thing of the past, and a balanced into one with a high-tech base.
confi dence in our country, we can only wish
economic base providing some of Accordingly, the Atlantic Corridor,
things settle down economically on Wall Street and around the
the best-paying jobs in the Valley has founded in 1999 in Ireland, is similar to
globe and people can relax a bit again.
moved in and taken root in Chandler. the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.
We’ve talked with the City Council candidates at great
This didn’t happen overnight. During Its mission is to cultivate cross-border
length, so this issue we take a look at a few of the major
the past 20 years, high-tech industries and international links in the areas of
chose Chandler and as a result made our economic development, business and
propositions on the ballot.
City a place to be for jobs. The Chandler education.
And, until fi nances around the world improve, we have a few industrial and technology business Our newly formed Sister Cities
tips from local business people about what you should do with
magnet has attracted people from all partnership will offer school programs.
your investments, whether in the stock market or real estate.
walks of life, adding even more richness Elementary school children in Tullamore
While money is tight for many, maybe you can fi nd some
to our already diverse population and Chandler will have an opportunity
As more cutting-edge nanotechnology to learn from one another through a
extra love to give to a child in need of a foster or adoptive
and biotechnology companies settle in pen pal program. High schools will
family. Miriam Van Scott’s story reminds me of my Auntie Lu Chandler, our international connectivity be invited to participate and develop
and Uncle Joe Rapozo in Hawaii, who fostered more than 100
will expand. This new industry is vital programs from writing to short-term
children, mostly infants, during their long lifetimes. They were
for the sustainability of Chandler, visits and exchanges.
particularly as we look to the future and According to Patrick Little, Tullamore
well known for never saying “no” to a newborn in need, and
watch our City approach build-out. Chamber president, Tullamore “has a
they also adopted one daughter, my cousin, along the way.
When we compare ourselves to other lot to offer Chandler in terms of our
And for you theatre buffs, we have a new performing arts cities and locales, we recognize the heritage and culture, our land use
venue in the area. Copperstar Repertory Company is off to
fact we have much to offer and much strategies and our sense of community.
a great start, and we wish them the best of luck. We also
to learn. This is why it seemed like a Together both can grow and prosper.
natural fi t when Chandler was invited to The potential for cross-fertilization is
welcome a new writer, Suzanne McCormick, who lives in the
join in its fi rst Sister Cities partnership unlimited.”
Vineyards with her family, and who ably handled this story.
with Tullamore, Ireland. If you are interested in learning more
If you haven’t already read “The Student from Zombie Island: Sister Cities International encourages about opportunities for the Sister Cities
Conquering the Rumor Monster,” by Michael Moorehead, our
mutually beneficial community Program, please contact our Diversity
own Editor Lynda Exley’s 12-year-old son, it’s a great book that
partnerships between the U.S. and Offi ce at 480-782-2217.
international cities. These “sisters” or
drives home the point that rumors can be dangerous, scary
partners exchange ideas in areas such Publisher’s note: Our condolences to
and are usually downright wrong.
as economic development, municipal Bob on the death of his wife, Maryanne,
We mention it because we’ve heard some rather disturbing
training, emergency preparedness, due to cancer.
rumors about us from a few people. To quote Mark Twain, “The
and education and at the same time
reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
serve a diplomatic purpose as we
No, the SanTan Sun News is NOT going out of business.
Perhaps people have us confused with the East Valley Tribune,
which is making some major changes early next year to end
their daily paper and publish only a few zoned sections a few
Chandler, Gilbert need
days a week.
County on their side
However, we have nothing to do with that publication, and in
by Ed Hermes, candidate for and ensure public safety for families in
fact are locally and independently owned by this Fox Crossing
Maricopa County Supervisor Maricopa County.
family who lives and pays taxes in this great city.
Millions of dollars are wasted on There have been many highly
Once again, in our case, the rumors are certainly wrong. We
unnecessary international trips and publicized examples of wasteful county
unfi nished buildings. Road construction spending – giant billboards promoting
are alive and well and wish to dispel any negativity from the
projects take too long to fi nish. Criminal politicians and millions spent on
Rumor Monster. booking facilities in the East Valley are
expensive outside legal counsel. The BOS
So keep reading the SanTan Sun News. We have some fun
shut down. has also approved wasteful spending that
and interesting things coming up for you in the new year, so be
Does this sound like the “best run has not been as public. Over the past fi ve
county” to you? years the BOS has spent over $25 million
watching for them.
My opponent thinks he should be on buildings that were never fi nished,
Meanwhile, thanks for your support, even during these elected to a fourth four-year term on the while continuing to pay millions every
questionable times.
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors year for 670,000 sq. ft. of expensive leased
(BOS) because of a “Best Run County” offi ce space.
Laurie Fagen, Publisher
award that county staff received over As a member of the Arizona Board
six years ago. Moreover, he has stooped
Geoff Hancock, Advertising/Production
of Regents and its Audit Committee, I
to the level of using false personal exposed and cut wasteful spending in our
accusations against me instead of talking universities. As your County Supervisor I
about the real issues facing Maricopa will aggressively audit the county’s $2.3
Have a story idea or news tip? Know of an interesting photo
County. billion budget to root out waste.
opportunity? How about positive feedback or constructive comments?
I am running for the Board of
We’d like to hear from you. Email us at
Supervisors to restore fi scal responsibility
See Commentary Page 30
Deadlines for the November 15, 2008 issue:
Laurie Fagen Lynda Exley, Editor
The Deadline for Editorial and
Advertising for the
Susan Henderson, Managing Editor
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