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November 1 - 14, 2008 Relentlessly local coverage of Southern Chandler and our neighboring communitiess
Safe harbors
in fi nancial storm
by Miriam Van Scott
Headlines from the fi nancial sector lately are confusing, dismaying and downright
scary. With the rollercoaster stock market, once-safe banks and investment fi rms
disappearing, and dire warnings about worse things to come, what is the average
investor to do?
Jason Collins, a local financial
advisor with Edward Jones Investments,
recommends the fi rst thing SanTan Sun
area residents do is become educated on
the situation.
“This is an appropriate time to review
investments,” says Collins.
He warns against being spooked by the
Photo by Shannon Lista
headlines, or making rash decisions that
READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS: Andrea Serrano of The Blue Peacock gift store in historic downtown
could prove costly in the long run. Instead, Chandler decorates one of their many holiday trees as they prepare for the Christmas season.
Collins encourages each investor to
In addition to ornate decorations, they also carry bath and body products, antique furniture,
fi gurines by Lladro and Guiseppe Armani and more. Located at 51 E. Boston St., call 480-963-
1095 for more information.
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CUSD seeks continued budget override
Other local propositions seeking approval include General Plan Update
by Natalie Morris and Laurie Fagen board and treasurer of the Chandler Schools Override
The Chandler Unifi ed School District’s governing Yes committee, Barbara Mozdzen believes strongly
board has called for a vote to renew its current that this issue is critical to maintaining the quality of
maintenance and operations budget override. The education for Chandler students.
issue will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot. “The district is funded at a very low rate by the
Chandler voters are being asked to approve a state,” Mozdzen says. “Most of the districts in the
continuance of the district’s current ability to add 10 Phoenix area are operating on an override already.
percent to its operating budget provided by the state. The override allows funding for smaller class sizes,
These override dollars come from property taxes; which is particularly important in the elementary
currently the average tax rate cannot exceed $0.82. years. It also impacts our ability to retain and attract
The district seeks to extend this override authority at quality teachers. Right now, the three state universities
the 10 percent level, with an average tax rate not to in Arizona do not graduate enough teachers to fi ll the
exceed $0.62 based on the current assessed valuation need, so we are competing for teachers from out-of-
standards. Thus, the tax rate is expected to decline.
STSN photo illustration
state, as well.”
As an incoming member of CUSD’s governing
VOTE NOV. 4: Various voting pamphlets, information and ballot for
the General Election Tue., Nov. 4.
See CUSD Page 8
Adoption opens doors,
New theatre founder
hearts for Chandler family
passionate about performance
by Miriam Van Scott by Suzanne McCormick
This year, Nov. 15 has a special meaning for the Barto family, but it’s not a A Chandler woman’s lifelong passion
birthday or some signifi cant anniversary. It’s National Adoption Day, and the for the arts has led to the creation of a
Chandler family will celebrate the occasion with an addition to their family: 9-year- new theatre company in the SanTan
old Meg*, whose adoption will be offi cial early next year. Sun area. Mary-Jo Okawa says she
Meg came to the Barto’s as a foster child about two years ago. What was founded the Copperstar Repertory
originally planned as a temporary arrangement grew into something deeper and Company to entertain, educate and
more lasting. enrich community members of all ages
“About fi ve years ago we decided to become foster parents,” explains Cathy by offering professional productions,
Barto. “We didn’t think we’d adopt.” providing instruction and creating
But the couple was committed to helping at-risk children who were languishing opportunities for youth and adults.
in the social services system. Cathy and husband Matt underwent the training with “It’s a dream of mine to bring
the intention of offering a safe and loving environment to children who needed entertainment and opportunities to the
Submitted photo
care while their custody cases made their way through the courts. community through performance,” says
AT THE BALL: A scene from a previous
Copperstar Repertory Company production of
See Adoption Page 10 See Theatre Page 12
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