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An Ethopian-Eritrean war looms again
Since the withdrawal in two countries’ armies fi nd the Badme district council frequent infi ltration missions
July of the United Nation’s themselves in a dangerous face- says: “For all times, Badme here. But whatever happens
Mission in Ethiopia and off. The memory of the 1998- has been Ethiopian. It has a we will remain here, it is our
Eritrea, the two countries’ 2000 war, which caused the massive signifi cance for us land, our country. Victorious
armies fi nd themselves in a death of about 80,000 people, Ethiopians; it is the symbol of or not we’ll live and die here.”
dangerous face-off. is still on everyone’s mind. the integrity of our country. “ Negussa Guebreselassie,
Housemaid Falls
Checkpoints, roadblocks, “I would rather die than to see farmer and member of an
Every morning these Ethiopian vehicles systematically a portion of my land going to Ethiopian militia, says: “We
soldiers inspect the road which searched: the Ethiopian army the other side.” The wounds always expect the war to start
Victim to Lust of
again. During the war my wife
was shot by Eritrean soldiers.
She suffered a lot and it was very
Sponsor’s Kin,
diffi cult to have her treated.”
By the time the UN local
mission ended its operation
here more than six months ago,
it no longer had the means to Police are looking for three youths for raping an
keep up with its peacekeeping Ethiopian housemaid, reports Arrouiah daily, Kuwait. In
initiative: the Eritrean her complaint to the Fahaheel police, the maid said the
authorities were doing all they incident took place when she was working at the house of
could to hinder its action. And her sponsor’s brother. The sponsor’s nephew reportedly
despite what it had declared, requested her to prepare tea for himself and two of his
Ethiopia was refusing to friends who were with him in a Diwaniya. When she went
acknowledge the new borders. to serve them tea, the trio reportedly tried to molest her.
Despite the fact that ten When she resisted, they tied her hands and feet, gagged
thousand residents before her mouth and raped her. The sponsor and his brother
the war now only number
have been summoned for interrogation.
4,000, Badme has resigned
Eritrean soldiers march during the country’s Independence Day in Asmara in
itself to endure another war.
Letay Kidane, a shopkeeper,
May 24, 2007 photo Reuters
says: “It’s good if the border
U.S Immigration
problem is solved through a
connects the town of Badme is everywhere in Badme. left by the Eritrean occupation peaceful dialogue. Otherwise,
to the rest of the country. And this despite a UN are still on everyone’s minds. I myself will support and help
Declines In 2007
They fear commandos sent by Boundary Commission’s Many lost a relative or a friend our soldiers up to the frontline.”
neighboring Eritrea may have ruling that Badme belongs during the surprise attack led People are psychologically
hidden land-mines. The threat to Eritrea. In Badme it is still by the troops of Asmara in gearing up for war. An entire According to reports released by the U.S. Census Bureau,
is real: a few weeks ago three the Ethiopian fl ag adorning 1998. Many here are afraid division of the Ethiopian Army immigration rates substantially decreased in 2007, with only
civilians died as their car was the top of offi cial buildings. of another war, yet they has taken position in a nearby 511,000 individuals immigrating to America, compared to
blown-up by an anti-tank mine. For the local authorities there’s openly back up their army. fortifi ed hill… Only a few over 1 million per year since 2000. Immigration from Asia and
Since the withdrawal in July no question: this was and will Mamite Guebresarkan, a kilometers away, the Eritrean Africa showed the most dramatic drop, with a 60% decrease,
of the United Nation’s Mission always be Ethiopia. Tilahun farmer says: “Of course Army is waiting. (AP) and immigration from Latin American countries dropped 36%.
in Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Guebremedhin, President of I’m worried. They conduct Fourteen states exhibited a decline in immigration rates from
2006 to 2007 such as New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont, and
South Dakota. Despite these data, it is estimated there are 38
million immigrants currently residing in the United States,
Quotable Obama
comprising 12.6% of the U.S. population. This percentage is
the largest since the immigration boom of the 1920s which
brought a record number of Europeans to the United States,
and concluded with the onset of the Great Depression. Experts
remark that the decrease in immigration is related to the downturn
in the economic climate, and can be attributed to the collapse of
war. What I am opposed to is They would give me an torture, and murder people the housing market. The earlier housing boom provided many
a rash war. African name, Barack, or for exercising the most basic employment opportunities such as construction jobs, which
blessed, believing that in a freedoms. If we are to win have historically been highly sought after by immigrants. The
I’ve got two daughters. 9 tolerant America your name is this struggle and spread those recent collapse of the housing market, however, translated into
years old and 6 years old. I am no barrier to success. freedoms, we must keep our signifi cantly fewer jobs related to the construction industry.
going to teach them fi rst of all own moral compass pointed These data are derived from the 2007 American Community
about values and morals. But No one is pro-abortion. . in a true direction. Survey, which is based on data from approximately 3 million
if they make a mistake, I don’t households. Estimates take into account legal and illegal
want them punished with a Poorly secured nuclear Tonight, we gather to affi rm immigration, as Census Bureau surveys did not ask about legal
baby. material in the former the greatness of our nation immigration status.
Soviet Union, or secrets - not because of the height of
If the people cannot trust their from a scientist in Pakistan our skyscrapers, or the power
government to do the job for could help build a bomb of our military, or the size
which it exists - to protect that detonates in Paris. The of our economy. Our pride
Skilled Immigrants
them and to promote their poppies in Afghanistan is based on a very simple
common welfare - all else is become the heroin in Berlin. premise, summed up in a
lost. The poverty and violence in declaration made over two
Under Employed
Somalia breeds the terror of hundred years ago.
If you’re walking down the tomorrow.
right path and you’re willing We have real enemies in the
to keep walking, eventually There are patriots who world. These enemies must be
World Journal, News report, Posted: Oct 25, 2008
you’ll make progress. opposed the war in Iraq found. They must be pursued
Original translation by New America Media
and there are patriots who and they must be defeated.
NEW YORK – The Migration Policy Institute published a report
In the end, that’s what this supported the war in Iraq.
Wednesday, showing that 20 percent of technical workers in
A good compromise, a good election is about. Do we We are one people, all of us We need somebody who’s
this country have to do non-technical work because of language
piece of legislation, is like participate in a politics of pledging allegiance to the got the heart, the empathy,
barriers, immigration status and certifi cate issues. The World
a good sentence; or a good cynicism or a politics of stars and stripes, all of us to recognize what it’s like to
Journal describes the situation as a huge “brain waste.” The
piece of music. Everybody hope? defending the United States of be a young teenage mom, the
report shows that in 2006 of the 6.1 million immigrants who
can recognize it. They say, America. empathy to understand what
had higher education in foreign countries before moving to the
‘Huh. It works. It makes Issues are never simple. One it’s like to be poor or African-
United States, 1.3 million worked as cab drivers, waiters and
sense.’ thing I’m proud of is that There is not a liberal America American or gay or disabled
safety personnel. The report urges the government to adjust its
very rarely will you hear me and a conservative America or old - and that’s the criterion
immigration policy in order to keep people with ability, since
Americans... still believe in simplify the issues. - there is the United States of by which I’ll be selecting my
Canada and Europe are strategically drawing technical workers
an America where anything’s America. There is not a black judges.
from around the world.
possible - they just don’t think It took a lot of blood, sweat America and a white America
their leaders do. and tears to get to where we and latino America and asian We need to internalize this
are today, but we have just America - there’s the United idea of excellence. Not many
Change will not come if we begun. Today we begin in States of America. folks spend a lot of time
wait for some other person or earnest the work of making trying to be excellent.
some other time. We are the sure that the world we leave
ones we’ve been waiting for. our children is just a little bit This is the moment when we We need to steer clear of this
We are the change that we better than the one we inhabit must build on the wealth that poverty of ambition, where
seek. today. open markets have created, people want to drive fancy
and share its benefi ts more cars and wear nice clothes
Community colleges play It’s not surprising, then, they equitably. Trade has been a and live in nice apartments
an important role in helping get bitter, they cling to guns or cornerstone of our growth and but don’t want to work hard
people transition between religion or antipathy to people global development. But we to accomplish these things.
careers by providing the who aren’t like them or anti- will not be able to sustain this Everyone should try to realize
retooling they need to take on immigrant sentiment or anti- growth if it favors the few, their full potential.
a new career. trade sentiment as a way to and not the many.
explain their frustrations. With the changing economy,
Focusing your life solely This is the moment when we no one has lifetime
on making a buck shows a Money is not the only answer, must come together to save employment. But community
certain poverty of ambition. but it makes a difference. this planet. Let us resolve that colleges provide lifetime
It asks too little of yourself. we will not leave our children employability.
Because it’s only when My job is not to represent a world where the oceans
you hitch your wagon to Washington to you, but to rise and famine spreads and You know, my faith is one that
something larger than yourself represent you to Washington. terrible storms devastate our admits some doubt.
that you realize your true lands.
potential. My parents shared not only
an improbable love, they Today we are engaged in a
I don’t oppose all wars. What shared an abiding faith in the deadly global struggle for
I am opposed to is a dumb possibilities of this nation. those who would intimidate,
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