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Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Rev. Rick Adams
his holiday season many my older brother had the bright
consumers are scurrying about idea of putting Stretch in the freezer.
trying to find the perfect gift for their After taking him out of the freezer
friends, family and loved ones. Even my brother (in the name of science
in the midst of a sluggish economy, mind you) wanted to find out how
stores are filled with shoppers trying flexible Stretch would be. As you
to find that one item that would make can imagine, Stretch didn’t acclimate
that special someone gleam with joy well to his newly found arctic
when it’s finally unwrapped. environment. Horrified, I watched my
Over the years I’ve been blessed brother break Stretch’s arms clean
to be the recipient of the most off.
wonderful gifts from those whom I Now, Stretch Armstrong wasn’t
love and admire. One such gift was one of the greatest gifts I had ever
given to me when I was eight years received. The greatest gift that
old. Christmas morning was the memory
Santa Claus had brought me a that still lives in my heart and in my
to fall from our eye. Instead, it’s the
Stretch Armstrong action figure, mind thirty years later. I, like most of
memory of that special occasion or
which allowed me to stretch his you, have special moments that you
person we are reminded of.
arms and legs to incredible lengths cherish and treasure more than any
This holiday season I would
and then slowly they would retract tangible item you’ve ever received.
encourage you to give the gift
to retain their original shape. After Often times it’s not the thing that
that keeps on giving; the gift of
playing with my new toy for a few can encourage us, bring a smile to
memorable moments.
hours that brisk Christmas morning, our face or, in some cases, a tear
Cabarrus County 2008 Eagle Scouts
The requirements for the position of Eagle Scout includes:
-Earning 21 merit badges (some in designated areas)
-Serve in a leadership position in their troop, team or crew
-Plan, develop and carry out an approved service project
-Complete an Eagle Scout Board of Review.
Cheers to the following young men who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout this year:
Benjamin Thomas Holland Troop 3 Michael Gregory Yenik Troop 91
Robert Bugg Brannan, IV Troop 3 Thomas Franklin Propst, Jr. Troop 91
Daniel Dinsmore Ellis Troop 3 Matthew Wayne Josey Troop 127
Robert Willis Suddreth, Jr. Troop 3 Del-Shannon Eugene Ray Troop 127
Jonathan Ryan Blackman Troop 3 Kyle Andrew Miller Troop 173
Lucus Hunter Widenhouse Troop 5 Matthew John Edwards Troop 173
Stephon Jenkins Troop 16 Kevin Patrick Stafford Troop 178
Alan William Stockman Troop 16 Joshua Philip Jones Troop 178
Jared Levi Kaser-Odor Troop 33 Cody John Murgas Troop 222
Andrew Michael Nance Troop 34 Michael Scott Magee Troop 222
Dominic Prospero Delizza, III Troop 38 Jeremy Charles Hathaway Troop 254
Jared William Douglas Troop 38 James Edward Shirley, III Troop 254
Mark Henry Ramsey Troop 59 Matthew Blair Hendrix Troop 264
Robert Matthew Simpson, Jr. Troop 59 Matthew Alan Hastings Troop 623
Jacob David Murray Troop 83 Harley James Houston Troop 623
Adam Scott Heim Troop 83
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