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an important social activity in many (or right).’ Many walkers, unfortunately, areas that are off the established path,
parts of the world. It is the original misinterpret this to mean the biker wants like wetlands, meadows, and seasonal
method of individual, modern mobility. them to go to the left, not that the biker nesting or breeding areas is essential.
Regular bike riding promotes good will be coming up on the walker’s left, Local Trails
health. and occasionally near collisions almost Many trails throughout the United
Safety and courtesy are also in the occur. States were created and maintained
forefront. by bike clubs. Local bike clubs started
many of our local trails.
Safety Cabarrus County and the surrounding
Mountain biking is one of the safer areas offer trails of different skill
sports. Still, it can still be dangerous, levels. There are the smooth, easy
especially if one doesn’t recognize and trails of Frank Liske Park, and the more
prepare for possible hazards. Gear challenging Beech Springs Mountain
such as a helmet and eye protection is Bike Park off of Poplar Tent. Other
essential. A First-Aid or emergency kit mountain bike trails include Sherman
should be carried. Equipment should Branch Mountain Bike Park, Whitewater
always be well maintained. And before Center and Fisher Farms trails.
a ride, the day’s weather forecast
should be noted and other people Getting Started
informed as to the area and path you The correct equipment is essential for
intend to take. safety and ease of use. Have your bike
Safety also applies to how a trail is professionally fitted to your stride. Invest
used. The outdoors is enjoyed by many in the necessary safety gear.
people, and guidelines assist in safety Learn how to shift and use the brakes
and good manners. efficiently. Be familiar with safety and
courtesy guidelines.
Courtesy Trail biking is perfect as a solitary
Core principles of the sport include activity or as a group. It can be as
showing consideration to: Protecting the Environment relaxing or as physically taxing as you
- People on foot (or anyone traveling Respect for the terrain is a major choose, depending on the difficulty of
slower than the biker) factor: the trail. It is a safe, stress reducing,
-Landowners and private property -Trail biking recommends staying health promoting activity. It is great for
-Yielding to horses and to anyone in the middle of the trail to keep from all ages. Bikes come in every size and
passing you or traveling uphill. unnecessarily widening the path. child trailers allow parents to bring tiny
-Keeping your distance from and -Sideslipping, which can damage the ones along on the trails.
avoid scaring domestic animals or wild trail and lead to erosion, is discouraged. Visit your local bike shop and get
creatures. -Like camper’s guidelines, packing out more information at
-Warning walkers on the trail ahead, anything you pack in is the rule. Get started on a terrific sport that can
by calling out ‘Passing on the left -Avoiding environmentally sensitive be enjoyed at any age!
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