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Off-Road Biking
Have you ever dialed in on a grinder?

Or yard saled during a gravity
check on a gonzo section of a trail
because your bike went wonky?
You might have if you’ve been
mountain biking.
Bike riding has been a social
activity from the beginning. Bike
clubs were formed when bicycles
became commercially available in
the 1870s. The first bike race was
recorded, even before that, in Paris
in 1869, and the thrill seeking has
continued. Trail and Mountain biking
are about the challenge of the trail
and enjoying the outdoors.
The simplest definition of trail
biking is bike riding off-road or on
unpaved areas using a bike with fat
tires and a sturdy frame. Mountain
biking uses the same equipment but
the trails are more challenging. (For
the purposes of this article, the two
terms will be used interchangeably)
Compared to other outdoor
activities, mountain biking is rather
new. Developed in California in
the 1970’s, the first mountain bikers As a result, multi-speed bikes were so that recreational and beginning
would haul their bikes up a mountain developed. riders can get excellent machines at
by vehicle and race each other Just as the equipment evolved to an affordable cost.
down. The first downhill racers used accommodate braking and gear
coaster brakes to control their bikes. shifting needs, riding techniques Benefits
The brakes would heat up to the were developed to adapt to the Trail biking is excellent exercise. It
point they had to be regreased after roots, rocks, hills, ledges, jumps and gives a cardio workout as it builds
every ride. Eventually cantilevered other trail features. endurance. Like most exercise it is
brakes replaced the coasters. As trail and mountain biking has a stress reducer, but spending time
The pioneers of mountain biking reached greater popularity, the outdoors also has a calming effect.
eventually felt the need to bike up number of professional mountain It gets one moving and away from
the mountain (or hill) in order to bikers has grown and the technology computers, television and sedentary
appreciate the downhill ride. In to accommodate them has continued use technology. It is a great physical
order to climb the mountain, cyclists to develop. As a result, the level of activity, either solo or with others.
needed to be able to change gears. the bike performance has increased Biking has long been considered
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