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Decking the Halls woods, synthetic berries or red beads, artificial greenery, wide
Depending on the theme of your tree, found items in your wired ribbon, small paper doilies (fabric doilies could be used
home, sometimes with the addition of a bow or holly, works well for a more elegant look) craft paint, gold spray paint and spring
on a trees, wreaths or swags. clothespins.
Repurposing Items Use lime green, burgundy and white paint in quick brush
Hung with a light behind them, decorative glass from a strokes (from the broad to the narrow end) or gold spray paint
set of broken wind chimes make interesting ornaments for a them completely. For the following projects, pre-glue them
contemporary tree. together in groups of three.
Raid the Toy Box:
Mini teddy bears, dolls and toys can be tucked into branches
(vintage or vintage look toys are the most effective). Porcelain
tea set cups can be strung with ribbon and a hook. For toys that
don’t tie on easily or have a crevice where a hook could be
Basic Cluster:
For those who prefer simplicity, we glued the pinecone cluster
to a spring clothespin (painted to blend with the tree).
For the pinecones ‘bouquet’, glue a small doily to a spring
clothespin, and add the pinecone bunch. Angle a piece of
ribbon on both ends and twist it so the ‘right’ side is facing up
on both ends. Tuck under the pinecones and secure. Add an
additional bit of ribbon, cut in a triangle.
inserted, ribbon or cording can be temporarily attached with
a glue gun (on glass where it can be pulled off afterward) or
embedded in a bit of modeling clay and pressed onto the back.
(Note: When dealing with hot glue and clay, use caution.
Not all surfaces will work well with the above techniques.
Proceed at your own risk.)
Use small pinecones, a glue gun, tiny branches from the
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