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In Honor of Shelly Muza, Nathan Chase William Sr. and Diane Clifford In Memory of Richard R. Pennau In Honor of
Oshkosh Area School District Matthew and Maggie Larson Eileen Connolly-Keesler
Allen and Beverly Bahr
Lee and Mary Pinnow
(Christmas) Kyle and Anna Mulloy Marge DeCarlo
James and Dolores Bahr
Blue Door Consulting, LLC
Timothy and Barbara Mulloy Rose DeMichele
Harold and Diane Bartels Tim Pinnow and
Elizabeth Nelson George Draffen
Gary and Donna Bucholtz Heather Holly-Pinnow
In Memory of Richard A. Nayes
Thomas and Diane Nelson Marie Esposito
Jane Carroll
Hope Bowers
Emily Tessendorf Pat Fabbio
Sondra Coon In Memory of David E. Pollack
Milton Busse
Family and Friends
Family and Friends
John IV and Kathryn Bermingham
Mary Ann Chirichigno
In Honor of Stewart Farber
Lawrence and Jay Felker
Judith Domer
Jack and Ginna Nelson Frank and Jessica Glotfelty
Ellen Harwell
In Memory of Harvey Potratz
Dr. Richard Duffey
(61st Anniversary) Caryl Harvot
Cindy Jones
Rosanne Edwards
Katherine Nelson Chase
Steve and Debbie Herman
Bradley Korell
Robert and Susan Gehrke
Jeffrey and Barbara Key
Donald and Carol Kujawa
In Honor of Marilyn Potter
and Family
In Memory of Rosemary Newell
Lorraine LoPiccolo
Joe McCreery
(80th Birthday)
John Jr. and Susan Kane Edgar and Nancy Newell
Frank and Debra Manno
Paul and Kathleen McHugh
and Family
Moraine Park Technical College
A.R. Morrison
Doris Peitz
Suzanne Karrmann In Memory of Jimmy Nikolaus
Oshkosh Youth Baseball, Inc.
Robert and Linda Nadolske
Kevin and Jayne Krier
John and Kay Papa
Donna Lord
Audrey Pennau
In Memory of the
Celeste Lay
The Pepp Athletic Club
Carrie Pennau
Procknow Family
Phyllis Leach
Victoria Piombino
In Honor of
Janice Pennau
Dr. John Procknow
William and Gloria Lennon
Robert and Maureen Polifroni
Dan and Sonia Oechsner
J. Lewis and Beverly Perlson
Barbara Lichtenberg
Jean Woolley
Miriam Persons
In Memory of Dorothy Propp
William and Lois Ludewig
Susan Persons Gregory and Mary Gibbons
Tim Pinnow and
Elizabeth Mason
In Honor of Lillian Pasquini
Robert and Shirley Phillips Joyce Sohm
Heather Holly-Pinnow
Jane Matejowec
Ruth Prescott Carol Stadtmueller
Thomas and Helen McDermott
Angela Pasquini and Bill Clifford David and Mary Putzer Jeffrey and Ann Trembly
In Honor of the Oshkosh
Joseph and Judith Mellon
Dian Pasquini Patrick and Vicki Radovan
Area Community Foundation
Harry and Mary Meyer
Nicki Rasmussen In Memory of Robert E. Pung
Larry and Betsey Miller
In Honor of Lydia Pasquini and Emil Jr. and Audrey Reichow
Dr. W. Sam and Elizabeth Adams
Barbara Nieser
Blue Door Consulting, LLC
Robert Esposito (Christmas) Achim and Elaine Reschenberg
Nancy Albright
George Jr. and Patricia Schaefer Angela Pasquini and Bill Clifford
Armin and Ruth Reschenberg
Rick and Sharon Alfuth
J.C. and Mary Severance
In Honor of the Oshkosh Area
Dian Pasquini
Glenn and Margaret Staples
Kenneth and Madeline Allen
Lillian Thomson
Community Foundation Staff
Ronald and Colae Vecchie
Richard and Dixie Allen
Dr. Richard and
Kelly Edwards
In Honor of
Wis-Pak Central, Inc.
Michael and Janice Anderson
Bonnie Jean Wolfgram Richard and Jana Pasquini
Witzke Electric, Inc.
Dr. Jeffrey and Sandra Andreini
Thomas and Shirley Wyman
In Honor of the Oshkosh Area
Richard and Annie Laurie Wollangk
Dr. David and Barbara Angell
Rita Yost
Community Foundation Staff
Angela Pasquini and Bill Clifford
Norman and Mary Zuehlke
A. Dean and Janet Arganbright
and Board of Directors
Dian Pasquini
ASFV Nurse Anesthetists
In Memory of
(Christmas) In Memory of Betty Peppler
Bruce and Mary Bartel
Virginia ‘Ginny’ A. Neddo Tim Pinnow and
In Memory of
Duane Peppler Joseph and Alice Bauer
Friends of the Oshkosh Seniors
Heather Holly-Pinnow
Robert C. Paterson
Thomas Belter
Center, Inc.
Richard and Dixie Allen
In Memory of Thomas Jr. and Anne Benda
Friends of the Oshkosh Seniors
In Memory of
Rachel Benton
Anna Marie Peterson Mark and Nancy Benkoske
Center Winnbago
Marjorie Ostrowski
Gertrud Braun
E. Arthur Rehbein
Rachel Benton
Seniors Tours Thomas Harenburg
Sue Britton
John IV and Kathryn Bermingham
John and Susan Kreibich
Lowene Campbell
In Memory of Marlene Petri
Joseph and Veronica Bernardy
Doris Nordhaus In Memory of
William and Carleen Christianson Christine Poeschl
Bruce and Kathryn Berndt
Mary Jane Overton
Richard and Lorna Conners
Thomas and Linda Bierie
In Honor of Ginna Nelson
John and Susan Kreibich Andrew and Deirdre Dewitt In Honor of Jayna Phillips,
Annmarie Birschbach
Katherine Nelson Chase Marjorie Gauerke Phillips Tax & Accounting
Betty Boehrer
In Honor of Vernon Gauger (Christmas)
Bruce and Mary Jo Bolin
In Honor of Ginna Nelson Angela Pasquini and Bill Clifford Virginia Gross
David and Jamie Bonell
Blue Door Consulting, LLC
(Birthday) (Christmas) George Haszel
Mark and Kristy Bradish
Elwyn Nelson Lillian Pasquini
William and Marian Holicky
Michael and June Brefczynski
In Memory of
Katherine Nelson Chase Lydia Pasquini and
Clarence and Virginia Jungwirth
Judith Britton
Lawrence and Helen Piller
Robert Esposito
John and Susan Kreibich
Barbara Brown
In Honor of Ginna Nelson Richard and Jana Pasquini
Betty Krueger
Brad and Kim Brown
Jayne Lindsay
Walter Jr. and Carol Brown
In Honor of
Jesse and Emily Chase
In Honor of Daniel Pasquini
Helen Mueller
Duane and Amy Buelow
Grandma Betty Pinnnow
Katherine Nelson Chase
Elwyn and Virginia Nelson
Paul and Jane Byron
Matthew and Maggie Larson Angela Pasquini and Bill Clifford
Jean Nelson
Clark and Jill Caflisch
Timothy and Barbara Mulloy Lillian Pasquini
Roger and Jean Pergande
Tim Pinnow and Richard and Marillyn Campbell
Elizabeth Nelson Lydia Pasquini and
James and Stacey Schiek
Heather Holly-Pinnow Randal and Carole Carow
Elwyn Nelson Robert Esposito
Lawrence and Isabelle Schweda
William and Rita Carver
Thomas and Diane Nelson Richard and Jana Pasquini
Walter Jr. and Lynn Scott
In Memory of Edwin and Mary Pat Castaneda
Emily Tessendorf
Marion Stevenson
Don and Ruth Pinnow Michael Castle
In Honor of Dian Pasquini
Mary Stille
LaVerne and Janet Olson
William Jr. and Margot Castle
In Honor of Ginna Nelson (Christmas)
Marion Thompson
Wayne and Elaine Chaney
(Mother’s Day)
Richard and Angeline Turzenski
In Honor of
James and Kay Chitwood
Angela Pasquini and Bill Clifford
William and Barbara Urbrock
Lee and Mary Pinnow
George and Susan Coghill
Timothy and Barbara Mulloy Lillian Pasquini
Guilford Jr. and Helen Wiley
Robert and Marcy Coglianese
Elwyn Nelson Lydia Pasquini and
Thomas and Julia Zaborski Tim Pinnow and
Gary and Elaine Coll
Thomas and Diane Nelson Robert Esposito
Heather Holly-Pinnow
James and Dorothy Compere
Richard and Jana Pasquini
In Memory of Alfred Peck
LeRoy and Marjorie Dahms
In Honor of Jack Nelson Jon and Jo Dell’Antonia
(Christmas) In Memory of Larry Pasquini
Steven Sorenson
David and Barbara Diercks
Jesse and Emily Chase Cliff and Irena Bernunzio
Jerry and Pamela Doss
In Memory of Phyllis Jane Pedler
Katherine Nelson Chase Bruce and Lisa Bruley
Flint and Julie Drake
Terry and Amy Hathaway
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