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St Chad, Toller Lane
st Martin
St Martin, Salisbury
St Salvador’s Church
Lewes road Wilson Street, Millfield Sunday:
8.30am Low Mass
A Forward in Faith Parish under the Extended
Episcopal Care of the Bishop of Beverley.
Low Mass 8am on
10.45 Solemn Mass
Fast Trains from Kings Cross, Metro link 2nd and 4th Sundays 9am Low Mass
to Millfield (remember to turn LEFT on
6.30pm Evensong &
leaving Millfield Station)
11am High Mass
Parish Mass 10am
Sung Eucharist 11am
Evening Prayer and
E Mail:
Evensong 6.30pm with
Fr Clive Clapson SSC
Weekday Masses
Benediction 6pm
Sunday: Parish Mass 10.30, Benediction on Festivals
Parish Priest
Benediction 18.30, Low Mass 19.00
Canon Ralph Crowe SSC
Daily Mass - see website Weekdays: Mass 10.30 Mon & Wed, Daily Mass – contact the
Tel. 01274 543957
19.30 Tues & Thurs, 7.30 Fri, 10.00 Sat.
Rosary (virtual on the Website), Thurs
Administrator 01722 325963
St Paul’s, Royton
Contact Fr Beaumont Brandie SSC
19.15 & Sat 18.15
or Fr Keith Robinson
Confessions 18.30 Sat
Nr. Oldham
The Parish Church
01273 604687
or by appointment
01722 504813
Sunday - 8am Said Mass
of Holy Trinity
15th Day of the Month
9.30am Parish Mass
Day of Exposition for the work
Christ Church &
of Forward in faith
St Saviour
Monday 10am Mass
Parish Priest:
Tuesday 7.30pm Mass
st Mary Magdalen
Beresford Skelton CMP SSC
Wednesday 10am Mass
10.30am Sung Mass,
st Leonards-on-sea
0191 565 6318
Stoke on Trent
Thursday 12 noon Mass
Convenient for Alton Towers, the
2nd Sun - 8am Low Mass (BCP)
Friday 7.30pm Mass
Resolutions ABC
Monday Sundays
St Peter & St Paul
Potteries, Staffordshire Moorlands
Contact Fr David Booth
7.15 pm Low Mass
8am Mass Osborn Road
0161 624 2388
9.15 Children’s Mass (1st Sunday)
Parish Mass
or Fr Paul Hutchins
10.15am Parish Mass,
every Sunday at 11am
0160 628 0140
7.30 pm Low Mass (1st Weds
4pm Evening Prayer & Benediction Sunday Services Daily Mass
including Benediction)
daily Mass 8am Holy Communion Contact: Fr Richard Grigson
Thursday 10am Low Mass Saturday
9.30am Parish Mass 01782 835941
Confessions by appointment
11am Sacrament of Reconciliation
For the times of daily Masses
email: richard.grigson@
St Saviour
and Confessions please ring
Fr Richard Watson SSC
Bishop Roger Jupp SSC
Grand Drive, Raynes Park
Fr Tony Marks:
01706 847369 or 07814 001354 01424 444052
01329 280256
Sunday 9.30am Sung Eucharist
Parish Office 01424 447784
Holy Trinity
4pm Evening Prayer
All Saints, St Ives
Contact Fr Michael Blackman
St George’s Church Sunday - 8am Low Mass,
020 8542 2787
Bickley Park Road
10am Solemn Mass &
SS Mary & Chad
Sunday School
St Paul’s
Midweek Services:
10.15am Sung Mass
Sunday 8am Low Mass,
Contact Fr Iain Young
Daily Mass, for details
Sunday Services
10.30am Sung Mass
on 0207 253 4796
All resolutions passed
phone Fr James Pullen 9.15am Morning Prayer
Daily Masses usually 7.30pm Sunday: 7.45am Mass
01480 463254 10am Solemn Mass
Times of Confession
st George’s in the Meadows 9.30am Parish Mass
12 noon Holy Baptism
and other information from
nottingham 6.30pm Evensong
St Agnes
Weekday Masses
Fr David Herbert
¼ mile south of railway station
(Benediction 1st Sunday of month)
Weekday Masses:
Kennington Park
Monday 8am
(Regional Dean for Kent)
Tuesday 9.30am
11.00am Solemn Mass
Daily at 9.30am (except Friday)
St Agnes Place SE11
on 020 8467 3809
Thursday 9.30am
6.00pm Evensong and Benediction Parish Priest:
Friday 7pm
Tuesday 7.00pm Mass
Fr John Greatbatch SSC
Tel 01 726 75688
(nearest tube Oval or
Saturday 9.30am
The Parish of
Wednesday 10.00am Mass
Kennington on the Northern Line)
Confessions by appointment
Swinton & Pendlebury
Saturday 9.30am Mass
1st Wednesday of the Month
10am Solemn Mass
Parish Priest: Sunday
7.30pm CBS Ward Devotions
Tue 1230, Wed 0930, Thu 1930,
Fr Paul Lockett SSC 8am & 5.30pm Mass, St Peter’s
All Saints
Fri 0930, Sat 0930.
Tel: 01782 313142
Sung Mass
MP 9am & EP 6pm daily
9.30am All Saints 10am St Peter’s
Fr Andrew Waude SSC - 0115 986 4881
South Wimbledon
11am St Augustine Sunday
Bible Study Wed 10am
All Saints
Fr Jeremy Sheehy, Rector
saint Cyprian of Carthage
11am Solemn Mass
South Kirkby
0161 794 1578 Lancaster road (off Carlton hill)
Contact Fr Michael Blackman
020 7735 3860
Fr Ian Hall, Team Vicar
Sunday 10am Parish Mass
sneinton 020 8542 2787
0161 794 4298
Daily Mass Fr John Livesley, Curate
Holy Trinity
9.15am Solemn Mass
For more information contact
0161 794 1808
Upper Brook Street Parish Priest: Fr Timothy Kaye
6.30pm Rosary, 7.00pm Mass Wylde Green
01977 642795
St Saviour & St Peter
thursday & Friday 10.00am Mass
Sutton Coldfield
A Forward in Faith Church Eastbourne
2nd Wednesday of the Month
under the Episcopal care of
All Saints, South Shields
(Town centre. 5 mins from bus, 7.30pm Walsingham Cell Devotions
the Bishop of Richborough
railway stn. and sea)
8am Mass, 10am Parish Mass,
Sundays: 8am Mass
A B & C Resolutions Sunday Mass
Creche and Sunday Cool Club
10am Sung Eucharist Fr Andrew Waude SSC
6.30pm Evensong
Sunday: Sung Mass 10.30am
6pm Evensong
8am Said Mass
10.30am Solemn Mass
0115 986 4881
Weekday Masses:
(11am Mass at St.Mary’s,
For further details phone
Daily Mass Fr Crane on 0121 373 8348
Tues 7pm, Thurs 1.10pm
Magnificent Victorian Church
Contact Churchwardens:
Daily Mass:
by G.E. Street
St Peter’s, Plymouth
Clive Judd 01264 363364 or
Mon, Weds & Sat 9.30am,
Further details from Sunday
Derek Cramp 01962 870218
Tues 7.30pm & Fri 12.30pm
Fr Jeffery Gunn 01323 722317
(Thurs 10am at St Mary’s)
10am Morning Prayer St Anselm’s
10.30am Solemn Mass
Parish Church
St Francis
Canon Miller: 0191 456 1851 St Paul’s, Hasland
and coffee afterwards
Hatch End, Pinner
Mackworth, Derby St John’s
St Thomas, Keyham Sunday
9.45am Sung Mass
Sunday 8am Mass, 10am Parish Mass
Sundays: Bathwick, Bath
(1st Sunday – Family Mass)
Sung Mass 9.45am
9am Morning Prayer
Daily Mass
Evening Worship 6.30pm
Sung Mass 9am
St James 9.45am Sung Mass
Monday 6pm, Tuesday &
(1st Sunday) Evensong and Evening Prayer & Benediction Temple Normanton with coffee afterwards
Wednesday 9.30am, Thursday
Benediction, (3rd Sunday)
6.30pm (2nd & 4th Sun)
6pm, Saturday 7.30am
Daily Mass
Celebration of Wholeness
Weekday Masses: Sunday
Major Feasts Sung Mass 8pm
and Healing
please check times
Thurs 10.30am, Fri 7.30pm 11.30am Parish Mass
with Fr Philpott
Contact Fr Clive Pearce:
Parish Priest: Fr John Phillips
Rector: Fr David Prothero Fr Malcolm Ainscough SSC
0208 428 4111
Tel: 01332 224264
on 01752 222007
01225 460052
Tel: 01246 232486 mobile: 07710 900545
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