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about the same time.
in the field of Boaz
These days the
who later became
Harvest theme
her husband and the
is not confined
ancestor of King David?
to farm crops.
What can we do to
celebrate our Harvest
hymn says. This is
and give thanks?
a relatively recent
celebrate the
• Have a collection to
This is quite often tradition. It was started harvest of the
send to Christian Aid
known as Harvest by the Rev. R. S. sea while industrial
or other Third World
Festival, but it is Hawker, of Morwenstow, areas concentrate on
not a Feast of the in Cornwall 160 years manufactured goods. I
• Give some of your
church, and Harvest ago. He asked his have not yet heard of a
time in serving the
Thanksgiving is a more parishioners to come
Harvest. The traditional
harvest of Banking and
church in some way,
appropriate title. to church on the first
Harvest Supper for
cleaning, church
The Harvest Sunday of October to
the farm workers was
The tradition of
sitting, washing linen
celebration of today is thank God for the rich
probably begun at
giving to those less
a continuation well off than
• Make sure that we
of the yourself goes
care for Gods world
thanksgiving further back
so that others may
that was part in biblical
enjoy it after us.
of the worship history
Help clear up Church
of Israel from however.
grounds. This is a
earliest times. The Hebrew
start. If we all clean
Both Jews people
up after ourselves,
and Christians followed the
our towns and
give thanks to teaching in
villages will be better
God for the the book of
places in which to
bounty of his Leviticus
creation. (chapter
• Don’t waste food!
The first 19), where
Look how much
fruits of each farmers who
food is swept up
year’s harvest had had a
after school dinner.
were given in good crop
Enough to feed a
thanks, and were told
bread made to leave
• Be Thankful for
from the first the corn at
God’s gifts all year
ripe corn was the edges
round, not just at
taken to church and of their fields for the
Harvest time!
used at the offertory.
Patron Saints
poor and foreigners
This Loaf Mass, without land of their A HAPPY HARVEST
or Lammas, is still own to collect. Do you
celebrated in some
It has always
remember that Ruth
parishes today at the
fascinated me to
was gleaning corn
beginning of August.
learn about the
The more common
saints and find out
Harvest Thanksgiving
about the groups
of people of which
Harvest Wordsearch
celebration in early
they are patron.
Autumn occurs at the
Some are obvious,
end of the harvest,
e.g. Matthew for accountants, but others are much
when “all is safely more obscure. MELON ONION PEACH QUINCE RASPBERRY
gathered in,” as the
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