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Pray for all FiF members and parishes
St John the Evangelist
st John the Baptist
All Saints with
The Presentation of Christ 8am Mass 10am Parish Mass
Leamington spa
Holy Trinity
Team Ministry
6pm Evening Prayer and
Parish under the Episcopal care of the Bishop of
St Michael
Benediction (except 1st Sunday)
Ebbsfleet - All Resolutions passed
Leicester Ilkeston
Daily Mass
Sunday - 10.30am Sung Mass,
Sunday: 8am Low Mass Sunday Mass 10.30am
St Peter’s: 11am Sung Mass
6pm Solemn Evensong and
Fr Brian, Fr Peter or Fr Jeff
9.30am Solemn High Mass
St Barnabas: 10am Sung Eucharist 0191 378 0845
For Festivals, Daily Mass times or further
3.30pm Solemn Evensong & Midweek Services
Benediction (1st Sunday)
information contact Churchwarden,
Mike Youens - 01743 236649.
Tuesday Thursday - 7.30pm Sung Mass
All Saints-w-St Saviours
Traditional catholic worship St Peter’s: 9.30am Said Mass
in a friendly atmosphere Wednesday
Fr Alan M Cole SSC
All Saints Road
Parish Priest:
St Gabriel’s
St Barnabas: 9am Said Mass. 0115 932 0833 Weston super Mare
Fr David Lawson ssc
Tel: 01926 422208 Fullbrook ABC
Further Details: 0116 276,6054
Fr Peter Brindle SSC
St Stephen on the Cliffs
8am Mass 10am Parish Mass
Walstead Road, Walsall
2nd Sunday: 6pm Choral Evensong
off Junc 7 or 9 of M6
Blackpool 4th Sun: 6pm Compline and
All Saints
holy trinity ABC
8am Low Mass
Babbacombe 9.00 Said Mass
5th Sunday: 6pm Healing Service
10am Solemn Mass
10.30 Solemn Mass (Traditional Language)
and Benediction
(near Fakenham, norfolk) 5.30pm Mass
Sunday - 9.30am Children’s
18.00 Evensong
For other services please see notice
Service (during term time)
The Church on the Green
6.30pm Sung Prayer Book
10.30am Parish Mass Easy access & loop
board or phone Fr Peter Bolton
Visit us on the
Evensong 01934 633910
Vicar: Fr Andrew Sage SSC
way to Walsingham
Daily Mass
Weekday Masses 9.30am
For information call:
Mass on Sundays
Fr Coyne SSC 01922 622583
01803 323002
Tel: 01253 351484
S. Peter on the East Cliff
and Wednesdays at 9.30am
Visit our website:
The Durlocks
Linked to the Shrine of OLW
st Michael and All Angels
Folkestone CT19 6AL
Parish Priest: Fr Allan Buik SSC
Abban street ~ inverness iV3 8hh
01328 820030
Low Mass at 0800
The Comper Jewel in the Highlands of Scotland
the Good shepherd Solemn Mass at 1030
sunday 8am Mass 11am Parish Mass
Furnham, Chard
Evensong & Benediction at 1800
All Saints’ Church 5pm Vespers and Benediction (first Sunday of month) sundays
Weekday Masses:
Durham Road, East Finchley
Midweek Mass (please check porch notice, website or phone)
8am Mass,
Tuesday 1900
9.45am Sung Mass
Thursday 1200
Tues 2.15pm, Thurs 7.30pm, Fri 9.30am, Sat 11.30am
6pm Solemn Evensong &
Saturday 0800
8.00am Low Mass
Benediction (3rd Sunday only)
For details:
Check the website for Michaelmass 2007
Weekday Masses
Fr. Stephen Bould SSC
6.00pm Vespers
Tuesday 10am, Wednesday 8am,
01303 254472
6.30pm Benediction
Fr Len Black SSC - 01463 233797 - Thursday 10am
Normal Weekday Services Parish Priest
Tuesday to Friday – 10.00am Fr Colin Furness SSC
Saturday – 11.30 am (Latin 1962)
SS Stephen and Mark
The Parish
tel: 01460 61012
St Mary the Virgin, Hunslet
Parish Priest:
and St Hilda’s
Fr Christopher Hardy
(opposite Lewisham Station
of Hawley
Cross Green, Leeds
The Ascension
020 8883 9315
and DLR)
Lavender Hill
For current mass schedule, see
London SW11
9.30am Solemn Mass
the mass rota and calendar at:
Mass 08.00
Surrey/Hants Border
(St Mary’s)
Famous & flourishing ABC
Parish Mass 10.00 Sunday
Benedictine Parish, in
11.15am Solemn Mass
Weekdays: the Fulham Jurisdiction
(St Hilda’s)
M 10.00, T 10.00, W 12.15,
9.15am Sung Mass
Inspiring liturgy with modern rites, Tuesday
St Peter
Th 13.00, F 18.30, S 10.00 (All Saints, Chapel Lane)
traditional ceremonial, fervent
7pm Mass (St Mary’s)
preaching & good music
Bushey Heath, ABC
Parish Priest:
11am Sung Mass
Fr Geoffrey Kirk
7pm Mass (St Hilda’s)
(Holy Trinity, Hawley Rd)
020 8318 1295
High Mass at 1100
8am Prayer Book Communion 6pm Evensong and Benediction at 1800
10am Mass (St Mary’s)
9.30am Common Worship
Benediction (Holy Trinity)
Holydays: Solemn Mass at 1930
(2nd & 5th Sunday BCP)
St Bartholomew’s
Daily: Mass, (M1930; T0830;
10am Mass (St Hilda’s)
2nd Sunday
Ann Street
Fr Martyn Neale
W1930; T1000; F1000;
11.15am Family Service
01276 35287 S0730 Latin)
Fr Alex Lane 0113 271 9661
(except August)
Offices & Confessions:
Holy Hour: W1830. Rosary:
9.30am Holy Communion
St Michael and All Angels
S1130. SOLW Cell organises
St John the Baptist
9.30am Family Mass
Contact 020 8950 1424
Tonbridge Road, Maidstone
pilgrimage, social & fund-
Parish Church
11am Solemn High Mass
Sunday - 8am Low Mass, raising activities Church Street, Staveley
For further information 10.30am Solemn Mass,
Further details from the Parish Chesterfield
’phone the church office:
6.30pm Solemn Evensong.
Priest, Father Patrick Allen OSB
Sunday 9.30am Sung Mass,
St Catherine’s
01273 620491
Benediction 1st Sunday
on 020 7228 5340
Daily Weekday Mass
6.30pm (Summer) Evensong
(5.30pm Winter)
Fr Paul Gibbons SSC
St Peter’s
01622 752710 All Saints
Fr William Butt 01246 472270
FiF Parish, Resolutions AB&C
Bath Road, Devizes
Benhilton, Sutton
St Matthew
A Forward in Faith Parish under the
8.30am Said Mass
care of the Bishop of Fulham
Parish of Preston
8am Low Mass (BCP/EM)
10.30am Parish Mass
Sinclair Road, London W14
10am Sung Mass
St John & St George
2nd Sunday
Sunday 8am Mass, 9.30am Sung Mass,
5pm Exposition, Devotions &
6.30pm Evensong and Benediction
11am Sung Mass
Daily Mass
Benediction (First Sundays)
Monday and Tuesday 9am
9.30am Sung Mass (St John’s)
For Daily Mass times, Confessions, etc
Holy Days of Obligation
Wednesday Wednesday 7.30pm 11.15am Sung Mass (St George’s)
please see
7pm Mass
7pm Low Mass
Thursday 10am
Daily Masses
Mon & Thurs - 10am Mass
Mass on major Saints Days
Friday 7.30am
or call Fr Roger Parker
Tues, Weds & Fri
Saturday 9am Contact:
and other Festivals
on 01282 424587
(times vary)
6.30pm Mass
Confessions by appointment. Fr.Timothy Lipscomb
Priest 01772 252528
East Lanc’s Parish accessible from Fr Peter Moss SSC
Fr Huw Chiplin
Fr Michael Oades SSC
Yorkshire, Lower Lakes and Manchester
01380 724785
020 7603 9769
020 8644 9070
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