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Thornton’s Holy Well Worksop’s
ArLier this year members
of Forward-in-Faith in the
Diocese of Bradford gathered to-
gether for Mass and a service of
Sprinkling at Thornton-in-Cra-
ven, near Skipton.
The church at Thornton, St Mary
the Virgin, stands outside the vil-
lage in delightful countryside.
The present building dates from
the mid-13th century and has a
sturdy tower of 1510, but it is very
likely that a Saxon church origi-
nally occupied the site. The Holy
Well is situated on low ground
to the south-west of the church The silence at the end of the serv- It contains an Order for Sprin-
tower. It is of great antiquity and ice was soon broken by the loud kling with alternative readings
is almost certainly the reason for and animated baa-baa-ing from and prayers. It also includes a
the first church being built here. the Jacob’s sheep in the field next brief history and description of
The covering of the Holy Well has to the church. We assumed they the church, and its holy well, and
only recently been restored (2005) had heard mention of Jacob’s Well some interesting notes on holy
and carries two most appropriate in the earlier scripture reading wells in general. The purchase of
inscriptions, from St John’s Gos- and were now giving our worship this book is a ‘must’ for any visi-
pel, carved by Anne Bowen. The their hearty approval. tor plus, one would hope a gener-
n the Feast of the Assump- in the choir and Bp Andrew’s fa-
inscriptions read St Mary’s Church and the Holy ous donation to this fine parish tion two Worksop Priory ‘old ther had been organist at the Prio-
Pete ab eo dabit tibi aquam vivam Well are well worth a special mini- church where the fullness and boys’ returned home. The Bishop ry. Fr Bill Gull, a former curate of
Ask of Him and he will give you living water pilgrimage. Mass is celebrated glory of our Anglo-Catholic tradi- of Ebbsfleet and Fr Stephen Ed- the Priory also joined the Priest in
(John, 4, 10) every Sunday at 9.15am and every tion is courageously preached and monds (Curate, S Ignatius Sun- Charge Fr Nicolas Spicer and the
Ministri autem sciebant (John, 2, 9) Tuesday at 10.00am. In addition practised. derland) returned to their home curate Fr Philip Corbett for the
The order of service at the Well the church is open on Monday Brian Wilson Church to help the congregation celebration.
followed the pattern established at mornings and late on Thursday Further details of St Mary’s, Thornton and celebrate their Patronal Festival. The Bishop commented that the
Walsingham: at the Sprinkling in- afternoons. The Holy Well of the Hoy Well can be had from Fr Nicholas Both Bishop Andrew and Fr Ed- worship, music and attendance at
dividuals came forward to take a course can be visited at any time. Turner, The Rectory, Broughton, Skipton, monds had been heavily involved Mass was as good as he had ever
sip of water, receive the sign of the On sale in the church is an ex- BD23 3AN - in music at the Priory: both sang known it.
Cross on their forehead, and have cellent and inspiring little book
water poured into their hands. which, amazingly, costs only £1!
And we know that in all things God works for the good
Credo Cymru
of those who love Him and have been called to His purpose
hOse WhO have lived in Africa for a tion, and then on to the glory of a resur-
time will know that winter and summer gence, a new beginning? Scripture assures us
Festival of Faith
arrive abruptly, just as night falls swiftly and that “in all things God works for the good of
dramatically. One of the things I love about those who love Him and have been called to
our climate is that we experience four dis- His purpose”. (Romans 8:28)
tinct seasons. Similarly I treasure the grad- With the cycle of death and re-birth God
ual unfolding of the dawn and the lingering renews the face of the earth. Yet - praise
withdrawal of daylight at twilight. Nature be! - human beings do not belong to this
and temperament in this country tends to be cycle of nature. We do not die to be endlessly
less dramatic and less exotic than in hotter reincarnated: we die once for all, but follow-
climes. Perhaps that is why we like the ‘in- ing our Lord, we are gloriously resurrected
between’ times of the day and the year. We to new, eternal life. Shelley celebrated the
are now in autumn, traditionally beloved by “wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn’s
many poets. There being” and we too
are probably more can exult in the
poems written in wind of God – His
praise of autumn Holy Spirit – which
than any other sea- will blow through

Undeterred BY floods and Bishop David Thomas as Provin- son! His faithful people,
dire warnings of transport cha- cial Assistant Bishop. It has a nostalgic re-energising, bring-
os, close on 200 people flocked to The preacher at the service, charm of its own, ing new life.
Brecon Cathedral for the annual which included readings and with its changing We cannot foresee
Festival of Faith on Saturday 6th hymns in Welsh as well as English, vibrant colours, and the future but one
September. was Fr Geoffrey Kirk, National the wild west-wind thing we can do is
The principal celebrant at Secretary of Forward in Faith. He tossing the falling to PRAY. Prayer is
the Sung Eucharist was Fr Alan spoke of our need to reject what leaves. Autumn is more than petition
Rabjohns, Chairman of Credo is contrary to God’s revealed truth a paradox: exuber- or intercession, nec-
Cymru, who pointed out that he and proclaim the glories of the ant, yet melancholy; essary though they
was only doing it because there fullness of faith we have received, colourful yet fading; are. Simply, prayer
was a ‘bishop shaped hole’ in the ‘for only he who bears the Cross plentiful yet dying. is communication
Church while we waited for the may hope to share the glorious This abundance of beauty, this plentiful with our Father, in words or wordless. It is
appointment of a replacement for crown’. harvest of forest and field is leading to the a continuous contact with Him, a constant
seeming death of nature. It is a preparation attention to His presence. What a gift and
for winter, and winter is time of cleansing, privilege! – always to be in union with Him
purging - but from which emerges the trans- whatever our circumstances. St Therese of
formation of dying nature into the loveliness Lisieux called prayer an “élan du coeur”, a
and abundant life of spring and summer. leap of the heart.
Are we living in the autumn of our We pray because we love, and we love be-
Church? Do we fear the “melancholy, long cause our God is lovable. When we pray,
slow withdrawing” of the richness of its glory when we consciously live in God’s presence,
and tradition? Tennyson evoked a common we cannot sink into lethargy, hopelessness,
human experience of loss and change, but instead we share the abundant, ever-
Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean, lasting life of His Spirit and can harvest
Tears from the depth of some divine despair His fruits. In this time in the history of
Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes, our Church which many experience as an
In looking on the happy Autumn-fields, eclipse, may the wind of God blow through
And thinking of the days that are no more. our fears, our confusion, our griefs, and
Will the Church’s autumn lead to its death? make us strong in faith, courage and joy.
or rather to a period of cleansing, purifica- Sister Barbara Ann, OHP
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