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with FLAC is that not all me-
dia players play that format
Fr Crotchet’s Corner
yet. I use VLC Media Player,
which is freeware, and which
seems to me to be the best-
sounding media player for
visit from the Archdeacon kbit/s) and have about 600 One of the ‘bods’ men- computers. If you would like
one weekend recently, but I albums available that are tioned above is Pierre- to try it, just ‘Google’ VLC
thought that my explanation not in the current catalogue. Laurent Aimard, who has Media Player and download
that the French Market was, There is no intrusive DRM just released a one-disc Mes- it from a free site. When you
indeed, an ecumenical chari- used, thank goodness, so siaen recital on DG on CD have, you can go to www.
reetinGs, my dears. table endeavour you can transfer your 477 7452. This is crystalline, and try
Well, I seem to be in to aid the mission music from device to magisterial playing which things like a wonderfully
a little bit of trouble again. of the Church of device. I still think that provides a good opportunity restored Der Fliegende Hol-
At the recent General Synod England in north- over ten pounds for the to sample Messiaen’s music länder from the 1955 Bay-
meeting, Bishop Putin of ern France was contents of a full price for those who are put off by reuth Festival, conducted by
Southwalk was happily most reasonable. CD without the CD is works that can only be ac- Knappertsbusch with Astrid
engaged in his favourite oc- The sticking point about twice too expen- commodated on multiple Varnay and Hermann Uhde.
cupation of ethnically seems to have sive, but there we are. CD sets. This single CD Vintage stuff, sounding far
cleansing Anglo-Catholics, been around the There are advantages contains the 8 Préludes, two better than it has before.
when he suddenly decided cancellation of the to buying recordings pieces from the Catalogue Well, sorry for all that elec-
to launch into a tirade of Sunday services; in download format, of d’Oiseaux and two of the tronic nerdery, but there are
outrageous allegations about well, we needed the nave as course: they take little space Quatre Études de Rythme. bargains to be had out on the
Catholic parishes in general, a place to keep the livestock and you don’t have to buy Recommended. internet, despite the
and mine in particular. It overnight. Really, he is an an entire CD, for example. Still on down- fact that the rubric
was an appalling catalogue old fuddy-duddy. I am just Take the new Bartók con- loading: I have remains caveat emp-
of charges relating to mis- taking ‘new ways of being certos album from Pierre mentioned tor. The nice thing
use of church property and church’ seriously. Anyway, Boulez: it contains perform- before how the about the Pristine
financial irregularity - all Jean-Louis’ wife, Eulalie, set ances of the Viola Concerto lower technical Classical site is that
I did was to turn the altar the dogs on him, and peace (Serly completion) played by quality of com- you can hear sam-
in the Lady Chapel into a was restored. Yuri Bashmet and the First pressed music ples of everything
sub-woofer, use the church I am now obliged to listen Violin Concerto played by files is less of a before you commit
as collateral for buying a to music in the presbytery, Gidon Kremer, couple with disadvantage yourself. It’s a bit of
property or two in France as the state-of-the-art music the Concerto for Two Pianos with historical recordings, a shame that you can’t test-
and use the produce of the system in the Lady Chapel and Percussion with various and how sites such as www. run Bishops before you com-
said property to supply a disturbs the livestock in the bods and the LSO. If you mit to them. Things would
French Market on the Vicar- nave. I spend a certain part are sniffy about the arrange- make rough and ready trans- be very different. The same
age lawn every weekend! It of my time wandering over ment of the Sonata for Two fers available at rock bottom could be said of Archdea-
seems that some of the local the internet and submitting Pianos and Percussion into prices (1 € per work, in some cons, Churchwardens, Area
evangelicals (from the Bibli- to the temptation of down- a concerto (a Bartók nerd, cases). Well, Pristine Classi- Deans etc. etc. – all Putins,
cal Opponents of Grievous loading music from various in other words) you might cal have an increasing cata- the lot of them.
Offenders organization – websites. It is a while since to care just to download the logue of wonderful historical
Sanctimoniously thine,
BOGOF), whom I persuaded I have written about down- Viola Concerto and the First material which has been sub-
to let Jean-Louis use their loaded music, which I found Violin Concerto and keep ject to electronic restoration
Fr Amictus Crotchet
parishes as collateral for of poor technical quality at your purity intact. It would and which is available either
Parish Priest
more farm purchases in the the time. Things are now be a pity if you did that, be- as MP3 files or as FLAC
St Bibulus of Saragossa
Pas-de-Calais, have been much better, and Deutsche cause the orchestration was lossless files, which are bit-
East Finchley
squealing to the church au- Grammophon, for one, sell by Bartók, and all these per- identical to the original dig-
thorities. downloads at the best possi- formance are excellent. The ital masters (good, in other
The story so far:
Actually we did have a ble compression quality (320 CD number is 477 7440. words!). The disadvantage
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