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65 Years A Priest
CArBOrOUGh’s PArish- I was licensed to the parish of and night- the church was never
es of St Saviour with All Saints St Augustine, Bermondsey, not locked. There were still several
and St Martin recently hosted far from London Bridge and road industrial concerns running in
a rare event: a Mass to mark the junction called after the nearby the parish, among them was Peek
65th anniversary of the ordination pub ‘The Elephant & Castle’. It was Frean’s biscuit factory. There was
of the principal concelebrant. Fr war time: there was blackout, ra- a 24hour manned ARP Wardens
John Andrews ssC served most tioning, trams and in Bermondsey post in the factory to which the
of his long ministry in the diocese and much of London bomb-dam- clergy were frequent visitors - also
of Lichfield and was honoured as aged sites. Doodle-Bugs(Flying one of the directors of the firm
a prebendary of the cathedral. Bombs) and Rockets were still to was a strong supporter.
Since his retirement to come. The place was untidy and On the night that the first Doo-
Scarborough he has become a very dusty. Yet here we lived, dle Bugs came I had gone to this
familiar and well-loved mem- worked and worshipped. ARP post when the sirens went
ber of the parish family. Fr Tony The church was on the edge of off - I stayed there all night wait-
Mills SSC, the incumbent, speaks the ‘Bricklayers Arms’ railway sid- ing for something to happen -we
warmly of the valued ministry ings - what the R.A.F. called ‘mar- heard gunfire at a distance. Next
that Fr Andrews still has at the shalling yards’ - it was a wonder morning we knew that a new
age of 89. The concelebrants and it never received a direct hit from weapon was being used against
congregation were joined by the a German bomb - as it was there us. That was a night I shall not
Bishop of Whitby who preached were very few intact windows. forget - nothing happened on our
at the Mass and enjoyed the re- Below the church was a very large patch! Council. There was also a hospi- shattering of glass - which is one
ception afterwards. crypt into which people crowded Two days later I moved into the tal whose Matron was a member of the abiding recollections of
during the Blitz. parish of St John, Waterloo Road of the congregation. Nearby also those days..
Wartime ministry When I went there in 1942 as the new Assistant Curate. The was the Union Jack Club - a Serv- When the Flying Bombs came
Fr Andrews recalls for us the there were still bunk beds and church was a shell as it had been ices’ hostel. One of the distressing if you could hear them, you knew
early years of his ministry. “Thurs- an ARP Wardens post. The con- fire bombed. From 1940 the con- things for an inexperienced priest you were safe, but as soon as their
day night 19th June 2008 was a gregation had been reduced to gregation worshipped in an air- was to see in the early morning, engine stopped groaning you ran
wonderful occasion celebrating a faithful remnant - so the Vicar less crypt. There Mass was said the number of contraceptives on for cover. Once it became known
65 years as a priest. I was made had the choir stalls removed and every weekday with a full Sunday the pavements. that rockets were hitting London
Deacon on Trinity Sunday 1942 in the congregation moved in and programme. There were regular Later that summer I was out there was no sense of safety and
Southwark Cathedral by the newly used chairs. No services were times for Confession. The par- when the sirens went off and a life was lived on an edge. To be
appointed bishop - Bertram Simp- stopped, the Blessed Sacrament ish was dominated by Waterloo Doodle Bug landed on the Air free of death from rockets was one
son, and Priest on Trinity Sunday was perpetually reserved and a Station and County Hall, the Ministry’s Bush House the other of the great reliefs of the people of
20th June 1943. red Sanctuary lamp burned day HQ of the old London County side of the river. There was much London when VE Day arrived.”
Ready for a Line Dance?
O! Fr dAVid sUttOn ssC, his concelebrants to join the be-
well known for his enjoy- ginners’ class.
ment of line dancing, is not trying He had just offered a Mass in
to persuade Bishop Martyn and thanksgiving for his 35 years of
priesthood and 20 years as vicar
The Traditional
of St Mary Magdalene, Winton,
on 21st June.
Church in Britain
The afternoon continued with
a splendid reception at which
Part of the worldwide
the Mayor of Salford thanked Fr
Traditional Anglican
David for his contribution to the
life of the area over two decades.
In 1994 a Concordat was signed to work with
Fr David left the parish at the
FiF which we still honour. The TTAC is not a end of July to become Chaplain
new Church but a genuine continuation of
to the Greater Manchester West
the ancient Church of England before 1992/4
Mental Health Foundation.
when the Biblical Doctrine of the Apostolic
Ministry was changed. We believe, teach and
practise the Catholic and Apostolic Faith of
Jesus Christ as taught in Holy Scripture, the
the sOCietY OF MArY
seven Ecumenical Councils, and the Book of
OCtOBer deVOtiOn
Common Prayer.
For further information see our website:
Saturday 18th October 2008 will be held at
In London?
St Barnabas
Mass is said each weekday in the English
or Diocesan Office: 01522 572779
Parish Church
S. MARy MAGDALENE Chapel at Christ the King, Gordon Square,
Vicar General: Fr B Gill: 01544 267063
West Street, Crewe, ABC
Area Dean (north): Fr I Westby:
Wilson Street, Millfield, Sunderland SR4 6HJ
London WC1, for people who “drop in” as
(Metro Trains from Newcastle - turn left out
well as for Forward in Faith members who
Area Dean (mid): Canon I Gray:
of the station and 5 minutes walk up Hylton
are in the area.
10am Solemn Mass
every sunday
01673 885068
Road, left at Nat West and left again for
Area Dean (south): Canon J Maunder:
5.30pm Low Mass 10am Parish Mass
Wilson Street)
01329230330 6pm Evening Praye (with
All priest members of the Society are invited
Benediction alternate weeks)
YOUr PArish CAn hAVe
to concelebrate : please bring alb
Daily Mass & Confession
& white/gold stole.
its OWn WeBsite
1pm Lunch
please ring
A Buffet Lunch will be available at Fr Ralph Powell SSC
St Barnabas Church
for a one-off payment of £100 the RAOB Club, Wilson Street,
Particular intercessions can be sent to
01270 212418
Old Heath
and with full editorial control Millfield. Tickets must be ordered from Fr.
over all the pages - this offer is for all
Skelton no later than Friday 10th October.
to be remembered at Mass.
Forward in Faith Registered Parishes
They will not be available on the day (£6.00)
The chapel is open for private prayer
St Luke’s, Milber
Fr Tillbrook SSC
for further information visit
Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm (but or email:
Newton Abbot Masses:
closed on Bank Holidays).
Preacher ; The Rt. Rev’d. Paul Richardson
Monday to Friday:
Assistant Bishop of Newcastle
Mass at 12.30pm
10am Parish Mass
8am Said 10am Sung
All priest members of the Society are
invited to robe - cotta, stole etc.
In addition: every Thursday: For information about
“Holy Hour”: Exposition at 12
4.15pm AFTERNOON TEA in the Parish &
Holy Days of Obligation
Monday 6pm
noon followed by Silent Prayer
Community Centre Wilson Street
and Weekday Masses
Tuesday 10am
until 12.20pm. This concludes with
Details from: Intercessions and Benediction
Thursday 7
Saturday 12 noon
Fr Skelton 0191 565631 followed by Mass at the usual time.
Fr John Potter
01626 365837 Holy Days 7.30pm
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