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Apple Chutney
I use cooking apples for this
recipe but any apples will do, even
windfalls. The recipe is based on
1lb of apples and should be ad-
justed according to the amount of
apples that you have. It keeps well
Damson Gin
and is delicious with currries,
Damsons will soon be available
cheese, pork pies and cold meats.
and this is well worth making. It
will not be ready for drinking un-
1lb Apples (peel, core and
til Christmas.
he tWO lady bishops understandably stumped
finely chop)
Just a sip from a liqueur glass
most of you, but an honourable mention must go
1/4lb Onions (skin and finely
provides a warming glow!
to Chris Maurice for As soon as they noticed the
Highly suitable for consump-
Bishop of Fulham on the ‘X’ Factor panel, the nerv-
2oz Sultanas
tion after returning from Mid-
ous smiles on the faces of the ‘Singing Bishops of
1tsp Salt
night Mass.
Massachusetts’ betrayed the fact that perhaps their
1/4oz Ground Ginger
rendition of ‘Anything you can do we can do better!’
1/2tsp Cinnamon
1 Bottle of Gin, (70cl.)
had been an unwise choice’; Lindsey Worley may
1/8tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 lb. Damsons, (washed and well
have just a tiny bit sexist with Fancy wearing Jimmy
1/2lb Sugar
pricked with a fork)
Choos with that frock! My Doc Martins are much
1/3pt Malt Vinegar
1 lb. Sugar
more suitable!
whilst Rodney
Place all ingredients except the
Wolfe Coe in-
Place all the ingredients in a
sugar in a large saucepan, but
dulged in a bit
large sealed container in a cup-
only using half the vinegar. Cover
of wishful think-
board. Once daily disturb the con-
the saucepan with a lid and sim-
ing with At least
tents by upending the container a
mer gently until all the ingredi-
we know that
few times. Just before Christmas
ents are soft (about 1hr). Add the
we are in a fancy Token will wend its way to Brentwood - when we get
strain into the empty Gin bottle. It
rest of the vinegar and sugar and
dress competi- round to it!
should be a rich, ruby red colour.
cook uncovered until the chut-
tion – don’t we?. Another £20 Book Token will go to the best caption
Keeps well . . . if you let it!
ney is of the required consist-
Cliff Edwards you can come with up to accompany this photograph
ency. Pour at once into sterilised
If you have a favourite recipe to
made us smile with one potentially too libelous to of Fr David Houlding moonlighting as a member of
jam jars. When cold seal with the
share, please send it to
print and Simon Bedford went all C S Lewis on us the Magic Circle and demonstrating his yet-to-be-
screwtop lid. Sandra Fowles
with the excellent You see my dear Wormwood? Our perfected Disappearing Archbishop routine.
NB: To sterilise jars remove lids
Forward in Faith, 2A The Cloisters,
best work really IS done from within the church. Send your entries to:
and place glass jars into a pre-
Gordon Sq, London WC1H 0AG
But the runaway winner has to be Lucy Quereshi, or by post to:
heated oven for about 10 minutes.
for the stunningly politically incorrect I’ll be glad to Forward Plus Caption Competition,
get this round over so we can get on with the swim- Forward in Faith, 2A The Cloisters,
suits and evening dresses and accordingly a Book Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AG
Restoring the Anglican Mind
hymn by Fr W. B. Monahan
tune: ”Allan Water”
‘Mid the clouds of Heaven’s splendour,
by Canon Arthur Middleton
the Church of England – the
Round the throne where angels fall,
founding Fathers of the An-
There was seen God’s Virgin Daughter,
F the Church of England understanding of the Angli- glican Church. They include
Fairest of them all. .
had no problems, this excel- can Church. He gives us in- Henry Hammond (Chaplain
For a Mother, God had sought her
lent book would not have been sights into the past, which are to Charles I); Archbishop
For His Son to save the Race,
written. Fr Arthur Middleton relevant in this present crisis William Laud (executed in
Hail! of Eve the fairest daughter,
clearly explains the causes and in the Church. 1645); Bishop Lancelot An-
Mary full of grace.
results of the present malaise in Fr Middleton reminds us drewes (influential in form-
See at Bethl’em angels kneeling,
the Church. He takes us back that there is something in ing Anglican theology);
To the Son the Virgin bore,
to the founders of the Church classical Anglicanism which Richard Hooker (involved in
With the Shepherds one in feeling,
of England, and to the time of is precious. Anglicanism making the religious settle-
Mary loved Him more.
the undivided Church (before has a truly valid place in the ment in the reign of Elizabeth
Hear the bells at Mass-time pealing,
the split in 1054 between the wider Church, but we have I). These all looked back to
Happy worshippers they call,
Roman Catholic Church of squandered our inheritance. the early Church Fathers. Fr
To adore the Host, revealing
the West and the Orthodox In the past, Anglicans were Middleton brings before us
Jesus − Mary’s All.
Churches of the East). careful to have a balance be- John Keble and the Oxford
This is a book for all who tween Scripture, Tradition of the Bible is questionable, Movement, and other writers
On a hill, the Cross above her,
are searching for a deeper and Reason. Sadly, this is no and so too is the teaching of to the present day.
When the Saviour’s life was o’er,
longer the way in which the the Apostles and the prac- The book contains many
Still there stood His Virgin Mother,
Church deals with its prob- tice of the Catholic Church gems which clarify our
But she smiled no more.
lems. The authority of Scrip- through the ages.” thoughts. It is an essential
For the Passion, grief had brought her,
ture is widely questioned, These things go to the very read for all who are involved
As her Son upon the tree,
and often rejected. Tradition root of the problems in the in the life and work of the
From His Side shed Blood and Water.
is ignored. “Many are of the Church. Fr Middleton takes Church. It ends with Ap-
None so sad as she!
opinion that the Bible can us back to the early ‘Fathers pendix II, which clearly sets
Now in Heaven God has crowned her:
guide in some areas of life, of the Church’: writers whose out eleven suggestions for the
Saints and Angels round her fall,
but not in all. Where it con- authority carried special Church: “An Agenda for us
For on earth her Son had found her
flicts with sociological and weight. Orthodox in doc- all to Follow.”
Holiest of them all.
political presuppositions, the trine, revered for holiness of John Pitchford
Second Eve, the loveliest daughter
innovators ignore it as a relic life, they were approved by Restoring the Anglican Mind
Of the grace of God was she:
of a culturally conditioned the whole Church. is published by Gracewing
And of all the gifts it brought her
and antiquated world view. Fr Middleton also points ISBN 978-0-85244-695-9
Best of all was He.
Hence for them the authority us to the spiritual leaders of 101 pages, Paperback - £7-99
Forward! plus is the quarterly newspaper of Forward in Faith
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